EnglishparagraphCorruption Paragraph in English – Long and Short Paragraphs

Corruption Paragraph in English – Long and Short Paragraphs

When a person in authority carries out his activities for personal benefits it is termed as corruption. It may involve taking bribery, using unfair means to accomplish tasks, exploiting government services and goods and more. Corruption leads to various social and economic problems and adversely impacts the growth and development of a country.

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    We hope these Corruption paragraphs will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children to write and read out paragraphs with simple words and small sentences. Students can select any paragraph according to their particular requirement.

    Long and Short Paragraphs on Corruption in English

    Corruption Paragraph 100 words

    Corruption is one such problem which has been prevalent in our country since ages. Dishonesty of the people in power and bribery at various levels is what leads to corruption. What people do not realize is that their attempts at small personal gains are impacting the country’s economic and social development to a big extent.

    It must be understood that adhering to the ethical norms set for one’s position can help in building a strong system that in turn will help in the growth and development of the nation as a whole. When our nation will grow, we shall also grow and benefit with it. This would be a bigger gain for each citizen.

    Corruption Paragraph 150 words

    The use of power for personal interest or gains is termed as corruption. It is a common problem that leads to various other serious issues. It occurs at various levels in our country. From the general public to the political leaders to the big businessmen – everyone is contributing to this problem and making it bigger by the day.

    There may hardly be a person in our country who may not have adopted corrupt means to further his interest. Even if it is a smallest act of corrupt such as bribing the traffic police for breaking traffic rule it is still wrong and is a stepping stone for bigger acts of corruption. People, in our country, often crib about political leaders misusing their power for personal gain not realizing that they themselves indulge in small corrupt practices to further their interest.

    Each individual must act responsibly and stop such acts to contribute their bit towards eliminating corruption. The government must also keep a check on such illicit activities to overcome this problem.

    Corruption Paragraph 200 words

    Corruption is a major problem in the developing countries. One of the reasons why countries such as India and China haven’t been able to come at par with the developed nations even after having a pool of talented minds is that corruption lies at the core of these countries.

    The general public in India is forced to indulge in corrupt practices at various phases in life. One of these is the time when the parents want to get their children admitted to a good school. School admission is a major problem especially in the country’s capital, Delhi. Good education is the right of every child but is acquiring education a smooth process for children? The first step itself is extremely difficult.

    Parents struggle to get their children admitted to good schools. Schools demand huge donations to give admission to children. The government is very well aware about the corrupt means adopted by the schools to extract money. However, it does not take any strict action to stop the same.

    The scenario is not much different when the students go for university admissions. Children of big businessmen and celebrities get admission easily because of the power of money while those who deserve have actually worked hard for the admission and have to suffer.

    Such corrupt practices must be stopped. Our nation can grow and flourish only when the problem of corruption is eradicated.

    Corruption Paragraph 4 250 words

    Corruption is defined as an action to provide a good or bad service to a third person basically intended for personal gain. There are a number of reasons why corruption is on the rise. This can majorly be attributed to the flawed government and political system of our country.

    Ways to Eliminate Corruption

    1. Proper Law

    Lack of proper law to punish those found guilty of corrupt is one of the main reasons for the increasing corrupt practices in our country. The government must put stern laws in place and must also work upon implementing them strictly.

    1. Selection of Political Leaders

    How do you expect the general public to refrain from using corrupt means to further their interest in a country where the political leaders themselves are involved in numerous scams and scandals? The political leaders must be selected based on their educational qualification and there must be laws to dismiss them immediately in case they are found guilty of any corrupt practice.

    1. Sting Operations

    Frequent sting operations must be conducted in government offices and other places where the cases of bribery are high. Strict punishment must be given to those who give as well as accept bribe. This will create fear among the general public as well as those in authority and they will think twice before indulging in such an act.


    There is a lot that can be done to eliminate corruption. However, the problem is that those who have the power to eliminate it are themselves involved in corrupt practices and are giving rise to it.

    Corruption Paragraph 5 300 words

    Corruption weakens a country’s political, social as well as economic system. It is a curse for the society. It hampers the growth of the nation and thus has an adverse impact on the growth of each individual in the country. Political corruption lies at the core of our country.

    Political Corruption

    The political system in India is flawed and has given rise to corruption. There is no criterion of possessing a particular degree when it comes to applying for position in political parties. There is no need to have any work experience either. Surprisingly, even those with explicit criminal records are offered party tickets. When such people come in power they misuse the system. They do not fear the law as they have been able to come clear even after committing heinous crimes. It is ironic that instead of being punishment by the law, they are being given the power to make the laws. It will undoubtedly rise when the power is in such hands.

    People no longer aim to come to power to improve the condition of the country and serve it selflessly. The main aim of the aspiring political leaders is to gain power and use it for their personal gain. The moment they come in power they think of ways to make money. They bend and mould laws to further their interest and juggle as much money as they can. There is no check on what they do and how they misuse their power. Anyone who tries to uncover the mask of such corrupt leaders is crushed brutally.


    Thus, people do not dare to raise their voice against the corruption taking place at high level. Those in power take advantage of the flawed system and work towards fulfilling their own interests. The grievances and problems of the general public remain unheard.

    Corruption Paragraph 350 words

    Corrupt means that it is one of the biggest hindrances in the growth of many countries. It is particularly a big problem in India. It operates at almost every level in our country. There is hardly any industry or sector that is devoid of corruption. People try to take advantage of other people and situations for their personal benefit whenever they get a chance.

    Corruption at Different Levels

    Corruption occurs at different levels and different scales. It has been classified as Pretty, Grand and Systematic Corruptions. Here is how these types of corruptions differ from one another:

    1. Pretty Corruption

    This type of corruption takes place at a small scale. This mostly occurs when the general public requires getting small tasks approved from the government officials. Although small, these tasks are important for the general public so much so that they cannot do without them. These may include getting a water meter installed at home, applying for gas connection, applying for passport, etc. Many government officials take advantage of this situation to make quick bucks. This is how bribery begins at small level.

    1. Grand Corruption

    This kind of corruption takes place at the highest level of government. It mostly involves major resurrection of the legal and political system to benefit those in authority. This type of corruption weakens the very core of a country’s political and economic system. It mainly occurs in dictatorial or authoritarian type of government and is highly damaging for the country.

    1. Systemic Corruption

    This type of corruption is quite commonplace. It occurs when there are loopholes and weaknesses in the whole system of an organization or process. People take advantage to further their personal interests in such a scenario and weaken the organizations further. Some of the reasons for this kind of corruption are lack of transparency and lack of uniformity in pay packages and incentives.


    Corruption occurs owing to various reasons at different levels. It is important for the government and organizations to identify the root cause of the problem and implement strict norms to stop the same. People who indulge in corrupt means usually escape as corruption is prevalent till the top level and many big names are involved in it.

    Corruption Paragraph 400 words

    Corruption is a common problem prevalent in many countries. Corruption at the political level is particularly eating various developing nations like rodents. Many political leaders in power use unfair and dishonest means for personal gains. The irony is that even though everyone knows about the corrupt means incorporated by the government authorities and political leaders it is almost impossible to eliminate this problem. Here is a crime that is happening in open at a wide scale. Everyone knows who the criminals are but still no one can do anything about it.

    Causes of Corruption

    There are numerous causes of corruption. Here is a look at some of the top causes:

    1. Unemployment

    Many highly educated and talented people are unable to fetch good jobs owing to the lack of good employment opportunities. They often try to bribe those in authority to seek high post.

    1. Low Pay Package

    Even though our police officers and other government officials are loaded with work and require handling multiple tasks their salary remains meagre. In order to enhance their lifestyle they often turn to corrupt means.

    1. General Attitude of the People

    Although people condemn the corrupt practices of the government officials and political leaders, they themselves bribe at government offices to get their tasks done quickly. There is no unity among people in this case. Everyone wants corruption to end but thinks their small corrupt act will not affect the system. They do not understand that if they stop bribing the government officials, the corruption would automatically end at that level.

    1. Absence of Strict Laws

    Since corruption works at various levels and those in the higher authority are involved in the same, no strict action is taken against anyone found guilty. It is the absence of these strict laws that lead to corruption. Government officials who are found taking bribe or are involved in any other corrupt practices are mostly suspended for few weeks or months and then re-posted.

    1. Reservation System

    The reservation or the quota system in India is also one of the reasons for the growing corruption. Students who study hard all year round are unable to secure seat in their preferred college while those in the reserved category are able to grab those seats even with low grades. Many parents take the route of back door entry for their children in such a scenario and this adds to corruption.


    The government must establish strict laws to punish the corrupt officials and also keep a watchful eye on the general public to bring the problem of corruption to an end.

    Paragraph on Corruption in India

    Corruption in India: A Deep-rooted Problem

    Corruption in India is like a sickness that has spread in many parts of the society. It’s not a new problem, but it’s one that has been with us for a long time.

    The Face of Corruption

    People in power, such as some politicians and officers, sometimes do wrong things to make money or to get what they want. They might take extra money from people to do their work faster or sometimes even just to do their job. This creates an environment where the rich get richer, and the poor stay poor.

    Effects on Society

    This problem makes life hard for lots of people in India, especially for those who don’t have a lot of money. Because of corruption, money that should be used to build schools, hospitals, and roads sometimes gets lost or stolen. This means these essential facilities are either not built or not built well.

    The Fight Against Corruption

    People in India are not silent about this. They are trying to fight corruption and make a change. They believe that everyone should follow the rules and that those who do wrong should be punished.


    Reducing corruption is like cleaning up a game, making sure everyone has a fair chance. With less corruption, life can be better for everyone, and the country can grow stronger.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Corruption

    How corruption is affecting our country?

    Corruption damages our country's reputation, hinders economic growth, and takes away resources meant for public welfare. It fosters inequality and hampers trust in institutions.

    How can we reduce corruption in developing countries?

    Reducing corruption in developing countries requires strong legal frameworks, transparent systems, public awareness campaigns, and encouraging whistleblowers to report corrupt practices.

    Which country is free from corruption?

    No country is entirely free from corruption. However, countries like Denmark, Finland, and Sweden often rank high in transparency and low in corruption indexes.

    How to stop corruption in India?

    Stopping corruption in India needs a combined effort of legal reforms, transparent governance, digital transactions, educational campaigns, and empowering anti-corruption agencies.

    Can education stop corruption?

    Education can play a significant role in stopping corruption by promoting ethical values, raising awareness about the negative impacts of corruption, and teaching the importance of integrity.

    What is the problem of corruption?

    Corruption is a problem as it erodes public trust, misuses public funds, stalls economic development, and perpetuates inequality. It weakens the moral fabric of society.

    How to stop corruption?

    Stopping corruption requires a mix of strong legislation, transparent governance, public participation, robust auditing systems, and creating a culture of accountability.

    What is the full meaning of corruption?

    Corruption refers to dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery, misappropriation of funds, or manipulation of public resources for personal gain.

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