GK QuestionsHP GK Questions with Answers (2024)

HP GK Questions with Answers (2024)

HP GK Questions: Explore and expand your knowledge of Himachal Pradesh with our comprehensive set of HP GK questions and answers. Our quizzes will you enhance your understanding of the state’s history, geography, culture, and more. Whether you are preparing for exams or simply eager to deepen your knowledge, these HP GK Questions provide an invaluable opportunity to assess your proficiency and broaden your awareness of this enchanting region. Also read the hp gk questions with answers pdf in english a comprehensive PDF on HP GK questions with answers in English to deepen your knowledge about Himachal Pradesh.

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    Himachal Pradesh HP GK Questions with Answers (2024)

    Q1. What is the state animal of Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Snow leopard
    B. Musk deer
    C. Red panda
    D. Himalayan tahr
    Answer: B. Musk deer

    Q2. Which river flows through the Lahaul Valley in Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Beas
    B. Sutlej
    C. Chenab
    D. Ravi
    Answer: C. Chenab

    Q3. Which is the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Hanuman Tibba
    B. Deo Tibba
    C. Indrasan
    D. Reo Purgyil
    Answer: D. Reo Purgyil

    Q4. In which year was Himachal Pradesh established as a state?
    A. 1947
    B. 1950
    C. 1966
    D. 1971
    Answer: C. 1966

    Q5. Which festival is celebrated as the state festival of Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Diwali
    B. Holi
    C. Lohri
    D. Navratri
    Answer: C. Lohri

    Q6. What is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Dharamshala
    B. Manali
    C. Shimla
    D. Solan
    Answer: C. Shimla

    Q7. What was the literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh as per the 2011 census?
    A. 72.89%
    B. 80.75%
    C. 86.26%
    D. 92.21%
    Answer: C. 86.26%

    Q8. Which is the largest city in Himachal Pradesh by population?
    A. Shimla
    B. Solan
    C. Mandi
    D. Dharamshala
    Answer: C. Mandi

    Q9. Who was the 1st CM of Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Virbhadra Singh
    B. Yashwant Singh Parmar
    C. Jai Ram Thakur
    D. Shanta Kumar
    Answer: B. Yashwant Singh Parmar

    Q10. Which famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh is known as the “Queen of Hills”?
    A. Manali
    B. Dalhousie
    C. Shimla
    D. Dharamshala
    Answer: C. Shimla

    Q11. The Great Himalayan National Park is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Kullu
    B. Kangra
    C. Mandi
    D. Solan
    Answer: A. Kullu

    Q12. What is the official language of Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Hindi
    B. Punjabi
    C. Sanskrit
    D. English
    Answer: A. Hindi

    Q13. Which pass connects Himachal Pradesh with Tibet?
    A. Shipki La
    B. Rohtang Pass
    C. Baralacha Pass
    D. Kunzum Pass
    Answer: A. Shipki La

    Q14. Which fruit is Himachal Pradesh famous for?
    A. Mango
    B. Apple
    C. Banana
    D. Orange
    Answer: B. Apple

    Q15. Which Indian Prime Minister belonged to Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Jawaharlal Nehru
    B. Indira Gandhi
    C. Lal Bahadur Shastri
    D. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
    Answer: D. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

    Q16. The Chail Cricket Ground in Himachal Pradesh is the highest cricket ground in the world. At what altitude is it located?
    A. 2,144 meters
    B. 2,250 meters
    C. 2,410 meters
    D. 2,555 meters
    Answer: D. 2,555 meters

    Q17. Which river forms the Pin Valley National Park in Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Sutlej
    B. Beas
    C. Spiti
    D. Ravi
    Answer: C. Spiti

    Q18. Which is the longest river in Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Beas
    B. Sutlej
    C. Ravi
    D. Chenab
    Answer: A. Beas

    Q19. Which famous temple is situated in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Hadimba Temple
    B. Jwala Ji Temple
    C. Chamunda Devi Temple
    D. Baijnath Temple
    Answer: B. Jwala Ji Temple

    Q20. What is the main occupation of the people in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh?
    A. Agriculture
    B. Tourism
    C. Animal husbandry
    D. Horticulture
    Answer: D. Horticulture

    Extra HP GK Questions with Answers Series

    Q1. The Pandoh Dam is located on which river in Himachal Pradesh?
    [A] Beas River
    [B] Chenab River
    [C] Ravi River
    [D] Yamuna River
    Answer: A. Beas River

    Q2. Which of these places in Himachal Pradesh was founded by Sahil Varman?
    [A] Keonthal
    [B] Chamba
    [C] Shimla
    [D] Kangra
    Answer: B. Chamba

    Q3. On which of the following dates did Himachal Pradesh become a full-fledged state of the Indian Union?
    [A] 31st Dec 1970
    [B] 29th Jan 1971
    [C] 25th Jan 1971
    [D] 26th Jan 1971
    Answer: B. 29th Jan 1971

    Q4. What was the ancient name of Baijnath?
    [A] Mahasu
    [B] Nahan
    [C] Lokgram
    [D] Kirigram
    Answer: D. Kirigram

    Q5. Where was the Gandhi-Irwin Pact signed?
    [A] Solan
    [B] Shimla
    [C] Dalhousie
    [D] Chamba
    Answer: B. Shimla

    Q6. The group of eighty-four temples (Chaurasi temples) is located at which place in Himachal Pradesh?
    [A] Pangi
    [B] Dharamshala
    [C] Bharmour
    [D] Bakloh
    Answer: C. Bharmour

    Q7. Where is Renuka Lake located?
    [A] Nahan (Sirmaur)
    [B] Mandi
    [C] Paonta Sahib
    [D] McLeodganj
    Answer: A. Nahan (Sirmaur)

    Q8. Who discovered Shimla in 1819?
    [A] Lt. Rose
    [B] Major Kennedy
    [C] John Lawrence
    [D] Lord Amherst
    Answer: A. Lt. Rose

    Q9. Which mountain pass connects Lahaul to Ladakh?
    [A] Rohtang Pass
    [B] Zoji La
    [C] Baralacha Pass
    [D] Kunzum Pass
    Answer: C. Baralacha Pass

    Q10. Which festival is celebrated with the most enthusiasm in Kinnaur district?
    [A] Losar
    [B] Baisakhi
    [C] Lohri
    [D] Dussehra
    Answer: A. Losar

    Q11. Which deity is worshipped during the Fagli festival in Kinnaur?
    [A] Goddess Hadimba
    [B] Lord Narayan
    [C] Goddess Durga
    [D] Goddess Shakti
    Answer: B. Lord Narayan

    Q12. Which is the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh?
    [A] Hanuman Tibba
    [B] Deo Tibba
    [C] Indrasan
    [D] Reo Purgyil
    Answer: D. Reo Purgyil

    Q13. Which city in Himachal Pradesh is known as the “Fruit Bowl of India”?
    [A] Dharamshala
    [B] Kullu
    [C] Solan
    [D] Mandi
    Answer: B. Kullu

    Q14. Which is the oldest serving hydroelectric project in Himachal Pradesh?
    [A] Bhakra Dam
    [B] Nathpa Jhakri Dam
    [C] Chamera Dam
    [D] Giri Hydel Project
    Answer: A. Bhakra Dam

    Q15. Who built the Baijnath Temple in Himachal Pradesh?
    [A] Pandavas
    [B] Chandra Gupta Maurya
    [C] Raja Sansar Chand
    [D] Mughal Emperors
    Answer: A. Pandavas

    Q16. Which district in Himachal Pradesh is known for its hot springs?
    [A] Kangra
    [B] Mandi
    [C] Solan
    [D] Una
    Answer: B. Mandi

    Q17. Which pass connects Kinnaur to Spiti in Himachal Pradesh?
    [A] Kunzum Pass
    [B] Rohtang Pass
    [C] Baralacha Pass
    [D] Sach Pass
    Answer: A. Kunzum Pass

    Q18. Which ancient trade route passed through Himachal Pradesh connecting Tibet with India?
    [A] Khardung La
    [B] Shipki La
    [C] Nathu La
    [D] Jelep La
    Answer: B. Shipki La

    Q19. Which traditional folk dance of Himachal Pradesh is associated with the harvesting season?
    [A] Nati
    [B] Gee
    [C] Chamba
    [D] Thoda
    Answer: A. Nati

    Q20. Which district of Himachal Pradesh is famous for its handkerchief art?
    [A] Kinnaur
    [B] Chamba
    [C] Hamirpur
    [D] Kullu
    Answer: (B) Chamba

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