EnglishSpeechWelcome Speech for Corporate Event in English in simple and easy words

Welcome Speech for Corporate Event in English in simple and easy words

Corporate events are organized in the companies and MNCs for which welcome speeches are delivered. This is an occasion where the host has to address everyone and felicitate the guests. The speeches should be well written which address the occasion well while at the same time elucidating on the important events and its highlights. Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event, therefore, has been written in order to help you write one.

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    Long and Short Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event in English

    There are both short opening welcome speech for events. Speeches for corporate event and long welcome speeches for corporate event, written in a comprehensive manner and easy to understand language. So if you are also struggling to write one; browse through our website and read on your own.

    Welcome Speech for Corporate Event – Sample 1

    I’m thrilled to see each and every one of you here today. I deeply appreciate your help in making this event possible. We’ve put this together to show our gratitude to our loyal, long-serving employees and to extend a warm welcome to our new team members. Our company fully comprehends your requirements and is committed to looking after your health and happiness.

    I, Shashank Gupta, on behalf of my entire team want to sincerely acknowledge the efforts of those who came forward and contributed towards the success of this event and making it this grand. Trust me; all this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of you guys.

    We grow and prosper because of your dedication and hard work put in towards your individual as well as group goals. You are a vital part of our success story and the company needs you as much as you need it. Both are mutually depended, isn’t it?

    In the months to come, you will get to learn, practice and initiate programs through seminars and especially designed programs to improve upon your hands-on experience, including your professional skills-set. Today’s event is organized for all our new joiners and to help them get along well with others so that a good working environment can be built for them. I understand that some are experienced whereas for some it’s going to be their first experience of working in a company. It therefore becomes imperative on the part of those working already to help them feel comfortable with the environment as well as with their work.

    I hope this event will help you let go off your inhibitions and create solidarity amongst your group. This event is all about giving a brief introduction about yourself, freely interacting with your colleagues and understanding the work culture. If you understand your team and the work culture, then trust me friends, the mission will be accomplished.

    So today’s event will kick start with a brief speech to be addressed by our respected senior manager, followed by a brief introduction of all our freshers combined with a few, interesting games and then finally dinner. I can see a big smile on everyone’s face. So let’s cheer up the mood of everyone and call on stage our very special senior manager, Mr. ……….. , who is famous for his great sense of humor and witty talks.

    Please everyone put your hands together for him. (……………And he delivers the speech).

    I hope you all enjoyed his speech as much as I did. Now may I please call on stage all the new joiners and call their names one by one for a brief introduction. (……And it continues)

    With this, I would like to rest my speech too and kick start this small session of games which I hope will lift up everyone’s spirits.

    Thank you everyone for being a patient audience. It’s such a delight to be standing here and addressing you all. In some time, dinner will be served and you may help yourself with that.


    Welcome Speech for Corporate Event – Sample 2

    I’m thrilled to see each and every one of you here. Good morning, and a heartfelt welcome to all of you, including our valued teachers, parents, and students. I’d like to extend a special thanks to our esteemed Chief Guest, [mention their name], for joining us today. We are truly honored to have such a successful writer and businessperson with us

    I am glad that the company has taken this initiative of organizing annual events in the company particularly with a view to give its employees a platform where they can share their ideas, discuss their concerns openly and effectively contribute in the growth of the company.

    Since its inception, the founding members have been of the view to give its employees a free hand to decide what’s best for their work and the company as a whole. However, small group meetings were initiated in the beginning which didn’t prove to be much fruitful as many ideas used to get lost or brushed under the carpet. After constant evaluation, the management came to this decision of organizing such corporate events where in a light, easy going environment the ideas can get spread and everyone can bond over with each other well.

    So today here we stand in our yet another corporate event and all ready to do a brainstorm session. The reason why it is called as event is because it is not just about the exchange of ideas and sharing of concerns, but it also gives a reason to invite other companies and prominent faces in our industry where they can also come and we can create a good network. So far so good as four such events have been organized and all went really well, the outcome was favorable.

    The credit for organizing these events goes to our creative team which has been doing this job unfailingly. Trust me friends, it is quite time absorbing and we cannot make it happen until and unless we have a support of our creative team. The theme of today’s event and the banners, the decoration that you are seeing around you – all has been done by our creative team. So please put a huge round of applause for them and let me call the entire team on stage and felicitate them with a small bouquet and a memento.

    Friends, in some time our guests will be here till then I would request if anyone is willing to come on stage and share anything worthwhile with us pertaining to the work culture, their job responsibilities, etc. Following which there will be game session for reviving our spirits followed by a music performance by a band called ……..

    I can see surprised faces; please don’t be surprised as this is a small gift from the management’s side. I hope you enjoy the performance by this band.

    With this, I would like to rest my speech and call over our respected senior manager to address everyone as well as our new joinee, who I think are feeling slightly awkward. Please everyone put your hands together for Mr……., the senior manager of the SSB Group from past 6 years. I hope through his speech, you can gauge his intellect as well as great fervor.

    Thank You!

    Welcome Speech for Corporate Event – Sample 3

    Hon’ble Board of Directors, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Senior Managers, Managers and My Dear Colleagues – A warm welcome to all of you to our company’s yet another 21st corporate event!

    I – Rahul Khanna – feel a sense of great joy in welcoming you all and hosting this big event. Trust me friends, planning these events has not been easy as it all starts from the random brainstorming sessions at the coffee houses to the official meetings in the meeting hall – but every minute of it has been really worth it!

    When it initially came across my mind to make this event somewhat extra special by honoring the efforts of the deserving women from each of the processes, who have been consistent in their performances and really performed well in their respective areas of work, I knew I had to seek the approval of Mrs. Sheila Dwivedi – the President of the Company and also the jury member of the event committee. I vividly remember her reaction on this idea: she was startled, but later on smiled and asked me if I am sure of this and if it’ll work in our favor?

    I was so sure of this! Initially I had no idea whatsoever as to how this plan would be executed, but later on ample ideas came to my mind. They began coming to my mind immediately and I started considering which one to pick for which event. Finally, for this event this idea struck me and decided to take the committee members approval on this. I am sure this feeling is mutual as you all must be feeling good about this idea. After all, we have many female employees working for our company and equally contributing towards the growth of the company with respect to their male counterparts. Rather they even work harder and with a lot of dedication.

    So let’s take time out and thank these women who handle their work so diligently and manage both their personal as well as professional lives. Our committee has shortlisted the names of 10 women who have performed exceptionally well and surpassed their team members. Let me call out their names………………………….. (Names being announced). And now may I please invite all of them on stage and request them to tell something about them and also inspire others.

    I know the journey has not been an easy one, but still you all managed to harbor good results. There have been some challenging projects, but you nailed it everywhere. You have personally inspired me and taught me to do well, come what may and achieve your goals. I hope one day my name be also announced like this and I also get acknowledged for my good work and perseverance.

    This is all from my side, now I would request you all to step forward one by one and say a few words in this regard.

    Thank you for being such a lovely audience, cheers!

    Welcome Speech for Corporate Event – Sample 4

    Hon’ble Committee Members, Senior Managers, Managers and My Dear Friends – I welcome you all to the 21st Corporate Event of our company!

    It feels extremely glad seeing everyone under one roof and coming together for the success of our company. This event is a little more special as most of the processes of our company have completed their set targets and to our surprise have even exceeded them considerably. Therefore, this definitely calls for a huge party and what special occasion than the completion of 21 years of our company. So celebration is in the air and let us makes the most of it. And what better way of celebration than honoring the achievements of our employees who have dedicatedly worked in order to realize their goals and make this event a memorable one!

    So without any further ado, let’s call our senior manager on stage in order to felicitate our achievers. But before we do so, I would request him to say a few words in this regard. (And he delivers the speech….)

    Now may I please call out the names of those receiving the awards today and their names are …………………………….. Please put your hands together for these people.

    Thank you guys for doing such commendable work and becoming an inspiration for us! You have really set the higher standards for all of us. You may please take your seats now.

    Now it’s the discussion time, so I will request our panelists to come on stage and initiate the discussion. Those interested may please join the stage and feel free to share their ideas and concerns. Every idea will be respected, so please feel free to give vent to your creativity and out of the box thoughts. We have gathered here with a purpose, that is how to make the best use of our company’s resources and the optimum utilization of our office time.

    (And the discussion continues……)

    Now with the end of this discussion, I would like to request everyone to join the party in the basement where you may help yourself with both the dinner and drinks. Please feel free to come to us in case of any inconvenience. I can see a few new faces as well, so it becomes our responsibility to make you feel comfortable. In case any discomfort is caused, we are here to help you. This event is not only for a formal meet, but also an opportunity to gel with each other well and understand each other’s thought process so that while working together a sound level of compatibility can be expected and met.

    Let us move towards the basement. With this, I rest my speech and also request everyone to not over indulge in the bar section and maintain the decorum of the office.

    Thank you for showing your kind patience, cheers!

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    FAQs Welcome Speech for Corporate Event

    How do you start an event welcome speech?

    To start an event welcome speech, begin with a warm greeting to the audience and introduce the purpose of the event.

    How do you welcome a corporate event?

    To welcome a corporate event, express appreciation for attendees and briefly outline the schedule or agenda.

    What are some lines for welcome speech?

    Some lines for a welcome speech include, Ladies and gentlemen, we're delighted to have you here today, or A warm welcome to all our guests.

    What is a short example of opening remarks?

    A short example of opening remarks could be, Good morning, everyone. Thank you for joining us for this special occasion.

    What is the anchoring script for welcoming guest?

    An anchoring script for welcoming guests should introduce the event, acknowledge dignitaries, and convey excitement about their presence.

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