EnglishSpeechIndependence Day Welcome Speech in English in simple and easy words

Independence Day Welcome Speech in English in simple and easy words

Independence Day is a historic day in our lives as Indians and is also one of those special occasions celebrated across the country. Therefore, such occasions call for welcome speeches. Preparing a welcome speech for Independence Day is not a task as the one who writes can transport their emotions to the body of the text. However, still, we have comprehensively covered welcome speeches on Independence Day so that you remain better informed on the subject and know a little bit more about the history through the medium of these speeches. Independence Day Welcome Speech.

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    Greetings, everyone! Welcome to our Independence Day festivities. Today, we come together to pay tribute to our ancestors’ sacrifices and dedication to securing our freedom. As we hoist the flag and sing our national anthem, let’s recall the strength that stems from our unity and diversity.

    On this special day, let’s celebrate with pride, honoring the sacrifices of our ancestors. Let’s unite as a nation to create a better tomorrow. Raise our tricolor flag, sing our national anthem with honor. Happy Independence Day to everyone.

    Long and Short Welcome Speech for Independence Day in English

    We have provided below both short and long welcome speeches on Independence Day. The following Independence Day welcome speech was written in simple language to convey the information easily.

    Also, all the vital facts on Independence Day have been covered in the welcome speeches. Every incident around Independence Day, circumstances leading to Independence Day, and Independence Day celebration in schools, colleges, houses, and offices have been appropriately covered in the speeches.

    These speeches will tremendously help you to recite a welcome speech on the occasion of Independence Day.

    Independence Day Welcome Speech 1

    Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to you all!

    As you all know that we have gathered today to celebrate this big national event – the Independence Day of India. This day is the most auspicious in our nation’s history as it won back its freedom after many years of relentless struggle by our great freedom fighters.

    Therefore, the momentous day, i.e., 15th August in 1947, was a golden moment in Indian history, the remembrance of which fills every Indian with a feeling of patriotism and comradeship, as we all feel bound by a common thread of nationalism. This day is celebrated with an equal amount of zeal and passion. The great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in the independence struggle are remembered with a lot of reverence, and jawans (soldiers) who lost their lives on the battlefield are paid homage.

    Therefore, I – Sarthak Pandey, from Standard XI (A), would want all of you to observe silence in the memory of our shaheed (martyred) jawans and vow to never let their sacrifice for protecting our country go waste. Their families are our families and, therefore, our responsibilities, so we should try to support them in whatever way we can. Only then will it be a real celebration of Independence Day. We can’t experience the painful journey of our freedom fighters by staying within our comfort zones.

    But what we can do is build a strong nation from within through our good deeds and social acts. We should not only live for ourselves but for others as well. Only then will it be a peaceful coexistence. Always remember that this freedom is won after the sacrifice of many people and several decades of struggle for over a century.

    I hope you all remember the great Indian soldier i.e., Mangal Pandey, in the British armed forces. He is credited with initiating the first revolt to overthrow British Rule, known as the “Revolt of 1857”. Later on, several freedom fighters joined the battlefield and spent their whole lives only achieving independence. It is impossible to brush aside the sacrifices made by Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, and Khudi Ram Bose, who died early to free the nation from the chains of slavery. Then we cannot forget the struggles of Gandhiji and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

    Now that we live and breathe in an Independent India, we should not take this freedom for granted and sincerely shoulder the responsibilities of our country and be ready to handle any national emergency or other issues.

    This is all from my side, and now may I invite our respected principal on stage to address students and kick start the day’s events.

    Thank you, everyone, for being such a patient listener. I am sure you all would have a wonderful time with us.

    Independence Day Welcome Speech 2

    Warm Greetings of the Day Everyone – I hope this day finds you in the best of spirits!

    I, Sourabh Chabra – the assistant manager of the ABC Group, welcome everyone to the Independence Day celebration in our office while giving a special mention to our board of directors and managers for taking their valuable time out and becoming a part of this celebration. Before we begin today’s events, I want to give a brief speech on Independence Day. As we all know that there are some colleagues from outside our country, it becomes our responsibility to familiarize them with our culture and tradition and most importantly with such days which are of great national importance.

    Today, I feel incredibly proud of hosting this great day, and words will fall short of describing the sense of joy that I feel while standing here on the podium in front of you all. We should consider ourselves fortunate to live in an independent India as its citizen. We should also thank our predecessors and never forget their sacrifice in the Indian freedom struggle. We should pray to the lord to give us the strength and courage to dedicate our lives to the service of our country.

    For this, we are not expected to fight on borders only; we can become the responsible citizen of our country by doing social service, i.e., helping our fellow countrymen in their noble pursuits, serving mankind, by contributing to the economic and social growth of our country, by helping eradicate social evils, such as poverty, corruption, marginalization of women, etc. from our country.

    So let us not waste the sacrifice of our forefathers and wisely utilize the resources of our country to bring it to the top of the list of the world’s developed countries. Let’s also understand the importance of our national flag, Tiranga Jhanda.

    On this day, the national flag of India is hoisted in different state capitals and union territories by various political leaders who also deliver a speech on Independence Day. We also sing desh bhakti (patriotic) songs which fill us with nationalistic fervor. Interestingly, various dramas and stage plays are enacted on this day, giving a vivid enactment of the Independence Day struggle and the bravery of our martyrs.

    So this day is not only about bringing family and friends together and enjoying the shows on television, but it’s also a day to remember all the great souls who have made us live the dream of an Independent India. This day is very special because we forget our differences of caste and creed as well other political discrepancies and come together to revel in the glory of our nation.

    Let’s celebrate this day together, leaving all our professional competencies and differences behind. Cheers to this day and Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

    Independence Day Welcome Speech 3

    Hello Everyone – I hope you all are doing well!

    A warm welcome to the Independence Day Celebration in our ……. society clubhouse! I, Abhishek Tripathi, the secretary of our society, feel extremely glad to see all of you gathered for the celebration today. I hope you all are equally excited as much as I am.

    But before we kick start the celebration, please allow me to deliver a short speech on the importance of this day. Our children need to realize the importance of such days, which are of great national importance. I feel that in the present times, our children are moving towards modernization so much that they are diverting from their roots and, at times, fail to realize that they are slowly and gradually becoming detached from everything that has given them their identity. They are adopting western culture and lifestyle so much that they cannot embrace the rich cultural civilization of their native land.

    So it’s a humble request to all the parents and even children to trace our nation’s history and find out how our great freedom fighters fought the battle with the Britishers who had once had a sweeping influence over our lives. Recollecting their memories and acknowledging their great contribution to the freedom movement will mean paying homage to them in the true sense of the term. Also, we should understand that this freedom is hard-won and must be preserved at all costs. As a nation, we should stand united and never let the differences crop in so much between us cultural, geographical, and political differences that the outsiders start taking advantage of us. Instead of progressing, we begin facing a steep decline.

    Children, please understand that we can serve our nation in ways more than one. We don’t necessarily have to become a soldier or fight on the battlefield to be truly called the son/daughter of the nation. We can do that by being the best in whatever we do. For instance, if anyone among you becomes a doctor, your responsibility would be to serve mankind in the best manner possible. It is also very important to sometimes work selflessly and help uplift the weaker section of society, so if you have to attend to a patient who cannot afford expensive medicines or treatment, your job would be to give them medical treatment free of cost.

    I hope the message I want to convey through my speech is loud and clear, and I am sure everyone in the audience will support my point of view. We all live for ourselves, but to make our lives mean, we should sometimes live for others. Only then would we be able to make our lives worth it.

    This is all for today, and now may we begin with today’s performances.

    Thank you and Jai Hind!

    Independence Day Welcome Speech 4

    Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Guest of Honor, Teachers, and My Dear Students – Warm Welcome to Everyone!

    I, Sormishtha Panja, Class–XII (B) class teacher, wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. This is the 77th Independence Day, and the day is etched on our minds with a strong impression. After all, how can we forget the sacrifice of our great freedom fighters, who had put up a brave front in front of the British army and did not give up at any cost? 15th August 1947 was a moment of great pride and national glory for all the Indians.

    Therefore, on this auspicious occasion, when India became free from bondage and emerged as an independent nation, we must recall the sacrifice of our Indian leaders, such as Mahatma Gandhi Ji and Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sarojini Naidu, and others. They fought selflessly for their motherland and put at stake everything they had, such as their lives, their families, etc. Then how can we forget their sacrifice so easily and take this freedom for granted?

    This day is, therefore, not only celebrated because India became free but also to commemorate the memories of our great freedom fighters. On the eve of this historical day, i.e., 15th August 1947, our first Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, addressed the Parliament and gave his first most famous speech, i.e., “Tryst with Destiny,” proclaiming the freedom of our country at midnight. This proclamation uplifted the spirit of our countrymen as India was, at last, living its dream of a free nation, free from domination and oppression under the rule of the Britishers. It was a great historic day as our country at last managed to shake off the shackles of foreign rule and become an independent nation. It was, of course, the night of merriment all across the country.

    However, when you gain something, on the one hand, you lose another thing on the other. Owing to the rising disparities between the Muslim and Hindu communities, the demand for a new Muslim nation gained stronger ground. Sindh and Punjab were divided into the northwest province of India to give birth to a new nation. The formation of Pakistan took place on the 14th of August; hence they celebrate Independence Day on that very day itself.

    To celebrate 15th August, an official ceremony is organized at the Red Fort, situated in the national capital. Our Hon’ble prime minister hoists the Tiranga Jhanda at the Red Fort to pay homage to our motherland and honor the freedom won by our brave freedom fighters. The speech of our prime minister is the major highlight of the day. Patriotic songs are sung by our children in their schools and colleges and at workplaces by their colleagues.

    So everyone, let us also, without any further ado, kick start the celebration and cheer for our participants.

    Thank you and Jai Hind!

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