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AIIMS Patna Cut off 2024

AIIMS Patna Cut off 2024: AIIMS Patna will release the MBBS cutoff for 2024 following the NEET 2024 results. For the NEET UG 2023 Mop-Up Round, the closing rank for General Category candidates was 1944. Admissions to the MBBS program at AIIMS Patna are based on NEET UG scores, followed by counseling conducted by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC). The INI CET is held twice annually, in January and July. AIIMS Patna’s cutoff varies annually across programs and categories, influenced by seat availability, reservation categories, candidate preferences, and entrance exam scores. The cutoffs are published on AIIMS Patna’s official website. To secure admission, candidates must meet the specified cutoff and eligibility criteria.

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    AIIMS Patna Cut off 2024

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    AIIMS Patna Cut off for NEET 2024 (Expected)

    Course Category Allotted Quota Expected Closing Rank For 2024
    MBBS Open All India 1417-1427
    MBBS OBC All India 2085-2095
    MBBS ST All India 39688-39698
    MBBS SC All India 15079-15089
    MBBS EWS All India 2239-2249

    AIIMS Patna B.Sc (Hons) Nursing Cut off 2024

    The AIIMS Patna B.Sc Nursing Cutoff for 2024 will be released after the declaration of the AIIMS B.Sc (Hons) Nursing Entrance Exam Results 2024. In the year 2023, closing ranks were as follows: 1413 for the General category, 1637 for OBC, 3975 for EWS, and 4787 for SC categories. Detailed round-wise cutoffs for different categories are provided below:

    Category Round 1 Round 2 Open Round
    General 747 1115 1413
    OBC 1348 1637 Seats Filled
    EWS 2782 3975 Seats Filled
    SC 3872 4787 Seats Filled
    ST 7890 Seats Filled Seats Filled

    AIIMS Patna M.Sc Nursing Cut off 2024

    Admission to the MSc Nursing program at AIIMS Patna is based on scores or merit in the AIIMS M.Sc Entrance Examination. The round-wise cutoffs for 2023 for the Unreserved (UR) category are provided below:

    Specialization Round 1 Round 2
    M.Sc Psychiatric Nursing 69 106
    M.Sc Paediatric Nursing 116 174
    M.Sc Community Health Nursing 117 212

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    AIIMS Patna Cut off For NEET 2023 – All India Counselling

    Course Category Allotted Quota Opening Rank Closing Rank
    MBBS Open All India 496 1417
    MBBS OBC All India 1543 2085
    MBBS ST All India 19399 39688
    MBBS EWS All India 1836 2239
    MBBS SC All India 6285 15079

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    AIIMS Patna INI CET Cut off 2023

    The table below provide the AIIMS Patna cut off for 2023 details for the unreserved category are shown below:

    Courses Opening All India Rank Closing All India Rank
    MD Radiodiagnosis 98 99
    MD General Medicine 128 128
    MD Dermatology 225 225
    M.Ch Surgical Gastroenterology (Six-Year) 269 269
    MS Ophthalmology 474 474
    MS Orthopaedics 490 490
    M.Ch Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (Six-Year) 551 554
    M.Ch Trauma Surgery and Critical Care (Six-Year) 636 636
    M.Ch Paediatrics Surgery (Six-Year) 729 729
    MD Radiotherapy 907 907
    MD Pathology 1469 1469
    MD Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 3027 3027
    MD Pharmacology 3576 3576
    MD Biochemistry 4165 4186
    MD Anatomy 4805 5345
    MD Physiology 5199 5393

    AIIMS Patna Cut off 2022 – NEET UG

    Year Registered Appeared Qualified NEET Qualifying Percentage
    2022 1,872,343 1,764,571 993,069 56.28%
    2021 1,614,777 1,544,275 870,074 56.34%

    AIIMS Patna Cut off FAQs

    What makes admission to AIIMS Patna highly competitive?

    Getting admission to AIIMS Patna is competitive due to its strict criteria and limited seat availability. Success relies on factors like academic excellence and competitive exam scores, but securing a spot is challenging due to the institution's high standards and selectivity.

    How much rank is required to get in AIIMS Patna?

    The rank required for admission to AIIMS Patna varies annually based on several factors. For general candidates, qualifying marks typically range from 137 to 720, while for General-PwD candidates, it ranges from 136 to 121. SC/ST/OBC candidates usually require marks ranging from 136 to 107. AIIMS Patna also admits students to its B.Sc (Hons) Nursing and M.Sc Nursing programs based on the respective entrance examinations conducted by AIIMS Delhi.

    What is the cutoff for MBBS at AIIMS Patna?

    The cutoff trend for MBBS at AIIMS Patna has shown a consistent decrease in recent years. In 2022, the closing rank for MBBS under the general category for the all-India quota stood at 2737. However, in 2023, this cutoff decreased significantly to 1944.

    What is the expected NEET UG 2024 Cutoff at AIIMS Patna?

    The anticipated NEET Cutoff for 2024 is projected to fall within the range of 720-135 for General/EWS category students, while for SC/ST/OBC category students, it is expected to be between 122-105.

    Is AIIMS Patna cut off the same every year?

    The AIIMS Patna cutoff varies annually, as observed by the decreasing trend in recent years. In a recent trend, the closing rank for MBBS under the general category for the all-India quota at AIIMS Patna showed a notable decrease. For example, in 2022, this rank stood at 2737, whereas in 2023, it notably decreased to 1944.

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