EnglishSpeechSpeech on Newspaper in simple and easy words

Speech on Newspaper in simple and easy words

Newspaper is an indispensable part of our lives. We all read newspaper, some read it for political news, some for gossip sections, some for editorial sections – the needs are diverse. Thus, the importance of newspaper is talked of every time in order to increase its readership and inculcate the habit of reading. So whether it’s a brief on the newspaper that you have to cover or deliver a speech on newspaper, our comprehensive speeches can be a good source of reference point for you. There are long speeches on newspaper as well as short speeches on newspaper, in order to cater to your different needs and help you in your work. So read through the pages and gain knowledge on the subject matter.

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    Long and Short Speech on Newspaper

    Speech on Newspaper – 1

    Good Morning Students – How you all are doing?

    I hope everyone enjoyed their winter breaks as much as I did. After this break, I am sure no student will be in a mood to study and since it’s your very first class after the break, I would like to take it easy and reintroduce you to your books slowly and gradually.

    So today instead of studies I would like to talk about the importance of newspaper. Newspaper because it’s a good source of knowledge for all of us, but sadly I don’t find many of my students reading newspaper. It’s not merely a paper scroll which is dropped into our homes every single morning. They are indeed of great importance since the time they got introduced to humanity. It’s during the time of British Raj and until now; newspapers are considered a great medium of spreading awareness and sharing news about day to day happenings. Newspapers significantly act as a revolutionary medium to make announcements.

    These days, we come across various regional and local newspapers as well as national dailies that are read by people from across the country from every section of our society. Newspapers are printed and circulated in nearly all the major languages, such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, etc in our country. As far as the content of the newspaper is concerned, it covers different genres other than daily events in order to cater to the interest of the diverse readership. In fact, much to the interest of the readers, many agencies have added weekly magazines with their newspapers.

    Newspapers hold a sweeping presence in our lives as with the help of which we remain aware about the latest political, national as well international developments and burning issues. This allows us to gain knowledge on every possible aspect – whether it’s economic, entertainment, cultural, political or social issues from across the globe. Many companies as well as organizations resort to print media such as newspapers in order to make public announcements regarding job opening or any other important detail. Commercial advertisements and endorsements that get printed in the newspaper receive a wide mass reach wherein people get to know about the latest launch of the products in the market.

    Newspaper therefore acts as an industry-consumer interface that enables them to forge a healthy bond. Besides, newspapers carry an editorial segment where readers get a platform to express their views regarding any issue. Through this therefore one gets a huge platform to voice his/her concerns, views, exchange ideas as well as build up communication.

    Thus, newspaper is that essential entity which is required by people from all sections of the society. Then why my students should remain deprived of it? Try to build your habit of newspaper reading on a regular basis and experience a healthy change in yourself. Also, encourage this habit of newspaper reading in your peer group and engage in discussions and debates for your intellectual growth.

    This is all I have to say. Thank You!

    Speech on Newspaper – 2

    Hello Everyone – Warm Greetings to all of you!

    I, Sourabh Shukla, your host for today welcome you all to the 21st celebration of Indian Express Newspaper. Friends, as you all know that our team has been able to achieve its annual sale target; it is quite a victory for all of us. So considering the importance of today’s day, I would like to deliver a short speech on newspaper elucidating about its importance in our day to day lives.

    Newspaper has become an indispensable part of our lives. Of course digital evolution has impacted the sale of newspaper, but people who realize its importance still purchase and read it. And as per Wikipedia, India is the biggest market for newspaper across the globe and more than 100 million copies are being sold every day. And despite the fact that internet has got a strong hold on people’s lives, the digital version of newspaper, i.e. eNewspaper is still being read by the people on their mobile phones and tablets in order to stay updated.

    Now, let us know what important role do newspapers play in our lives. If I talk about the importance of newspaper in education, it really helps in strengthening the education sector by giving students practical examples of what they study theoretically. For instance, if students are studying about the impact of demonetization – its pros and cons – then teachers can put forth some real life instance from the newspaper. Through the medium of newspapers, students can understand the actual impact of demonetization on people’s lives and society at large.

    One more example could be that in higher secondary classes, if Political Science students learn about the important role that a country’s prime minister plays; the teacher can effectively teach them so by drawing examples from the life of our current prime minister and throwing light on his day to day activities. And knowledge about his day to day activities can be gained through newspaper. Thus, I strongly feel that newspapers play a significant role in the progress of practical education.

    Other than this, students derive a lot more benefits from the reading of newspaper, such as they can enhance their vocabulary. Irrespective of the stream they are in, whether it’s Political Science, Economics, Hindi or any other subject, students can easily find terminologies and content according to their stream and interest. Like we have “economic page section” in the newspaper for Economics students and there is also an editorial page for literature or Political Science students.

    Other than improving their vocabulary, the habit of newspaper reading also increases the general knowledge of people and spread awareness about the latest trends in different parts of our country and world for that matter. What’s more?

    Even you can find a whole section devoted to jobs/career, career pages, etc which are published weekly and help students to remain aware about various exams, jobs and career-related opportunities.

    So the daily exercise of newspaper reading never goes waste and it does prove fruitful in many ways. This is all can be said.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Newspaper – 3

    Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students – Warm Greetings to all of you!

    Now that the assembly has come to an end, I – Sakshi Kalra – Student of Class IX (A) would like to take this opportunity in order to talk about the important role that newspapers play in our lives. Newspaper is a crucial part of modern civilization. It is usually considered as a record of the day to day happenings or what you may call current events. However, the role of a newspaper goes much beyond that and is not merely relegated to a record keeping exercise. Do you know when newspaper was introduced into the world?

    Well, the first time newspaper appeared after Guttenberg came up with the invention of printing press. And the first Indian newspaper was India Gazette. It was in the year 1744 that it got published. Since then the distribution of newspaper has only increased. It has in fact become a mark of the modern day civilization.

    Now, newspaper has become a medium or platform for giving voice to public opinion. Different news items get published in newspaper in order to cater to the needs of a diverse range of population. People from every section of society read it – whether it’s a businessman, working people, lawyer, doctor, engineer or politicians – thus it should serve everyone’s purpose. For instance, through newspapers lawyers come to know about what is happening in the judiciary whether any political or social injustice has been meted out to anyone.

    Businessmen also read newspapers and collect information related to commerce and trade in the country and overseas. Teachers and students get closer through the medium of newspaper. It serves as a medium of learning and teaching.

    Even politicians find newspaper quite useful for voicing their political opinion to the people. M.K. Gandhi revised Young India in order to express his opinion about the independence of India.

    It is newspaper that boosted the morale of the people and brought them together in order to fight for Indian Independence. When any news of crime or corruption gets published in the newspaper, then police become pro-active. The government also keeps a track of things through newspaper and at the time of public grievances, the government earnestly puts in efforts to redress them.

    Since the role of a newspaper is to show truth to its people without taking sides, it thus should be free from any partiality or bias. It should act as potent force for strengthening the pillar of democracy. But unfortunately, in the pursuit of truth and for depicting complete transparency, journalists often have to face the brunt. Do we not come across such news of journalist being insulted, tortured or terrorized and even often getting killed by the antisocial elements present in our society? Newspapers are more than not set on fire before they reach their readership.

    Editors are given bribe to portray right thing into wrong or wrong into right. Politicians are also seen expressing their rage against a piece of news wherein honest journalists often face persecution. Hence, I strongly feel that the lives of journalists should be made secure and immoral people should be punished.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Newspaper – 4

    Dear All – I welcome everyone to the speech ceremony of today.

    I, Akshat Khanna, your host for today would like to address my speech around the growing importance of newspaper. But prior to that, let me ask you all the definition of newspaper. How would you define a newspaper?

    Newspaper falls into the category of print media and is defined as a repository of national as well as global level of news. It is a printed material whose primary objective is to update its people with the latest events and happenings. Information comes to us through newspaper from every possible direction, i.e. east, west, north and south. Despite revolution in technology and a huge shift from print media to digital media, the modern world of today still finds itself incomplete without the presence of newspapers. Thus, newspaper is not merely a printed, folded paper, but it’s an important document that contains important information, news, latest happenings, advertisement, review, etc. Newspapers can be called the world’s ears and eyes.

    Even till date in the world of smart phones and tablets, for some people their morning doesn’t begin without having a newspaper to read in their hands. It’s not possible to imagine a day without a newspaper because then how will people update themselves in the morning. Newspapers are therefore an important part of our daily lives.

    Newspaper provides us with information on every possible subject, such as Science, Art, Sports Business, Crime, Fashion, etc. Every column in a newspaper is thus of extreme importance. It makes us aware not only of what is happening in our country, but in other countries as well. Then, there is also a column for health that aims to spread awareness about the development of health. As far as entertainment is concerned, there is a column for crossword puzzle, comic cartoons as well as astrological facts. Newspapers also come with columns for matrimony, job vacancies, etc.

    The newspapers are replete with advertisement as it’s an excellent source of earning for the newspaper agencies. So newspaper reading is a good habit and should only be encouraged. And if you do not possess this habit then you should try and cultivate it for an obvious reason that it brings greater awareness about what’s happening around and globally.

    On the other hand, newspaper provides employment to thousands of people and is a good source of income for many – not only for the agencies, but writers, editors, marketing team, etc. In fact, those who sell or distribute newspapers on the street or road find it a source of earning their livelihood. Newspapers are printed in all the main languages so that you don’t have to change your language preference to be able to read a newspaper. In some schools, there is a rule that every morning one student should read out a piece of news to its peers.

    So no matter how busy we are in our lives, we should never cut down on our habit of reading newspaper and consume content from it as much as we can.

    Thank You!

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