EnglishSpeechSpeech on Natural Resources in simple and easy words

Speech on Natural Resources in simple and easy words

We have provided various speech on natural resources under different words limit. All the natural resources speech are written using simple and easy words especially to fulfill the students need and requirement. Using such speeches students may participate in the speech recitation activity during any occasion in the school. Dear students you can select any speech given below:

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    Long and Short Speech on Natural Resources in English

    Natural Resources Speech 1

    Good morning to the excellencies, respected teachers and dear colleagues. We are gathered here to celebrate this special occasion. At this happy occasion, I would like to speech over the most important topic of natural resources. The most important natural resources are like wood, soil, oil, minerals, petroleum, water, etc. such resources are called as natural resources because all are God gifted and found naturally, no one is made by the human beings. Human beings cannot create the natural resource however can modify and use accordingly. natural resources. Since many years, the nature and natural resources are being exploited by the human beings from the start of civilization, urbanization, technological advancement and industrialization. People have been involved with their closed eyes in the cutting trees and forests for fulfilling the need of fuel, building materials for boats, shelter, houses, etc.

    Renewable and nonrenewable are two types of natural resources. We can say wood (one of the main natural resources) a renewable source. Other sources like fish, animals and forests can also be renewed if not over-harvested. Plants and forests can be replanted thus the lack of used wood can be replaced. However, the increasing needs of ever increasing world population is causing the more trees and forests to be cut down at alarming rate. In the cities it is continuously being difficult to see the greenery, giving way to increase pollution and problems to the people in living normal life. If the lack of trees can not be fulfilled at the same rate we are using them may cause them to be expended from the earth which would be a call to unlimited problems like loss of ecosystems, soil erosion, lack of rainfall, etc.

    Unlike woods; oil, earth minerals, metal ores, fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, petroleum, nuclear fuels, etc are non-renewable natural resource which cannot be found again. Non-renewable natural resources can be depleted in the future if not used within limit or properly.

    Thus we need to follow conservation methods to conserve the natural resources especially non-renewable resources on urgent basis. We should start using some alternative forms of energy in order to reduce the burden on the natural resources. Alternative forms of energy are like sunlight instead of electric lights. Use of solar energy may reduce the need of electric energy to a great extent. Bio gas is another alternative can be used as an alternative to the liquid petroleum gas. We can do natural ecosystem preservation through the maintenance of abundance of nature, preserving endangered species, keeping of biodiversity, etc. We can achieve sustainable forestry by managing the forest resources through some habitual changes like replanting, conversation, and protection from fire, etc.

    Dear friends we should join our hands together to make a great effort towards the preservation of natural resources.

    Thank You

    Natural Resources Speech 2

    A very good morning to the excellencies, respected Principal sir, honorable teachers and my dear friends. As we all know the purpose of getting together here. I would like to speech on the topic of natural resources. I am very very thankful to my class teacher to give me such a great opportunity to speech here at this special occasion. Natural resources are everything created by the nature on this earth and given to us as the God gift for the easy survival of life here. The progress of whole human fraternity worldwide depends on the different natural resources in various means. However, human beings are using natural resources in wrong ways which surely lead us to suffer from the total lack of all natural resources in the future. We are only using the resources for fulfilling our various needs without regenerating them back. Natural resources like water, trees, woods, soil, coal, electricity, oil, gas, nuclear energy, minerals, vegetation, wildlife, etc are very necessary for the proper development of any nation.

    Natural resources are form of energy or matter fulfills the needs of people in various aspects like physiological, cultural, socioeconomic, etc. All the natural resources benefits us in various means of life as well as play great roles in maintaining the ecological balance all over the planet. Natural resources are of two types named as renewable resources and non-renewable resources. The resources which can be get back by the natural cycles are called as the renewable resources. However, resources which cannot be get back again by the natural processes are called as the non renewable resources. Renewable resources can be reproduced as they get utilized such as fish, water, forests, woods, crops, leather, soil, solar energy, wood products, etc. Non renewable resources are limited and cannot be reproduced such as metals (like iron, zinc, copper, etc), fossil fuels (like coal, oil deposits, etc), minerals, salts (like phosphates, carbonates, nitrates, etc), stone and many more. Once we lose the non renewable resources in our life, we cannot get it back as it gone forever. Non-renewable resources can be recyclable and non-recyclable. Ores of aluminum, copper, mercury, etc are the recyclable non-renewable resources and

    All such types of natural resources are very necessary to make our life possible on the earth. So, we should try our best to preserve and conserve both natural resources.

    Thank You

    Natural Resources Speech 3

    Good morning to the respected Principal sir, teachers and my dear colleagues. We are gathered here to celebrate the special occasion. Today, I want to speech over natural resources and its importance in our lives. I would like to thank my respected class teacher to offer me such a great opportunity. Dear friends, natural resources are the best God gifts to us which resolve our many problems and make life easy and simple. They are the necessity of our life without which life is almost impossible. The resources which we use to sustain our life is called as natural resource. Natural resources (like sunshine, wind, forests, wild life, etc) are available on the earth before the occurrence of man. Man uses all the natural resources in various forms (natural or alternative forms) in different walks of life to fulfill the unlimited needs and requirements.

    Natural resources are the way to various technological improvement all over the world. Its natural and alternative forms are the source to many appropriate technologies to the mankind. Some kind of natural resources are like water, air, land, soil, animals, forests, minerals, energy, metals, etc. Although resources are not available in equal proportion all over the world. The importance of resources can be clearly realized in the area where they are rather scarce. Over exploitation of the natural resources threatens the existence of them on the earth especially non-renewable sources.

    Natural resources are so essential for us because they contribute to the economic development of the nation. They provide us many necessary supplies all through the life. There are two types of natural resources renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources are like water, sun, wind and plants (used at slower rate than they replaced). Non-renewable resources are like natural gas, coal, oil, minerals, etc (used at faster rate than they replenished).

    Farmland provides us fertile soil for crop production, water provides energy and power, oil, gas and coal are used to get fuel for transportation and heating industries, etc. In this way, all the natural resources are very useful to us whole life. We should understand their importance and use within limit only when required.

    Thank You

    Natural Resources Speech 4

    As we are gathered here to celebrate the special occasion of ___. I would like to say a very good morning to the excellencies, respected teachers and dear colleagues. At this occasion, I would like to speech on the topic of natural resources.

    The nature has provided us with lots of beneficial gifts for the sustenance of a better life. Natural resources are found all over the earth in various forms however not equally distributed. All the natural resources like soil, land, air, water, minerals, sunlight, wildlife, forest, energy, grassland, fish, etc are used by the human being for their welfare and development. All such resources play a great role in expanding the national output in order to drive the economic development. Sufficient availability of favorable natural resources facilitates the economic development whereas lack or absence of it retards the process of economic development in the country. Scientific techniques developed by the man triggers the proper utilization of all the natural resources. There are more useful resources which are still undiscovered by the man.

    Some of the natural resources are exhaustible or nonrenewable type (minerals, oils, etc) however some are renewable or non-exhaustible type (land, fisheries, water, forests, etc). Nonrenewable resources once used cannot be get back however renewable resources can be used endlessly if used with proper care. In order to get sustainable development of the nation, we need to use renewable resources very carefully as well as maintain their quality. Following are common methods of conserving natural resources:

    • The percentage of deforestation should be decreased and new tree plantation programmes should be promoted. Everybody should take part in plantation and care the plants.
    • Over utilization of the natural resources should be lessened and its proper and limited use should be promoted.
    • Everyone should practice the waste disposal, compose and then restore biodiversity.
    • Farmers should be taught properly for mixed cropping, crop rotation, and use of fertilizers (manures, bio-fertilizers, organic fertilizers, etc).
    • Rain water harvesting methods should be promoted among common public.
    • In order to reduce water wastage, drip irrigation or sprinkling irrigation should be practiced.
    • People should practice energy saving methods to prevent energy wastage.
    • Wildlife protection should be promoted by banning the hunting of animals.
    • Renewable source of energy should be used as much as possible instead of non-renewable.
    • People of all level should be educated equally about the protection and required use of natural resources.

    Thank You

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