EnglishrhymesTrain Rhymes for Kids and Children in English

Train Rhymes for Kids and Children in English

Rhymes on Train

We have provided various rhymes on train for the nursery class kids. All the train rhymes are very interesting and entertaining for the kids written by the professional writer using very simple and easy rhyming words. Kids may recite train rhymes on the occasions like family function, in their school, or birthday party.

Tips for Moms:

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    Train rhymes can be made more interesting by the moms through the use of colourful train toys, smile, appropriate facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme lyrics. Use of proper action during rhyme recitation makes learning easy. So, lets start today by selecting any one rhyme given below.

    Train sounds chhuk, chhuk, chhuk

    Train sounds chhuk, chhuk, chhuk,

    It always runs on the track,

    And never returns back.


    Train eats electricity

    Train eats electricity,

    Brain eats energy,

    I eat healthy food,

    But my teddy nothing eats.


    Train is fastest means of transport

    Train is fastest means of transport,

    Mamma says I am very short,

    But like to go to red fort,

    Where I enjoy the water boat.


    Papa gift me little train

    Papa gift me little train,

    I run it on the lain,

    It is my big gain,

    And I play without pain.


    Train has come

    Ena, Mina, Dika come,

    Come soon train has come,

    Hear its high pitch sound,

    By making a round.


    Train makes journey very fine

    We can go long distance,

    By the train assistance,

    It makes journey very fine,

    And always reach at right time.


    Train covers long distance

    Train covers long distance,

    Always give us nice assistance,

    Sometimes passes through city regions,

    And sometimes through hilly regions.


    I like journey by train

    I like journey by train,

    As I get no pain,

    And never get wet in the rain.


    Train has compartments

    Train has compartments,

    Just like apartments,

    It contain many equipments,

    And handled by its department.


    Train has big engines

    Train has big engines,

    It runs on heavy wheels,

    It works whole day and night,

    By choosing the track right.


    Train, train, train

    Train, train, train,

    It has a big brain,

    It stops by pulling chain,

    Made to solve traveller’s pain.


    Train reaches to its destinations

    It become very rush,

    At the railway stations,

    Train reaches to its destinations,

    After making many rotations.


    Train stands at the station

    Train stands at the station,

    But goes across the nation,

    Sometimes it gets very late,

    However, we need to wait.


    I like journey by train

    I like journey by train,

    Want to everything gain,

    Also want to get away from pain,

    But mamma says no pain no gain.


    When train comes faster

    When train comes faster,

    A whistle blown by station master,

    I hear both sounds day and night,

    And I become very delight.


    Train without blockage

    I go every year to my village,

    With the train without blockage,

    It carries my all baggage,

    Without feeling any bondage.


    When I travel by train

    When I travel by train,

    And when it goes very fast,

    I saw plants run in opposite direction,

    And gives me amazing collection.


    Once I was on the trip by train

    Once I was on the trip by train,

    And enjoying my empty brain,

    Suddenly I saw a butterfly,

    She was asking me, do you fly.


    Train becomes very chill

    I think train becomes very chill,

    It left passengers as they will,

    Train is really very goodwill,

    To make our journey truly fulfil.


    I like train trip very much

    I like train trip very much,

    As I can travel as such,

    It helps my dear ones to be in touch,

    By giving a nice and fast crutch.


    Train body is made up of iron

    Train body is made up of iron,

    It becomes very noisy when blow siren,

    I don’t have the fear of lion,

    And have a nice trip by playing coin.


    Electric train is really modern

    Electric train is really modern,

    Sometimes it goes eastern,

    Sometimes goes to western,

    But never takes any U-turn.


    Metro train is super fast

    Metro train is super fast,

    It is available for all caste,

    It never become for us last,

    But I generally see a crowd blast.

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