EnglishSpeechSpeech on Nature in simple and easy words

Speech on Nature in simple and easy words

We all love nature in some or the other way, isn’t it? For instance, some love nature for its lush greenery, breathtaking beauty and some love it for its gifts, such as herbs and shrubs. In other words, nature gives us many things in abundance so that we can live a fulfilling life. Therefore, when it is such an integral part of our lives, students in particular are given assignments on nature or are asked to deliver a speech on nature in order to raise awareness. In fact, sometimes various organizations who work closely in protecting nature have to deliver a talk on it. Under this situation, our speeches come to their rescue. Our both short speech on nature as well as long speech on nature are written with a view to help students and other people who are in need of comprehensive nature speeches that are easy to understand. So read our easy to understand speeches and get an informed understanding on the subject.

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    Speech on Nature

    Speech on Nature – 1

    Respected Teachers and My Dear Students – Warm Greetings to All!

    The morning assembly has come to a close. Now, as the principal of this school, it becomes my responsibility to organize interactive sessions with my students. The reason being, I hardly get the opportunity to engage with you all and exchange our thought processes. Today the reason behind my addressing you all is to deliver a speech on nature and throw light on the vital role that nature plays in our lives. From quite some time, I am distressed after seeing man destroying nature and using it inconsiderately to meet his ends. Instead of giving back to nature or protecting it from various external threats – we are only exploiting the resources and gifts of nature. Is this right on our parts? Let me raise this question to all the children who are going to take responsibility of our mother earth in near future.

    Our lives as human beings started on this planet Earth and since then our “Mother earth” has been exposed to external threats of destruction and mistreatment. Due to the inherent selfish nature of human beings, beautiful forests have been destroyed, rivers have been polluted and vast open lands have been usurped for building factories or other architectural development. Human beings are incessantly involved in such activities as hunting down animals, cutting down trees, releasing poisonous gases in the atmosphere, polluting rivers, etc. We do not even realize that we are invoking the anger of mother earth and are putting our existence under severe threat. Our earth is literally experiencing several strokes of destructive activities due to which the river beds are going dry, plants are dying and species of mammals have become extinct. Yet another grave problem that the world is grappling with in today’s time is ‘global warming’ which has a serious impact on our environment, such as melting down of glaciers, rising sea level and the change of climate at a fast pace. So we all must keep a check on our activities and help to bring such situations under control.

    Now, the question comes how we can keep a check on our activities? Well, it will not require a lot from you. For instance, water is an important natural resource, so we should save every drop of water but turning off the tap when not in use and not unnecessarily using flushes or showers as these resulting in the excess wastage of water. Then, do not throw garbage in rivers or drain as these activities pollute our water bodies. As far as protecting our plants is concerned, do not use chemical pesticides and switch to home remedies or to various other eco-friendly means. In addition to this, I will also advice you to not throw your rotten fruits, vegetables, leftover food, discarded teabags, egg shells in the garbage bins and instead use them to prepare organic manure for your home garden. Activities, such as composting are prove to be of great help in recycling waste products into useful manures.

    Likewise, save your energy consumption. Switch off the power button when no one is in the room. Do not use personal vehicles, when public transportation can be used. In fact, you can even use bicycles for small distances and protect your environment from harmful release of gases. Thus, through these simple yet effective measures you can contribute greatly towards saving our mother nature from further exploitation.

    In the end, I would just say that do not keep this information to yourself and spread the message around so that every person can become a responsible global citizen and helps in saving our planet.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Nature – 2

    Warm Greetings to one and all! I heartily welcome everybody to our society meeting room.

    As you all know that this meeting is weekly organized to discuss various issues concerning our society and to amend those issues keeping in mind the best interest of all members of our society. Having said this, as a secretary of our society group, it even becomes my greater responsibility to look after the betterment of our society. However, in recent times, I came across some incidents that have left me unsettled. I happened to come across such people, who have unfortunately no sensitivity towards the cause of protecting nature, despite my stressing the fact that how nature plays a crucial role in building a healthy environment and giving us a balanced and sustained life amidst growing pollution and declining peace of mind.

    So here in front of you all, I wish to deliver a speech on nature so that we can inform ourselves of the most important things and make our place, i.e. not just our living surrounding, but the whole world a better place to live in. We all should understand that our environment is the fountainhead of life. It not only directs, but also determines the sustenance, development and growth of the living species and all their activities. The quality of our social lives bears direct relation to the quality of our living environment.

    Even if Science and Technology has taken a great sway over our lives, we must not forget that as living species we still need to adapt to our immediate natural surroundings for our sustenance. Human civilization is rooted in the ecosystem and our actions directly impact this system. With the help of technological advancement, human beings have become endowed with the capacity to control his/her environment to a certain extent, but its unfair use results in an ecological crisis. Unwarranted technological intervention to control the forces of nature has invited its wrath in various forms, such as tsunami, floods, droughts, heat waves, wildfire, etc.

    Besides natural calamities, the damage caused to environment is irreparable, such as reduction of underground water and heavy shortage of fresh drinking water, shrinking of wetlands and forests, wearing away of soil and coral reefs, disappearance of plants and loss of living organism, rapid extinction of different species of animals as well as failing of fisheries, the growing pollution of water and air, increase in temperature due to global warming, the contraction of ozone layer and poisoning of seas, rivers and underground resources.

    With this continuous depletion of natural resources, we are putting our own lives under great peril and the day is not very far when drinking water, fresh air, petroleum, natural gas and the top soil of earth will become exhaust for our future generation. So it’s high time that we keep a close watch on our environment and protect it from the possible dangers, especially exploitative human activities.

    In the end, I just want to say that love the nature, value its presence and the things that it offers us in abundance.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Nature – 3

    Respected Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends,

    Today, this special assembly is organized to celebrate one of the most important day called Nature’s Day. Today, we all are going to plant trees as many as we can in our surroundings. But before this, I would like to deliver a speech in respect of Mother Nature. We all know that our earth is the best place for living beings because of its opportune climate and other physical features. Our earth was formed around 4.54 billion years ago approximately and at that time it had gone through many explosions and destructions. From that time of formation to now, nature is providing a lot of things to every living being. It provides us food, shelter, air, water and many other things for our survival.

    The nature of earth is a gift from god for the survival of living beings. Nature on earth has many features like different climatic conditions, mountains, plateaus, rivers, oceans, trees, plants, etc. We all are using them since our birth till today. Nature is shrinking and our needs are expanding day by day. The day will not be so far from now if we will not understand the signs of the nature.

    Nature is the only reason for the survival of all the livings beings on earth. We all know that today, the condition of earth is not in a good state. We all are using nature’s components but are not interested in the needs of nature. Nature is getting ruined day by day for the fulfillment of our needs. There are many reasons for today’s bad condition of the nature such as – excess use of fuels, CFLs, population explosion, deforestation etc and many wrong things which most of the people do in their daily life such as keeping the lights on even when they are not in use, excess use and waste of water by keeping taps on etc. This is very unfortunate that many of us are still have a careless behavior against these problems. Whole earth is getting polluted because of our lifestyle and selfishness towards nature. We have used too much of the nature’s components that many of its components are extinct today.

    Today, many places on earth are lacking of many nature’s components due to our carelessness and selfishness. There is a shortage of water for drinking and for the other purposes, lack of fresh air etc and the only reason behind this is our selfishness. If we will not change our selfish behaviour towards nature, then it will lead to the end of our earth. The only way to protect us and our earth from destruction is by changing our lifestyle of using technology excessively and by understanding our duty towards nature’s conservation.

    Let us take a pledge that from today onward we are going to give our best contribution towards helping our mother nature and it is not optional and it is our duty because if we want to enjoy living in nature then we have to do something today and there is no time for leaving it on tomorrow.

    On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and ask our honorable Principal ma’am to address the further program for tree planting.

    I wish you all a great day ahead!

    Speech on Nature – 4

    Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Today, on this special occasion of “Nature’s Day” our programme “make it green organization” has organized this wonderful event in this area which is highly appreciable and I would like to thank all of you for gathering here. This is a very beautiful day on which we should thank our mother nature for providing us everything that we are using today and will use in our future by planting more and more trees and taking care of them. We all are enjoying by living in nature and using things that we get from nature. In morning, we get to see beautiful scenery of sunrise and at night we get to see a beautiful moon. If we want to enjoy nature and let upcoming generation to enjoy it for longer duration then we have to do something for it’s conservation. It is our duty to keep nature green and prevent it from getting harmed. If we are using nature’s products like fruits, vegetables, etc then we have to make sure that our needs of these things does not leads to the extinction of the nature.

    Many places on earth are facing many problems regarding ecological imbalance such as- drought, floods, landslides, melting of glaciers etc due to our excess use of nature. The creator of these problems is the man and his unnecessary needs. We all are busy in our hectic life and forgets that we our surviving in this world only because of nature. We do not forget to use nature’s products but we do forget to do something for nature’s conservation. There is nothing in this world without nature and we have to do something for her conservation.

    There are many things to do for nature’s conservation. As many places are facing drought due to less rainfall and thus to overcome this problem, we could do rainwater harvesting and limited use of water. There are many other problems like melting of glaciers, lack of oxygen (O2) and increasing amount of carbon-dioxide (CO2) in air due to excess use of fuels, HCL, CFL, industrialization, construction of dams etc. There are many solutions to these problems like reforestation, limited use of fuels through car pooling, limited use of electricity, using eco-friendly gadgets etc. As there are many solutions to these problems, we have to use these solutions for the conservation of our environment. In many places around the world, these solutions are used to overcome ecological problems. We have to this for ourselves because our nature is the reason for our survival and we should not become the reason for nature’s extinction and in case, if it happens then it will lead to our extinction.

    There are infinite solutions for these ecological problems and now it is in our hand that whether we want to survive and enjoy nature or whether we want to get extinct out of this world.

    At this end I would like to conclude my speech and extend special thanks to our event organizers and all of you for making this event successful. Now I would like to ask our honorable manager sir to address the further event.

    I wish you all a great day ahead!

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