EnglishparagraphParagraph on Nature – Long and Short Paragraphs

Paragraph on Nature – Long and Short Paragraphs

Nature is the creation of natural material and physical world on earth independent of the human activities. The beauty and richness of nature is diverse and massive. Nature provides us with several delicacies to enjoy and is our life support system. Our basic needs like food, shelter, water and air are all the gifts from nature. Humans have a strong connection and interrelation with nature. Escaping away in the nature heals the mind and body and soothes our soul. Irrespective of what nature provides us it is also our moral and social responsibility to nurture nature.

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    You will find below a number of short and long paragraphs on Nature. We hope these Nature paragraphs will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children to write and read out paragraphs with simple words and small sentences. Students can select any paragraph on Nature according to their particular requirement.

    Long and Short Paragraph on Nature

    Paragraph on Nature 100 Words

    Nature is that natural and physical world that surrounds us and makes life possible on earth. Nature is the heart of earth. Nature heals us and helps build connection with our freedom, authenticity and our souls. Simply connecting and feeling nature gives us a divine pleasure. We have a strong bond and emotional connection with nature.

    The serenity of nature calms our hearts. The stillness and movement in nature both have a hypnotizing effect. The unfolding creativity of nature is an art. It is alluring to experience solitude with nature. The practice of devoting ourselves to the bliss of nature is soothing and reviving. Everyone loves to escape away in the mysteries of nature.

    Paragraph on Nature 150 words

    Nature refers to the physical world and all forms of life species on earth in general. Our natural ecosystem is the community of biotic and abiotic components. The biotic components are the living organisms that also include humans. Abiotic components are the non-living components such as air, water, minerals and soil. The biotic and abiotic components are interrelated and interact with each other through energy flow.

    Natural ecosystem also includes the interrelation between diverse organisms and their environment. Natural ecosystem obtains energy primarily from sun through photosynthesis. Through the process of photosynthesis plants obtain energy from sunlight and absorb carbon dioxide from atmosphere. Plants combine carbon dioxide and water to produce oxygen and carbohydrates. The energy obtained by plants is consumed by animals. Animals also play important role in nutrient cycle and flow of energy. They influence plants and other micro-organisms in the ecosystem. Thus the energy enters ecosystem through the process of photosynthesis and is transferred to the living organisms. Thus, natural ecosystem supports life on earth.

    Paragraph on Nature 200 words

    Nature refers to the natural resources and natural surroundings. The life species in nature are interrelated and create balance in nature. They form a natural food chain through which energy is passed to all the species. The series of organisms in which each organism feeds on the one below it in the sequence is called the food chain in natural ecosystem. Food chain includes several plants, organisms, animals and other living species. This natural food chain is the source of energy for the forest species. The energy is passed from one creature to the other which helps them grow and survive.

    For example in forest deer feeds on the grass and green plants and the tiger feeds on the deer. Plants get their energy form sunlight and nutrients from soil. Deer is herbivores animal. Herbivores animals depend on plants for energy and are vegetarians. Tiger is carnivorous animal. Carnivorous animals eat herbivores and sometimes other carnivorous for energy. So there is a whole chain that includes plants, herbivores, carnivorous and plants consume energy from sunlight. And there are lots of animals that eat plants and meat both. These are called omnivorous animals. For instance, black beer is an omnivorous animal. Some omnivorous also eat dead animals and those are called scavengers. Thus, the chain goes on.

    All the species on earth are important for the survival of entire series of organisms and to balance the natural cycle.

    Paragraph on Nature 250 words

    The beauty of nature is unimaginable. Everyone is attracted by nature’s beauty and diversity. There are several natural attractions in different parts of the world. People have always appreciated and valued the beauty of nature. They travel far and wide to enjoy this scenic natural beauty.

    Natural Tourism

    Natural tourism refers to the tourism to areas of natural attractions. Natural attractions include mountains, rivers, beaches, wood lands etc. that also include diverse life forms of plants, birds and animals. There are several natural attractions shaped by the unique natural features of surrounding environment. People escape away to these destinations to enjoy nature, relax and perform adventurous activities.

    These tourists are interested in the diversity of nature. There are several places in India where people travel to enjoy nature. These include Shimla, Kerala, Kullu, Manali, Ooty and Port Blair to name a few. Internationally also people travel to Singapore, Switzerland, Russia and various other places. Every place is unique and has diverse nature for tourists to enjoy. The diversity of nature is massive. The beauty of nature is not limited to certain areas but is wide spread all over the world and there are diverse natural attractions in different regions.


    However where ever we travel we should travel in a responsible manner and should not damage the environment and avoid throwing away waste and trash on the roads and public places to maintain the cleanliness. We should protect and care for the nature and natural surroundings as we all want to preserve the beauty and richness of nature for future generations.

    Paragraph on Nature 300 words

    Nature includes the natural and physical world including animals, birds, landscapes and other features and creations that exist on earth independent human creations.

    Beauty of Nature

    When we observe and feel the beauty of nature it has such a tranquil and soothing effect on our mind, body and soul. It has a lasting effect on our senses and gives an amazing feeling of refreshment and delight. When we think of the beauty of nature we immediately think of the scenic and visual beauty of nature, like the soaring mountains, tranquil rivers, greeneries of trees, colors of rainbow, butterflies and birds, and the blossoming flowers. Everything about nature gives us the feeling of pleasure.

    Nature is beautiful not because it meets our several needs but because of the way all these natural forms render the feeling of bliss and help us connect with our true selves. The experience of this natural beauty diverse and intense is the heart of nature. Every part of nature is beautiful and unique in itself. Every single moment God is painting the new stroke of beauty in nature. Nature’s beauty is revealed everywhere around us all the time. Morning dew on the velvet green grass, the flowers falling from the tree in the backyard, the sparrow building its nest on the tree, butterflies here and there – everything is nature’s beauty. Nature is alive, expressive and fruitful.


    Nature is an art performing and evolving all the time so beautifully. The connection with nature has a calming effect that heals us. The freshness and purity of nature rejuvenates us. When we experience solitude in nature we feel real peace and tranquility of nature. One needs to lose deep in to the nature to feel the heart of nature. The beauty and richness of nature is beyond words and beyond imagination.

    Paragraph on Nature 350 words

    The most interesting fact about nature is the diversity of nature. It is the true beauty of nature. The diversity in nature has important role to play in the lifecycle on earth. The variety of life species on the earth is known as biodiversity of nature. It refers to the diversity of plants, animals, organisms, birds, bees etc. It also includes small microorganisms, fungi, algae, bacteria and many other insects and tiny creatures. It encompasses the diverse nature of ecosystem such as forests, desserts, mountains, rainforests and oceans. All are these are a part of nature.

    Nature comprises of the connection between the life species, their habitat, their activities, living conditions and survival process. Biodiversity is measured higher in the tropical and floristic regions. The best studied species are mostly the large mammals. The diversity in nature cannot be measured in figures but all the living species large or tiny have an important role to play in nature. Biodiversity is responsible for balanced ecosystem. The spread of biodiversity varies across the globe depending on the soil, temperature, rainfall, altitude and geography.

    Benefits of Biodiversity

    • More number of plant species provides us with greater variety of crops.
    • The diversity of species ensures the sustainability of all the species.
    • Healthy ecosystem can withstand several natural disasters.
    • Plants ensure remineralization and increase soil nutrients.
    • Plants provide us with food, medicinal resources, wood products, plants, diversity in genes and various species.
    • The social benefits of biodiversity are research, education, tourism, recreation and more.
    • It helps protect and preserve our water resources.
    • The biodiversity of organisms and fungi is important in the decomposing of waste.
    • Birds and butterflies play important role in seed dispersal and fertilization.
    • Biodiversity plays important role in absorbing and reducing pollution.


    Biodiversity is valuable to humans. Biodiversity forms the base of infinite economic services that contribute to overall well-being of humans. Growth in population and economic development has led to inefficient use of biodiversity. Biodiversity has threats from human activities. Exploiting biodiversity can cause loss of species important for natural balance. Preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity is vital. Biodiversity is a gift from nature and we all should shield and protect it from further harm.

    Paragraph on Nature 400 words

    Nature refers to the natural resources, plants, animals and other forms of living and non living things that exist naturally in the universe. One very important part of nature is the wildlife. Nature includes rich and diverse wildlife. Wildlife mostly refers to the undomesticated animal species, but also comprises other species like plant, fungi and other organisms that exist and penetrate independent of human intrusion. Wildlife is present in the entire ecosystem including forests, deserts, rainforests and grasslands. Diverse forms of wildlife can be found in these areas.

    Some animals are domesticated by human beings. Human beings also use animals for personal activities or entertainment and serve them as pets taking them away from their natural habitat. Animals are also caged in the zoo for public display and this disrupts their skills to hunt their meals independently and survive wild in the nature. In modern times, interest and concern for natural environment has seen a rise. Many activists have objected to the exploitation of wildlife for human benefits.

    Threats to Nature and Wildlife

    • Global Warming: Global warming is raising the temperature of the climate on earth and is responsible for severe natural calamities like flood, hurricanes, droughts, etc. This also causes danger to our natural environment, adding pressure to our wildlife species and their habitat. Global warming can cause loss of several wild life species.
    • Overuse of Wildlife: Due to rise in population there is upsurge in use of wildlife and plant species by human beings for food, clothing, medicine, pets and several other purposes. If we use more than the nature could supply then some of the species might get exploited completely.
    • Deforestation: Due to personal needs, urbanization and development humans are clearing away forests. Forests are important for the natural cycle of ecosystem in which several animals feed on plants. It leads to the loss of habitat of several species. Forests are also important to reduce the effects of global warming as trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the atmosphere.
    • Hunting and Poaching: Human beings hunt and poach animals for personal benefits which endangers the wildlife. Forest management should be strict and precise to deal with the issue.


    Wildlife is important part of nature and helps balance the natural environment. The main aim of wildlife conservation is to save and preserve the wildlife for the future generations to enjoy. Wildlife conservation has become an important practice as human activities have affected wildlife negatively. Several programs are initiated by government for wildlife conservation. There are many government agencies and NGO’s working for wildlife conservation. Various campaigns and NGO’s are promoting the causes of wildlife conservation to protect nature as a whole.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Paragraph on Nature

    What is the beauty of nature?

    The beauty of nature lies in its diversity, serenity, and ever-changing landscapes, offering inspiration and tranquility to all.

    What is a lesson from nature?

    Nature teaches us about harmony, resilience, patience, and the interconnectedness of all life.

    Why should we protect nature?

    We should protect nature to ensure a balanced ecosystem, sustain resources for future generations, and maintain the planets health.

    What can nature teach us?

    Nature teaches us resilience, coexistence, the importance of diversity, and the value of simplicity and balance.

    Why is nature important?

    Nature is vital for our survival, providing resources, clean air, water, and playing a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance.

    What is the concept of nature?

    The concept of nature refers to the physical world and everything in it, including plants, animals, landscapes, and natural phenomena.

    What is the best caption for nature?

    Nature: Where every moment is a fresh beginning.

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