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List of Top AIIMS Colleges in India

List of AIIMS Colleges In India In NIRF Ranking 2023

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) is a comprehensive assessment framework for engineering institutions in India. Based on the NIRF ranking 2023, here are some of the top 20 AIIMS colleges in India:

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    College Name Rank
    Indian Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (AIIMS) 1
    AIIMS, New Delhi (Daya Ramanujacharya) 2
    AIIMS, Jodhpur (S.N. Jayalaxmi) 3

    The AIIMS medical colleges in India are highly regarded for their exceptional healthcare services and are ideal for the nation’s medical students. These institutions have gained recognition for their top offerings and are expected to continue to excel in the future. Top AIIMS colleges in India are located in cities such as Delhi, Jodhpur, Rishikesh, Bhopal, Patna, Raipur, and Bhubaneswar.In the NIRF Ranking, AIIMS Delhi has secured the top spot, while AIIMS Jodhpur has moved up three places to join the ranks of India’s top medical colleges.

    AIIMS Bhubaneswar’s NIRF 2023 ranking has improved from 26th to 17th, and AIIMS Rishikesh has risen from 48th to 22nd among India’s top medical colleges. In the NIRF 2023 rating, AIIMS Patna and AIIMS Bhopal have made their debut, ranking 27th and 38th, respectively.

    List of AIIMS Colleges In India

    To understand how the best AIIMS colleges are currently operating in India, it’s important to note that all AIIMS colleges, except for AIIMS Delhi, are relatively new. These institutions were established after 2012 and some are still in the process of being fully developed and functional. The table below provides a list of AIIMS colleges in India, their NIRF ranking, and the year of their establishment. Here is a list of some of the top AIIMS colleges in India, based on various sources:

    List of AIIMS Colleges in India
    AIIMS colleges Name AIIMS colleges NIRF 2023 Rank AIIMS colleges Establishment Year
    AIIMS Delhi 1 1956
    AIIMS Jodhpur 13 2012
    AIIMS Bhubaneswar 17 2012
    AIIMS Rishikesh 22 2012
    AIIMS Patna 27 2012
    AIIMS Bhopal 38 2012
    AIIMS Raipur 39 2012
    AIIMS Raebareli NA 2013
    AIIMS Nagpur NA 2018
    AIIMS Mangalagiri NA 2018
    AIIMS Gorakhpur NA 2019
    AIIMS Bibinagar NA 2019
    AIIMS Bathinda NA 2019
    AIIMS Kalyani NA 2019
    AIIMS Deoghar NA 2019
    AIIMS Rajkot NA 2020
    AIIMS Guwahati NA 2020
    AIIMS Vijaypur NA 2020
    AIIMS Bilaspur NA 2020
    AIIMS Madurai NA 2021

    Courses Offered By AIIMS Colleges In India

    AIIMS Colleges in India provide a wide range of courses in the field of medicine and related disciplines, encompassing undergraduate, postgraduate, and super-specialization programs. Additionally, these institutions offer doctoral programs, including Ph.D. programs, across various fields. The following table presents a comprehensive list of the courses available at AIIMS Colleges in India. AIIMS colleges offer a variety of medical courses, including:

    Course Description
    MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
    MD Doctor of Medicine
    MS Master of Surgery
    DM Doctor of Medicine (Super-specialty)
    MCh Master of Chirurgiae (Super-specialty)
    Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
    B.Sc. (Hons) Nursing Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Nursing
    M.Sc. Nursing Master of Science in Nursing
    M.Biotech Master of Biotechnology
    M.D.S. Master of Dental Surgery
    M.H.A. Master of Hospital Administration
    M.Sc. Nursing Master of Science in Nursing
    B.Sc. Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    B.Sc. Paramedical Bachelor of Science in Paramedical

    AIIMS Colleges in India at the Development Stage

    These colleges are at the development stage and are working towards gaining recognition. They offer quality medical education and have the potential to become top-tier institutions in the future:

    AIIMS Colleges in India
    Name Status State
    AIIMS Awantipora Under construction J&K (Kashmir Region)
    AIIMS Rewari Under construction Haryana
    AIIMS Darbhanga Under construction Bihar
    AIIMS Bengaluru Proposed Karnataka
    AIIMS Manipur Announced Manipur

    AIIMS Colleges Eligibility Criteria

    Here’s a revised version of the provided content: Admission to AIIMS Colleges in India is granted through the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), which is conducted annually by the National Testing Agency (NTA) you can prepare for this from best coaching for NEET in Patna. To be considered for admission to AIIMS Colleges in India, candidates must meet the eligibility criteria set by the institution. The eligibility criteria for admission to medical programs at AIIMS Colleges in India are as follows:

    1. Applicants must be at least 17 years old at the time of application.
    2. All candidates must have completed their 12th Grade (10+2) from a recognized Board/Council with at least 60% aggregate in the core Science subjects.
    3. OBC students must have a minimum of 55% aggregate in Grade 12, while SC/ST candidates must have a minimum of 50% aggregate to be eligible for AIIMS Colleges admission 2023.
    4. Candidates must pass the NEET Exam to be admitted to MBBS programs and the INI CET Exam to study MCh/DM/MDS/MD/MD programs in India.
    5. To be admitted to MSc and BSc degrees in any specialization, students must take the AIIMS entrance exam for the relevant course.
    6. Candidates interested in the MCh/DM/MD (Hospital Administration) programs must pass the AIIMS Post-Graduate and Postdoctoral Course Entrance Examination.
    7. If the institute deems an examination from an Indian or foreign university equivalent to Grade 12 under the 10+2 plan, candidates must provide proof that the examination passed is equivalent to Grade 12 (10+2). Certificates can be obtained through the relevant Indian Universities.

    It’s important to note that these are general eligibility criteria, and specific requirements may vary for each AIIMS college and program. Prospective students are advised to refer to the official AIIMS website or the respective college’s admission brochure for detailed and up-to-date eligibility criteria.

    AIIMS Colleges Fee Structure in India

    The fee structure for AIIMS colleges varies depending on the institution and the course. For example, the annual fee for MBBS at AIIMS, New Delhi (Daya Ramanujacharya) is INR 60,000. It is essential to check the specific fee structure for the college and course you are interested in.

    Fee structure of the AIIMS Colleges in India
    AIIMS Annual Fee (in INR) Course
    AIIMS Delhi 6,080 MBBS
    900-2,400 BSc
    2,292 MD/MS
    1,400 MSc
    3,330 MCh
    1,944 MDS
    NA PhD
    3,330 DM
    NA PG Diploma
    AIIMS Jodhpur 24,100 MBBS
    2,400 BSc (Hons) Nursing
    2,110 MD/MS
    2,930-4,300 MSc Nursing
    6,080 MDS
    4,050 MPH
    NA DM
    AIIMS Bhubaneswar 26,350 MBBS
    2,540 BSc Nursing
    1.05 lakh MD
    1.05 lakh MS
    NA MDS
    AIIMS Bhopal 4,770 MBBS
    5,800 MD/MS
    3,165 BSc Nursing
    AIIMS Bilaspur NA MBBS
    AIIMS Patna 26,000 MBBS
    2,000 BSc (Hons) Nursing
    2,000 MD
    6,000 MDS
    2,000 MS
    NA MCh
    NA ANM
    AIIMS Raipur 1,350 MBBS
    900-3,170 BSc
    3,380 DM
    5,780 MDS
    5,780 MD
    5,780 MS
    3,380 MCh
    5,860 PG Diploma
    AIIMS Rishikesh 1,628 MBBS
    2,400-1.5 lakh BSc
    2,110 MD/MS
    1,445 MDS
    650 MSc
    NA MCh
    1.4 lakh MPH
    2 lakh PG Diploma
    AIIMS Raebareli 4,500 MBBS
    AIIMS Rajkot NA MBBS
    AIIMS Nagpur 6,800 MBBS
    2,400 BSc
    AIIMS Mangalagiri 6,080 MBBS
    2,400 BSc Nursing
    NA MS
    AIIMS Gorakhpur 6,080 MBBS
    AIIMS Guwahati 26,350 MBBS
    AIIMS Bibinagar 6,080 MBBS
    AIIMS Bathinda 7,330 MBBS
    AIIMS Kalyani 6,080 MBBS
    AIIMS Deoghar 26,350 MBBS
    2,400 BSc Nursing
    AIIMS Vijaypur NA MBBS
    AIIMS Madurai NA MBBS

    Best AIIMS Colleges In India Seat Intake For MBBS Course

    The establishment of new AIIMS colleges in India has led to an increase in the number of seats available for MBBS programs. This trend is expected to continue as the projected AIIMS colleges are completed, resulting in a further rise in the number of seats.

    Institute Seats
    AIIMS Bathinda 100
    AIIMS Bhopal 125
    AIIMS Bhubaneswar 125
    AIIMS Bibinagar 100
    AIIMS Bilaspur 50
    AIIMS Delhi 132
    AIIMS Deoghar 100
    AIIMS Gorakhpur 125
    AIIMS Guwahati 50
    AIIMS Jodhpur 125
    AIIMS Kalyani 125
    AIIMS Madurai 50
    AIIMS Mangalagiri (Guntur) 125
    AIIMS Nagpur 125
    AIIMS Patna 125
    AIIMS Rae Bareli 100
    AIIMS Raipur 125
    AIIMS Rajkot 50
    AIIMS Rishikesh 125
    AIIMS Bibinagar 100
    AIIMS Vijaypur 62

    How To Select The Best AIIMS Colleges In India 2023?

    To select the best AIIMS colleges in India in 2023, consider the following factors:

    1. NIRF Ranking: Check the NIRF ranking 2023 for the college you are interested in.
    2. Location: Choose a college close to your home or a place where you are comfortable living.
    3. Course Offered: Ensure the college offers the course you are interested in pursuing.
    4. Fee Structure: Compare the fee structure of different colleges to find one that fits your budget.
    5. Placement Opportunities: Look for colleges with good placement records and opportunities for internships and residency.
    6. Infrastructure: Visit the college campus to assess the quality of infrastructure, including classrooms, laboratories, and hostels.
    7. Faculty: Check the qualifications and experience of the faculty members at the college.

    AIIMS Colleges in India FAQs

    How many AIIMS colleges are there in India?

    There are a total of 22 AIIMS (All India Institutes of Medical Sciences) in India.

    Where are the 13 AIIMS in India?

    The 13 AIIMS institutions are located in various cities across India, including New Delhi, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur, Rishikesh, Nagpur, Mangalagiri, Kalyani, Bibinagar, Gorakhpur, and Bathinda.

    What are the top 5 AIIMS?

    The top 5 AIIMS institutions are generally considered to be AIIMS New Delhi, AIIMS Bhopal, AIIMS Bhubaneswar, AIIMS Jodhpur, and AIIMS Rishikesh.

    Can I get AIIMS with 650 marks?

    Admission to AIIMS is highly competitive, and the required marks for admission can vary each year based on the difficulty of the exam and the performance of the candidates. While 650 marks is a good score, the specific admission criteria for AIIMS can only be determined after the release of the cutoff marks for the respective year.

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