EnglishSpeechSpeech on Child Trafficking for Students and Children

Speech on Child Trafficking for Students and Children

Speech on Child Trafficking: Child trafficking is one of the grave issues that the whole world is dealing with. Then, how can we as responsible global citizens should just take a back seat on this and do nothing, but retrospect? It’s high time that we unleash the power of language or words to influence the world and call for strict measures from the government. Child trafficking stands as one of the unique speech topics that demands urgent attention, shedding light on the harrowing realities faced by vulnerable children worldwide and urging collective action to safeguard their rights and future

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    Speech on Child Trafficking

    Besides, you can prepare a thought provoking speech on child trafficking, invite people’s opinion and create a stir in society. If you do not know how to begin with the speech on child trafficking and are struggling with words, then we are here to help you! Our both short speech on child trafficking and long speech on child trafficking are comprehensive, easy to understand yet impressive enough to move your audience. So do not wait more and sensitize people on this issue as much as you can in order to save the lives of young, innocent children from the abuses of society.

    Long and Short Speech on Child Trafficking

    Short Speech on Child Trafficking 450 Words

    Greetings of the Day Everyone – I welcome you all to today’s speech ceremony!

    I, Pranav Kaushik, your host for today would like to deliver a speech on one of the most burning issues that our country and in fact the whole world is grappling with, i.e. Child Trafficking. First of all, let me know how many of you are aware about child trafficking? Trafficking of children, also known as Child Exploitation and Child Labor, implies the “transportation, recruitment, harboring, transfer and/or receipt” of a child for forced labor, slavery and exploitation.

    We keep our children protected from every evil eye, but imagine what happen to those children who are orphans or are left destitute at such a tender age when they don’t even learn to walk properly. I am sure we all come across many such children on the roadside in tattered clothes begging for money and food. Do we not get moved by the pitiful condition of such small children when instead of going to school and enjoying their childhood, they are pushed on the roadside for begging? How many of us actually go out and take pro-active measures towards picking them from the roadside or helping them in their education? Rarely does it happen, right!

    I therefore consider it appropriate to raise this issue today here and sensitize as much as people possible about this forced labor because the small children that we see begging on road are often the victim of child trafficking. Let’s now understand how many types of child trafficking actually exist!

    1. Forced Labor
    2. Child Begging
    3. Sexual Exploitation
    4. Children in Drug Trades

    Forced Labor – It is often the aim behind child trafficking. Child labor particularly refers to children who are generally 14 at the lowest and are meant to work. Child labor in India gets manifested in various forms, such as work in farms, domestic servitude, manufacturing industries, etc. Besides, many children are made to forcefully perform cheap and controllable labor and work in farms, homes, restaurants, factories, including much more.

    Child Begging – Child begging when done forcefully is a situation wherein both boys and girls below the age of 18 are compelled to beg through physical and psychological coercion. It is defined as an act of asking for money as charity on the road.

    Sexual Exploitation – As per the International Labor Organization, child sexual abuse consists of the below mentioned activities and practices:

    • “The trafficking of girls and boys and adolescents for the sex trade”
    • “The use of children in sex shows (public or private)”
    • “The use of boys and girls in sexual activities remunerated in cash or in kind (commonly defined as child prostitution) in the streets or indoors, in such places as brothels, massage parlors, discotheques, hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.”
    • “The production, promotion and distribution of pornography involving children”
    • “Child sex tourism”

    Children in Drug Trades – Children are also involved in the illicit trade of drugs across the world. Particularly, children are trafficked into this business as either courier or dealer of drugs and in the form of ‘paid’ in drugs so that they get addicted to it and further trapped into this act.

    We cannot probably imagine how and in what ways children are exploited by the anti-social elements in our society, but it certainly calls for strict government control and regulations over each and every activity that takes place in our country and we as responsible global citizens should also try to help uproot this evil from our society so that the lives of young, innocent children are not destroyed.

    Thank You!

    Long Speech on Child Trafficking

    Greetings of the Day Ladies and Gentleman! Today we have assembled here to discuss a very grave issue of our times for which our government unfortunately seems to be doing nothing whatsoever, i.e. Child Trafficking.

    Even after completing 70 years of the official independence, India has not been able to practically achieve the same. Yes, we have certainly made progress in various fronts, but are still struggling to transform ourselves from developing to developed. We fight with different instruments of destructions like terrorism, corruption, unemployment and poverty etc. every day. But one such concern, which is not just making the country hollow, but is also putting a question mark on humanity, is child trafficking.

    It is such an irony, a shameful irony that on one hand we say children are the angles of god and on another we are jeopardizing with their future; this is how we treat the angles! If we go and look at the statistics, there is a huge increase in the crimes against children over the last decades, which shows that our greed has not spared even the children.

    Today, children are being trafficked from all parts of our country and sent not just all over the country, but across international borders. They are made to do all sort of things like begging, getting into prostitution, being sent to households as servants, used as the sources of organs, for the dirty illegal organ trade and even made involved in something as cruel as terrorism. This all, points at only one thing, which is that we are chasing our own records of committing more brutal murders of humanity every day.

    Like any other problem in the world, child trafficking also has the root causes, which are again the grave issues we have not been able to find a solution for. Out of the list, unemployment, poverty and lack of education, top the list. They say, hunger can make you do anything, it certainly can which is the reason that in many cases, the parents themselves sell their children for money, to these trafficking groups.

    In some cases, the parents are promised to provide suitable employment to their child and taken away but the child is forcefully pushed into prostitution, organ trade or other such heinous things and the parents never get to see their kids again. On the other hand, the people who indulge themselves in such inhumane activities are mostly those unemployed people who work for some big shot name just to earn bread for their family. Since we have miserably failed to provide employment to the second largest population of the world, this is what that population has got itself into.

    Today, we talk about mid-day meals, we talk about the quality of education, we make schemes and claim big things but what about these children who are struggling with their lives, forget about the ‘luxuries” like education and quality of meal. If children are the future and this is the condition of the children in our country then our future definitely seems dark. If we cannot provide protection and the freedom to roam without fear to our children, if we cannot promise them a full stomach and cannot allow these little angles to dream, I think we have a long way to go before we say “we are free”. This is all I have to say.

    Thank You!

    Long Speech on Child Trafficking

    Good Evening All! Today I am present here to address a very pertinent issue called Child Trafficking. Please allow me to share my thoughts on the same.

    We talk about educational reforms, we talk about child labour, we talk about the rights of children and we talk about their future. But the only thing we do not do is to take action. Quite often we see children begging or selling something at every signal, we see them working on shops, we see them coming and working in our house as well, but we prefer to remain mute and blindfolded. This is the problem today that we just talk and feel that our job is done. This is the reason that even after putting so much brain into it, we have not been able to get even close to putting an end to something as hair raising as child trafficking.

    Millions of children in our country are pushed into prostitution, organ trade, slavery and terrorism every year. These children are kept in an uninhabitable environment, thrown into hazardous and unsafe conditions and most of the time they are not even fed properly. This is the India we are giving to the children of our country after 70 years of independence. There is a group of children which cannot roam or play fearlessly as one can never know what might happen to them next and there is another group which has been made a thing to trade by their own parents so that they can survive and beat the hunger.

    Some blame poverty for it, some blame unemployment, some others blame illiteracy and some blame the degrading morals. But I think there is no one reason for this inhumane act and these all are interconnected and leads to one another. In fact, there can be no justification for something as disgusting and dark as child trafficking.

    Now, is the time when we need to stop waiting for others or the government to do something and open our own eyes! Rather than just talking about it for a while and then forgetting, we need to wake up our conscious. You might not be able to change the whole world alone, but you can be the beginning of change and a motivation for others to make their part of contribution.

    You have to say no, every time you see a child coming to serve you at a restaurant, you have to say no every time you see a child is being sent to your house to work, ask a question every time you see a child picking up the rags from the street. Instead of doing those charities which you don’t even know if fulfilling the purpose, contribute to something you can witness, contribute to one child’s education, contribute to their meals and see the change happening in front of your eyes. Forward this legacy of awareness and change to your children so that the chain doesn’t stop.

    Thinking about the issues, discussing them and collecting opinions are certainly important facets because this is how we spread awareness and understand the issues better. But, we also need to move beyond talking and need to take necessary steps towards the cure.

    Thank You!

    Long Speech on Child Trafficking

    Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students – Warm Greetings of the Day!

    I, Amrita Duseja from XI (B), feel extremely elated to have shared the stage with my class teacher and thankful to her for giving me the opportunity today on the children’s day to say a few words. Friends, today I am not going to talk about how much this day means to us and how it is celebrated in our country rather I would want to draw your attention towards the grim reality that we all at some time or the other hesitate to confront and choose to live in our own fairy tale world. Today, the whole nation is swept off by this rallying cry called beti bachao, beti padhao and there have been many more such campaigns in the past such as Shiksha har bache ka adhikar, but to our dismay what is actually happening in our country is exactly the opposite.

    Yes friends, India is known to be a major transit destination or a chief source for child trafficking where small children are subjected to forced labour and sexual harassment. This problem of child trafficking mainly arises from the underprivileged section of our society, such as tribal communities, working laborers, lower caste Dalits, religious minorities as well as females from the excluded groups. Since they are the most vulnerable lot, they easily fall prey to such hostile elements in society which make them undergo child abuse and sexual exploitation.

    Doesn’t all this reveal the hypocrisy and double-standard of our society that where on one hand the government talks about educating its youth and on the other hand it remains flaccid and does nothing to protect the future of poor and destitute children? Do we not as a society and as a nation own the responsibility towards those impoverished children who are forced to live a life of penury? If we cannot bless them with a good life, then we do not even have the right to take away the bliss of their innocent childhood. Are we not the ones who do not hesitate to employ small children as a servant in our house or work place at a meager amount? How many of us actually bother about sending them to school or approaching an NGO for their better future?

    Unfortunately, our Indian children stand exposed to various vulnerabilities as hundreds and thousands of children continue to work in harsh conditions, such as wage laborers at construction sites, brick kilns, and agricultural farmhouses or else pushed into the sex trade. Young girls even about 8-9 years old are not spared. Even worse, the parents of such children themselves sell their children or are made to work in factories amidst the most dangerous toxic elements.

    So if we sincerely wish to honor and celebrate this day, then it becomes extremely crucial to stand united and fight together to eradicate this evil from everywhere and build a safe haven for our children where their innocence and childhood are not take away, but is nurtured and embraced.

    Thank you so much!

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    Child Trafficking FAQ’s

    What is child trafficking speech?

    A speech on child trafficking raises awareness about the illegal and harmful practice of exploiting children for labor, sex, or other purposes. It highlights the severity of the issue and the need for action to protect vulnerable children.

    How do you explain child trafficking?

    Child trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, harboring, or exploitation of children for various purposes, including forced labor, sexual exploitation, child marriage, or involvement in criminal activities against their will.

    What is child trafficking in short notes?

    Child trafficking is the illegal trade and exploitation of children, involving their abduction, recruitment, or coercion into forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation, or other forms of abuse.

    What are the solutions for child trafficking?

    Solutions for combating child trafficking include: Strengthening laws and law enforcement, Raising awareness and education about the issue, Providing support and rehabilitation for victims, Empowering communities and ensuring access to education and economic opportunities.

    How can we protect children from trafficking?

    To protect children from trafficking, it's crucial to: Educate children about safety and risks, Promote awareness among families and communities, Advocate for policies protecting children's rights, Provide support services for vulnerable children, Collaborate with law enforcement and agencies to prevent trafficking and prosecute perpetrators.

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