EnglishSpeechSpeech on Organ Trafficking in English in simple and easy words

Speech on Organ Trafficking in English in simple and easy words

Organ trafficking is a very critical issue today, especially in India. Many departments such as Medical, Police Department, representatives of United Nations and World Health Organization and various other departments often discuss this critical issue including schools and colleges for making students aware of the criticality of this issue. You may have to deliver speech on organic trafficking in any debate, seminar, group discussion, etc.

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    We have shared some samples here which may help you in any occasion. You can take ideas from these samples and create your organ trafficking speech. The short speech on organ trafficking can be used at institutional level and long speech on organ trafficking can be informational at medical institutes, etc; however both are quite informative and comprehensive. While these are just the sample, you must develop your own speech and add more points you find suitable to your occasion and event.

    Long and Short Speeches on Organ Trafficking in English

    Organ Trafficking Speech 1

    Respected Principal Sir, Respected Teachers and My Dear Students – Warm Good Afternoon to Everyone!

    Like every year, we have today to celebrate the annual school day and like every year, this year too we have segregated 1 hour specifically for discussing the social issues. This year the topic we have chosen is ‘organ trafficking’.

    Organ trafficking basically refers to the selling of human organs for the purpose of transplantation. While there are legal and illegal methods of organ trafficking, most of the people indulge in illegal form as very few people willingly agree to donate their organs for transplantation purpose.

    Transplantation is the process in which an organ of a live person gets removed which is then sold off to be relocated or transplanted in someone else’s body. Like said earlier, organ trafficking must ideally be proceeded with the permission of the willing donors but there are evidence proving that majority of such cases involved forced donation. People who are forced to donate their organs are given the greed of money and the needy people sometimes agree to such transplantation.

    But unfortunately, many news are getting highlighted where people are bought illegally; their organs get extracted out and they are not even paid anything and left in shabby condition without proper food and care. This problem persists across the world including India, where poor and uneducated people get kidnapped, threatened or purchased for this very purpose.

    Also, many activists and investigators who are concerned suggest that there are many dealers and middlemen who are getting significant profits by selling and trafficking organs.

    While in earlier days, organ transplant was suggested to be taken place between the blood relatives for minimizing the chances of rejection; advanced medical science has made the organ transplantation easy between strangers too. This is one of the main reasons why organ trafficking has become so prominent in India and abroad. Also, now-a-days, certain organs such as eyes of a dead person can also be transplanted to live people due to the advancement in the medical science. This advancement has increased the rate of crimes as many poor and vulnerable people, especially small children are trafficked for this very reason.

    While organ transplantation has brought a ray of hope to many families, especially to those who want kidney, eyes, liver, etc. illegal way of organ trafficking must immediately be stopped. Organ trafficking, in fact is banned in many countries and any hospital if found transplanting organ from a stranger may lose the license.

    Illegal organ trafficking must be banned because it may affect the health of the patient who receives the organ along with off course, harming the donor. The donors in most of the cases of illegal organ trafficking are left neglected and unattended, who as a result either die or live a very shabby life.

    Most of the Non-Government Organizations along with the Government departments and media are concerned and conscious about this issue; however the government must take strict actions against the organ traffickers for discouraging them such activities.

    Through this speech today, I want to appeal to more and more youth that they should remain aware of this grave issue and should come up with ideas and solutions for the social cause.

    Thank You!

    Organ Trafficking Speech 2

    Honorable Dean, Respected Doctors, Respected Professors and Dear Medical Students – Good Morning to one and all!

    First of all, I would like to thank you all for assembling to this session. Today, we are going to discuss a very critical issue i.e. ‘organ trafficking’ which is affecting our country and due to which; the crime rate in our country is increasing day by day.

    In fact, organ trafficking is a cruel truth across the world and people of countries like China, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, India and various other countries are involved in organ trafficking mostly illegally, records says. The reason is very obvious, i.e. the requirement of organs for transplantation, specifically kidney transplantation. Since, many people die due to kidney failure, there is a huge demand of the organ and people can go to any extent to find the same, either in a legitimate manner or otherwise.

    Organ Trafficking is a great issue faced by our community today. This is the act of stealing someone’s organ by means of surgery by injecting drugs or by luring with money or the organs may get extracted from the dead person. These organs are sold off in the black market in countries like Russia, China and South Africa. According to World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1/5th of the total 70,000 kidneys which get transplanted each year are obtained illegally from the black market. This is made possible by the wide network of organ trafficking which has now become a global trade and unfortunately it is only increasing.

    The reasons for organ trafficking are many such as huge demand for different organs, and refusal by many people to donate organs willfully even after they die, and many. The number of patients that need kidney is also increasing day by day and there are many people who are willing to pay huge money in lieu for a kidney which gives reasons to many people indulge into illegal practice of organ trafficking. Many hospitals are also indulged in the practice of illegal organ transplants and are making huge money.

    Demand for lungs, hearts, livers, kidneys, and eyes are increasing day by day and people need speedy transplants through surgery. Many hospitals have connections with the black market and all of these middle associates make huge money.

    Since we have assembled here and discussing this grave concern, I would like to appeal to each one of you, especially the young doctors and the students that you should always stand against such practice. While you all are sensible and ethical enough to know your duty towards the patients, you must always acknowledge the fact that greed can come in any form.

    Our hospital has always been famous for curing the patients with medicines and personal touch. We also segregate a huge amount of money for treating the poor patients without any cost; which has not only earned us fame but also let us live the promise to ourselves that we will help each and every patient we come across.

    In India where number of poor people is high; organ donation for money is highly dominant. Poor and uneducated people easily get attracted without knowing the health disadvantages. Many people also get killed for this very reason.

    I hereby, appeal to the government, media and to all of you that this illegal practice should immediately be stopped and everyone should live an ethical life.

    Thank You!

    Organ Trafficking Speech 3

    A very warm morning to the founder, trustees and the members of our Non-Government Organization (NGO)

    As you all know, five years ago on this date, our NGO was established with the mission to stop organ trafficking in our state. The mission seemed difficult to achieve though, we had the faith it was not impossible today and I am glad to share that we have been successful so far in our mission and in just five years we have opened two more branches in the state.

    Today, on the 5th anniversary of our NGO we have assembled to enjoy our success and reiterate the work rules and responsibilities of each member.

    I want to express gratuity that I have been given the responsibility to deliver the speech and I would like to share some information about organ trafficking with you all. For all those who have newly joined us, this may be an informative discussion, I anticipate.

    Organ trafficking is the trading of human tissues, organs, and other parts of the body for transplantation purpose. While organ transplantation saves many lives, illegal trafficking is the area of concern as it causes harm to the donor as well as to the receiver if there is a mismatch in the blood group, etc.

    As per 2017, documented cases of organ transplantation has increased in countries such as China, Indonesia, India, Brazil, South Africa and various other countries. The data also showed that approximately 123,000 people (women, men and children) were on the donor’s list, especially for kidney transplantation. On an average, 25 people die every day, because of which there is a great rush to get organs either legally or illegally.

    According to one of the reports shared by World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 11,000 organs of human beings were found in the black market in the year 2010. WHO also states that on an average 1 organ gets sold every hour, per day throughout the year. This shows that the demand and need for human organs is insatiable. In most of the cases the rising demand of organs lead to killing of people by the people involved in black marketing.

    While it is assumed that developed countries such as US, UK are not involved in organ trafficking, some reports say that some of the topmost hospitals of US had been caught with illegal trafficking of organs. Though donation of organ is legalized in the U.S., traffickers find several methods to thrash the entire system through unlawful organ trade. In countries which are considered developing or underdeveloped, vulnerable people are abducted and their organs get extracted and sold in the black market. Children who are forced into flesh trade and slavery sometimes are those people whose organs are already sold without their consent. Also, there are many people living in slum areas who sell off their kidneys, liver, eyes, etc. just for earning livelihood.

    In the end, I would just say that we must be determined and do everything we could, to minimize the and ultimately eradicate the syndicate of organ trafficking.

    Wish you all the best and thank you to hear my speech with patience.

    Have a good day!

    Organ Trafficking Speech 4

    Respected Principal, Teachers and Dear Students – Warm Greetings to all of you!

    I have been called today to speak upon a very serious issue getting deeply rooted in our country, i.e. Organ trafficking.

    Organ trafficking is the act of extracting and selling organs in the black market through illegal means.

    Organ trafficking has become the global issue as there is global demand for healthy organs for transplantation purpose, which is resulting in the creation of black market of organs. While illegal organ trafficking is banned in almost every country, it does exist and it possibly may be taking place at medical centre near you.

    The rising demand of organs, especially for kidney has led to a depressing and common dynamic, i.e. the flow of organs from poor people to rich settled in the US and South to North globally. The most deprived people, living in slums globally supply kidneys and other organs to the people based in the UK, U.S., Canada, Europe, Israel and other parts of the world. According to the United Nations (UN), some terrorist groups may also be in the trading of organs of their victims.

    The organ traffickers operate behind the scenes and they adopt different methods to bypass and defraud the law and regulation. Sometimes the traffickers deceive the individual and convince them for selling off the organ. Sometimes people get hospitalized for getting treated for some minor disease; however, the hospital involved with the traffickers extract patients’ organ without their consent. Some people are forced or lured for money for donating away their organs.

    Such unlawful act must immediately be stopped. While the governments have put strict rules and punishment criteria against illegal trafficking, non-government and non-profit organizations must also come forward and take steps against these acts.

    It has also come to notice that in countries such as Asia, China and other underdeveloped countries, many middlemen and traffickers search for people who are in need of people. These middlemen visit the rural areas and target families which are extremely poor or families with many children. They are lured for money and other benefits and hence convinced for donating their organs.

    Organ trafficking is becoming a matter of huge concern for India too, due to poverty and lack of education. Education and employment are some of the means through which this heinous crime can be stopped. Since a majority of people in underdeveloped countries are uneducated; they do not know the disadvantages of donating the organs through illegal way. If proper measures are not taken by the doctors during the operation, the donors tend to lose their lives or live a shabby life.

    Awareness must be created amongst the mass, especially in rural areas so that people become conscious and they know the pros and cons of illegal organ trafficking.

    School and College administration must also take steps and add special classes to make students aware of the ill-effect of organ trafficked through illegal means. Groups of students must be taken to rural areas and must be motivated to promote awareness and education in such areas.

    Friends, through this speech I want to appeal to all of you, especially the youngsters for joining hands and work towards stopping such dreadful crime.

    Thank You!

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