BiographyTina Dabi Biography

Tina Dabi Biography

Tina Dabi is an Indian Administrative Officer who belongs to the Rajasthan cadre. She achieved the top position in the UPSC Civil Services exam in 2015. Tina is originally from Delhi and studied at Lady Shri Ram College, which is a part of the University of Delhi. It’s worth noting that she secured the first rank in her very first attempt at the Civil Services Exam, a remarkable feat considering its difficulty.

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    Tina Dabi IAS gained widespread attention and became famous when she made the decision to marry Athar Amir Khan, who had secured the second rank in the same challenging exam. Their love story garnered a lot of attention on social media. Currently, Tina holds the position of Joint Secretary in the Department of Finance (Tax) within the Rajasthan Government.

    The UPSC Civil Services Exam is known for being one of the toughest exams in the world. It attracts millions of candidates, but only a select few manage to pass. It’s known for its unpredictability. This exam is responsible for filling many important government positions in India and is considered one of the most prestigious services in the country. The syllabus for this exam is extensive and requires a well-thought-out strategy to cover. It’s worth noting that Tina Dabi accomplished this remarkable achievement at the young age of 22.

    Tina Dabi Biography

    Tina Dabi attended the Convent of Jesus and Mary school in New Delhi and achieved the highest score in political science for her CBSE class 12th board exams. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Lady Shri Ram College for Women with the goal of becoming an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer. Her aspiration is to empower women in Haryana and serve as an inspiration to other girls aiming to excel in school, especially those aspiring to pass the UPSC exam.

    Born on November 9, 1993, in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Tina Dabi IAS made every Indian proud by securing the top rank in the prestigious UPSC examination in 2016. Her achievement served as a source of motivation for countless students across India. In 2012, she also showcased her talents as the vice-speaker of the Young Parliament, where her performance was outstanding.

    Real Name Tina Dabi
    Profession IAS Officer
    Birth Place Bhopal, Madya Pradesh
    Birth Date November 9, 1993
    Tina Dabi Age 30 Years
    Father Name Jaswant Dabi
    Mother Name Himani Dabi
    Siblings Sister – Ria Dabi
    Marital Status Divorced
    Affairs / Boyfriend Athar Aamir Khan (IAS Officer)
    Tina Dabi Husband Name Athar Aamir Khan (2018-2021)
    Marriage Date 20 March 2018 (Court Marriage)
    7 April 2018 (Religious Marriage)
    Marriage Place Jaipur, Rajasthan (Court Marriage)
    Pahalgam, Kashmir (Religious Marriage)
    Children Name Not Known
    Zodiac Sign Scorpio
    Residence Delhi Urban
    Nationality Indian
    Religion Hinduism
    Caste SC

    Tina Dabi Family

    Tina comes from a good Hindu family in Bhopal. When she was in the 7th grade, her whole family moved to Delhi. While she follows Hinduism, some of her family members also practice Buddhism. She belongs to the SC caste, and everyone in her family works for the government. Tina’s father, Jaswant Dabi, held a high position as the General Manager of Telecom Corporation of India Limited BSNL.

    Tina Dabi 1st Marriage

    Tina Dabi Husband was Athar Khan, the second-topper of the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2015. They got to know each other during their training at LBS Academy in Dehradun. Their marriage caused quite a stir, but unfortunately, it didn’t last long. They both decided to divorce, and their divorce was finalized in a family court in Jaipur on August 10, 2021.

    Tina Dabi 2nd Marriage

    Now, Tina is considering getting married for the second time. Her second marriage is planned with Pradeep Gawande, an IAS officer working in Rajasthan. Interestingly, before becoming an IAS officer, Pradeep was a doctor.

    Parents Father: Jaswant Dabi (General Manager of BSNL)
    Mother: Himani Dabi (ex IES officer)
    Siblings Brother: NA
    Sister: Ria Dabi (younger, IAS Officer)
    Children/Kids Son: NA
    Daughter: NA
    Tina Dabi First Husband/Spouse Athar Aamir Khan (IAS Officer, m. 2018 – 2021)
    Tina Dabi Second Husband/Spouse Pradeep Gawande (IAS Officer, m. 2022 – present)
    Martial Status Divorced
    First Marriage Date 20 March 2018 (Court marriage)
    7 April 2018 (Religious rituals marriage)
    Second Marriage Date April 2022
    First Marriage Place Jaipur, Rajasthan (Court marriage)
    Pahalgam Club, Pahalgam, Kashmir (religious marriage)
    Second Marriage Place Not Known
    Affairs / Boyfriends
    1. Athar Aamir Khan (IAS Officer)
    2. Pradeep Gawande (IAS Officer)

    Tina Dabi Education

    Tina Dabi IAS displayed remarkable intelligence and a strong dedication to her studies from a young age. She achieved a perfect score in History and Political Science during her 12th-grade ICSE exams. After completing her schooling, she initially considered pursuing a B.Com degree but ultimately enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts program, majoring in Political Science at Lady Shri Ram College for Women in New Delhi. Concurrently, she began her preparations for the UPSC Civil Services Examination from her very first year in college.

    In 2016, at the age of 22, Tina Dabi IAS accomplished a remarkable feat by clearing the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) exam on her first attempt with an impressive score of 52.49 percent. Her journey into civil services began when she was just 18, as she joined RAU’s IAS Study Circle in New Delhi. Initially, she had considered pursuing a commerce degree, but her passion for the UPSC exam led her to change her path.

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    During her preparation, Tina diligently followed a fixed study schedule, dedicating nine to twelve hours daily to her studies. Her deep interest in the Constitution of India and Indian politics, nurtured since her school days, was evident in her college results, where she ranked among the top students in Political Science. Tina’s active involvement in debate competitions dates back to her school years, and in 2012, she served as the Vice President of the Youth Parliament, impressing everyone with her performance.

    In 2016, her hard work and dedication paid off when she secured the first position in the UPSC 2015 examination, achieving an impressive score of 1063 out of 2025 marks, all at the young age of 22.

    Tina Dabi Marksheet

    Subjects Marks Obtained Maximum Marks
    Essay Paper 145 250
    GS first paper 119 250
    GS second paper 84 250
    GS third paper 111 250
    GS fourth paper 110 250
    Political Science first 128 250
    Political Science second 171 250
    Interview 195 275
    Total 1063 (52.49%) 2025

    FAQs on Tina Dabi Biography

    Who is Tina Dabi?

    Tina Dabi holds the position of District Collector and Magistrate in Jaisalmer district, Rajasthan, ranking 65th in her role. She gained widespread attention when, in 2015, she achieved the top position in the highly esteemed civil services exam, becoming the first Dalit woman from a marginalized community to do so

    Why Tina Dabi Divorce

    Tina Dabi and Ather Amir Khan have both decided to get a divorce through mutual agreement.

    What is the current salary of Tina Dabi?

    In the state of Rajasthan, the district collector typically earns a salary between Rs 1.34 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh. It is anticipated that Tina Dabi's salary will fall within this salary range.

    What is the age of Tina Dabi?

    Tina Dabi age is 30 Years Old

    What is the rank of Tina Dabi in UPSC?

    In the 2015 UPSC Civil Services Examination, Tina Dabi achieved the top rank in all of India.

    What is the Caste of IAS Tina Dabi?

    Tina Dabi is from the Scheduled Caste community, known as Kamble, and practices the Hindu religion.

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