GK Questions50 GK Questions for Class 1 With Answer

50 GK Questions for Class 1 With Answer

50+ General Knowledge Questions With Answers for Class 1

We’ve put together a collection of 50 GK questions suitable for kids in class 1, class 2, and class 3. These questions for children encompass various subjects and are designed to enhance their general knowledge. Responding to these elementary GK questions will also lay a solid groundwork for their future.

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    GK Questions for class 1 with answers

    Questions. Which animal carries its baby in a pouch?

    Ans. Kangaroo

    Questions. What type of fuel do we put in our cars?

    Ans. Petrol or Diesel

    Questions. What does a Tadpole turn into?

    Ans. Baby Frog

    Questions. How many planets do we have in our solar system?

    Ans. 8 planets

    Questions. Where do we find a zebra crossing?

    Ans. On Road or Highways

    Questions. What shape is a piece of pizza?

    Ans. Triangle

    Questions. Which fruit comes in bunches?

    Ans. Grapes

    Questions. What is the largest land animal?

    Ans. Elephant

    Questions. What is the tallest animal?

    Ans. Giraffe

    Questions. Which bird can run very fast?

    Ans. Ostrich

    Questions. Which bird has beautiful feathers?

    Ans. Peacock

    Questions. Which traffic light colour tells us to wait?

    Ans. Yellow

    Questions. What is the name of the body part that has all the sense organs?

    Ans. Head

    Questions. What colour do leaves turn when they dry out?

    Ans. Yellow

    Questions. During which season do leaves fall from trees?

    Ans. Autumn

    Questions. What does water turn into when it freezes?

    Ans. Ice

    Questions. Which flower always faces the sun?

    Ans. Sunflower

    Questions. What do we call a person who goes into space?

    Ans. Astronaut

    Questions. How many days are in a fortnight?

    Ans. 15 days

    Questions. Which star shines during the day?

    Ans. Sun

    Questions. How many sides does a Pentagon have?

    Ans. 5 sides

    Questions. Which tool do we use to cut paper?

    Ans. Scissors

    Questions. Which fruit has “Custard” in its name?

    Ans. Custard Apple

    Questions. Which flower starts with the letter “B”?

    Ans. Bougainvillea

    Questions. Which flower rhymes with “nose”?

    Ans. Rose

    Questions. What doesn’t belong to the consonant family?

    Ans. Vowels

    Questions. How many toes do you have?

    Ans. Ten

    Questions. Which part of a plant is tasty to eat?

    Ans. Fruit

    Questions. What is the beautiful part of a plant?

    Ans. Flower

    Questions. Which part of a plant makes food?

    Ans. Leaf

    Questions. Which part of the plant carries the baby plant?

    Ans. Seed

    Questions. What does a flower turn into?

    Ans. Fruit

    Questions. What gives energy to a baby plant?

    Ans. Sunlight

    Questions. How many months start with the letter “A”?

    Ans. 2

    Questions. How many days are in a year?

    Ans. 365 days

    Questions. What does a caterpillar turn into?

    Ans. Butterfly

    Questions. Which animal “roars”?

    Ans. Lion

    Questions. Which farm animal is used for “Tanga”?

    Ans. Horse

    Questions. What is the first letter of the English alphabet?

    Ans. A

    Questions. How many letters are in the English alphabet?

    Ans. 26 letters

    Questions. Which fruit gives us oil?

    Ans. Dry fruits

    Questions. What does a doctor use to check our heartbeats?

    Ans. Stethoscope

    Questions. What do you call a person who cuts and styles hair?

    Ans. Hairdresser

    Questions. Who puts out fires?

    Ans. Firefighter

    Questions. Who uses a fire engine?

    Ans. Fireman

    Questions. Which fruit is rich in vitamin C?

    Ans. Orange

    Questions. Which fruit is rich in iron?

    Ans. Apple

    Questions. What comes between Wednesday and Friday?

    Ans. Thursday

    Questions. How many months are in a year?

    Ans. 12 months

    Questions. How many months have 31 days?

    Ans. 7

    FAQs on 50 GK Questions for Class 1

    Why is GK important for Class 1?

    GK is important for Class 1 as it helps young children learn about the world around them and develop a strong foundation for future learning.

    What is the full form of GK for Class 1?

    The full form of GK for Class 1 is General Knowledge, which means having knowledge about a wide range of topics.

    What is GK for kids?

    GK for kids is all about teaching them basic facts and information about various subjects, making learning fun and informative.

    What is GK in simple words?

    In simple words, GK (General Knowledge) means knowing about different things, facts, and topics to increase one understanding of the world.

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