NEET ExamNEET Exam Centres in Bangalore 2024

NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore 2024

NEET Exam Centres 2024: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released a list of NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore 2024. Candidates must select their preferred exam city from the available exam centres when filling out the application form. There are 29 NEET Exam Centres in Karnataka, with Bangalore having rural and urban districts.

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    NEET Exam Centre in Banglore 2024

    The NEET UG exam will be conducted offline in various cities at the designated exam centers. Candidates must fill in their preferred exam city while completing the NEET Application Form for 2024 before the deadline. Candidates must arrive at the NEET Exam Centre in Bangalore 2024 on time; otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter.

    The NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore 2024 are allocated to candidates based on their preferences during registration. The list of NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore 2024, each with its unique code, is provided below.

    NOTE: If only a limited number of candidates choose a specific NEET exam centers in Bangalore, it may be cancelled. Conversely, if multiple applicants select the same exam center, candidates will be assigned to their next preferred center in the order they specified.

    The NEET 2024 exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as outlined in the NEET 2024 Syllabus. Eligible candidates must read this article carefully to obtain essential information about their designated NEET exam centers in Bangalore.

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    Steps to Check NTA NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore 2024

    1. Visit the NEET 2024 candidate login portal at
    2. Log in securely using your NEET 2024 application number and password.
    3. Once logged in, locate and click on the “Admit Card Download” link.
    4. Thoroughly review the details on the admit card, including your application number, candidate’s name, parent’s name, date of birth, category, gender, exam date and time, and the assigned NEET exam city (Bangalore, in this case).
    5. Download the NEET 2024 admit card and make two to three printed copies for future reference.
    6. If you encounter any discrepancies or issues with the admit card, promptly contact the relevant authorities for assistance.

    Please note that these steps are the same for all cities, whether it is the NEET exam centers in Bangalore or any other location.

    List of NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore With City Codes

    Candidates can consult the list of preferred NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore below, based on the previous year’s data –

    List of NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore With Codes
    City Name City Code
    Bengaluru- Urban 2712
    Bengaluru- Rural 2702

    Steps to verify the NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore 2024

    Step 1: Visit the official website at

    Step 2: Locate and click on the link corresponding to NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore.

    Step 3: Provide the necessary information, including your NEET 2024 application number, date of birth, and security pin.

    Step 4: Review the comprehensive details regarding your assigned NEET exam center.

    Step 5: Carefully examine the provided information, including your allotted NEET city and other pertinent particulars.

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    NEET 2024 City Intimation Slip

    The NTA provides registered candidates with a NEET city intimation slip, allowing them to preview their assigned exam city in advance. This intimation slip becomes available a few days prior to the release of the NEET 2024 admit card.

    To access their NEET 2024 city intimation slip, registered aspirants can simply enter their application number, date of birth, and security pin. A sample of the NEET city intimation slip is included below for your reference.

    NEET Exam Centres in Bangalore: Things to Carry

    Every candidate must bring the following items to the NEET 2024 examination hall:

    • NEET hall ticket 2024
    • Passport-sized photograph
    • Postcard-sized photograph
    • Valid ID proof (PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Driving License, Passport, Ration card)
    • Mask
    • Gloves
    • Personal transparent water bottle
    • Personal small hand sanitizer (50 ml)

    How to Ace the NEET 2024 Exam?

    Cracking the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) requires a combination of hard work, strategic preparation, and effective time management. Here are some valuable tips to help you ace the NEET 2024 Exam:

    1. Thorough Understanding of the Syllabus: Make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of the NEET Physics Syllabus 2024, NEET Chemistry Syllabus 2024, and NEET Biology Syllabus 2024. Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, including the number of questions, marking scheme, and time allocation.
    2. Develop a Strong Conceptual Foundation: Focus on building a strong conceptual base for each subject. Understand the fundamental principles and concepts rather than just memorizing formulas or facts. This will help you tackle even the most challenging questions effectively.
    3. Create a Personalized Study Plan: Create a structured study plan that aligns with your learning style and pace. Allocate dedicated time slots for each subject, ensuring adequate coverage of the entire syllabus.
    4. Utilize Quality Study Materials: Refer to reliable and up-to-date study materials, including NCERT Textbooks, reference books, and practice problems. Supplement your learning with online resources, video tutorials, and interactive simulations.
    5. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is crucial for improving your problem-solving skills and time management. Solve practice papers, mock tests, and previous year’s questions under timed conditions to simulate the actual exam environment.
    6. Seek Clarification: Don’t hesitate to seek clarification from teachers, mentors, or online forums if you encounter any doubts or difficulties. Addressing your queries promptly will prevent gaps in your understanding and boost your confidence.
    7. Prioritize Revision: Dedicate sufficient time for revision and review of key concepts and formulas. Utilize mnemonics, diagrams, and flowcharts to enhance your retention and recall.
    8. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and engage in regular exercise to maintain focus and energy levels.
    9. Stay Calm and Positive: Approach the exam with a positive mindset and manage stress effectively. Practice relaxation techniques and maintain a calm demeanor during the exam.
    10. Time Management: Optimize your time management skills during the exam. Start with the section you are most comfortable with and then move on to the others. Avoid spending too much time on any single question.

    Remember, cracking NEET requires dedication, perseverance, and the right approach. By following these tips and consistently putting in the effort, you can increase your chances of success.

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    FAQs on NEET Exam Centres in Banglore 2024

    How can I check my NEET exam center?

    You can check your NEET exam center by visiting the NEET website and entering your application number, date of birth, and security pin. You can also find your exam center on your NEET admit card.

    Where is NEET exam conducted in Karnataka?

    The NEET exam is conducted in various cities across Karnataka. Some of the major cities where the exam is conducted include Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Gulbarga, and Mangalore.

    How are NEET exam Centres allotted?

    NEET exam centers are allotted to candidates based on their preferences during the registration process. Candidates can select up to three exam centers in their preferred order. The NTA will try to allot the candidate's first preference, but this is not always possible.

    What documents do I need to carry at NEET Centre?

    You need to carry the following documents to the NEET exam center: NEET admit card Passport-sized photograph Valid photo ID proof (Aadhaar card, Voter ID, PAN card, Passport) Personal transparent water bottle Personal small hand sanitizer (50 ml)

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