NEET ExamNEET Exam Centres in Chandigarh 2024

NEET Exam Centres in Chandigarh 2024

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has officially announced the designated exam centers for the NEET 2024 examination in Chandigarh. The exam will be conducted at three strategically located venues within the state, catering to the convenience of many aspirants.

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    Candidates intending to take the NEET 2024 exam in Chandigarh must adhere to the comprehensive guidelines outlined by their respective test centers. Specific details regarding the exam centers’ locations in Chandigarh will be prominently mentioned on the NEET 2024 admit cards. The NTA will conduct the NEET exam offline, enabling candidates to apply for undergraduate medical, dental, BSc nursing, and AYUSH programs, paving the way for a successful career in the healthcare domain.

    NEET Exam Centres in Chandigarh 2024

    The allocation of NEET Exam Centers in Chandigarh will be meticulously based on the preferences indicated by candidates while filling out the NEET 2024 registration form. A comprehensive list of centers in Chandigarh and their respective codes can be readily found on this page. Refer to the article for more detailed information about the NEET 2024 exam centers in Chandigarh, ensuring a well-informed decision-making process.

    NEET Exam City Allocation by NTA

    The exam city allocation for the NEET 2024 exam is primarily determined by the choices made by candidates during the NEET 2024 registration process. Candidates are granted the flexibility to choose up to five exam cities in their preferred order. This provision ensures that candidates are assigned to exam centers that are geographically convenient and align with their preferences.

    The National Testing Agency (NTA) meticulously reviews the preferences expressed by candidates and then allows the exam city based on their preference order and the availability of seats at the respective centers. This process ensures a fair and equitable distribution of candidates across various exam centers in Chandigarh.

    NEET Exam 2024: Key Details

    The NEET 2024 test comprises 180 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, out of a total of 200 questions as outlined in the NEET 2024 syllabus.

    The duration of the exam is 3 hours and 55 minutes, allowing candidates ample time to consider each question and formulate their responses carefully. The NEET 2024 exam is offered in English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu, ensuring accessibility to a diverse range of candidates.

    Eligible candidates must possess thorough information regarding their NEET Exam Centers in Chandigarh to ensure a smooth and stress-free exam experience. Some of the crucial details that candidates need to be familiar with include:

    • The address of the exam centers: Candidates should carefully note the exact address of their allotted exam center to avoid any confusion or delays on the exam day.
    • The date and time of the exam: Candidates need to be aware of the precise date and time to ensure they arrive well in advance and are prepared for the assessment.
    • The mode of the exam: Candidates should confirm whether the exam will be conducted in offline or online mode to make necessary arrangements accordingly.
    • The subjects that will be covered in the exam: Familiarity with the subjects covered in the exam is crucial for candidates to prepare effectively.
    • The duration of the exam: Understanding the duration of the exam allows candidates to pace themselves appropriately and avoid rushing through the questions.
    • The number of questions that will be asked in the exam: Knowing the number of questions in the exam helps candidates manage their time effectively and allocate sufficient time for each question.
    • The marking scheme for the exam: Familiarity with the marking scheme provides valuable insights into the weightage of each question and the scoring pattern.
    • The dress code for the exam: Adherence to the prescribed dress code ensures a professional and formal atmosphere during the exam.
    • The prohibited items in the exam hall: Knowledge of prohibited items prevents candidates from carrying any unauthorized materials into the exam hall.
    • The rules and regulations of the exam: Strict adherence to the exam rules and regulations ensures a fair and orderly conduct of the assessment.

    NEET 2024 City Intimation Slip

    The National Testing Agency (NTA) issues a city allocation slip, commonly referred to as the NEET 2024 City Intimation Slip, to registered candidates, providing them with advanced knowledge of their assigned exam city. This crucial document becomes available a few days before the release of the NEET 2024 admit card, enabling aspirants to plan their travel and accommodation accordingly.

    To access their NEET 2024 city allocation slip, applicants must enter their application number, date of birth, and security pin on the designated portal. Once the information is validated, the slip will be displayed on the screen. It is advisable to download the slip and save it for future reference.

    NEET Exam Centres in Chandigarh 2024: How to Locate

    For candidates seeking to identify their allotted NEET exam center in Chandigarh or any other state, the following straightforward steps will guide them through the process:

    1. Access the NEET 2024 Candidate Login Portal: Begin by visiting the official NEET 2024 website and navigating to the candidate login portal.
    2. Secure Login: Enter your NEET 2024 application number and password to log in to your account securely.
    3. Admit Card Download: Once logged in, locate and click on the link labeled “Admit Card Download.”
    4. Thorough Review: Carefully review the details provided on the admit card, including your application number, candidate’s name, parent’s name, date of birth, category, gender, exam date and time, and the assigned NEET exam city.
    5. Admit Card Download and Printing: Download the NEET 2024 admit card and consider printing two to three copies for safekeeping and future reference.
    6. Discrepancy Resolution: In the event of any discrepancies or issues with the admit card, promptly contact the relevant authorities for rectification.

    NEET Exam Centres in Chandigarh 2024: City Codes and Locations

    NEET Exam Centres in Chandigarh
    Test City Code State NEET 2024 Test City
    1601 Chandigarh Chandigarh/Mohali/Panchkula

    NEET Exam Centres in Chandigarh 2024: Things to Carry

    To ensure a smooth entry into the NEET 2024 examination hall, candidates must carry the following essential items:

    • NEET Admit Card 2024: The NEET Hall Ticket 2024 serves as your official entry pass to the exam center. Carrying it is mandatory.
    • Passport Size Photograph: A recent passport-size photograph is required for identification.
    • Postcard Size Photograph: An additional postcard-size photograph is necessary for exam-related documents.
    • Valid ID Proof: A valid photo ID, such as a passport, driver’s license, or Aadhaar card, is essential for identity verification.
    • Face Mask: Adhering to COVID-19 protocols, a face mask must be worn throughout the exam.
    • Gloves: Gloves are recommended to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of infections.
    • Personal Transparent Water Bottle: A small, transparent water bottle is permitted to keep you hydrated during the exam.
    • Small Hand Sanitizer (50 ml): A small hand sanitizer is allowed to maintain hand hygiene.

    NEET Exam Centres in Chandigarh 2024: Guidelines

    To ensure a well-organized and orderly examination process, candidates must adhere to the following guidelines at the NEET exam centers in Chandigarh:

    • Dress Code: A specific dress code is mandatory for all candidates. Avoid wearing light clothing with long sleeves, as it is prohibited inside the test centers. If opting for traditional or cultural attire, plan to arrive at the exam center at least one hour before 12:30 PM to allow ample time for the frisking process.
    • Prohibited Items: Certain items are strictly prohibited inside the NEET 2024 exam centers. These include stationery items like calculators, writing pads, pens, cameras, log tables, and communication devices like cell phones and earphones. Additionally, food items, whether packed or unpacked, and water bottles are not allowed inside the exam hall.
    • Punctuality: Candidates must arrive at the exam centers at least two hours before the exam starts. This allows for a smooth check-in process and minimizes any inconvenience.

    Candidates are advised to regularly visit the NTA website for the latest updates on the NEET 2024 exam, ensuring they stay informed about any changes or announcements. By thoroughly understanding the information provided in this comprehensive guide, candidates can make informed decisions, prepare effectively, and confidently approach the NEET 2024 exam.

    FAQs on NEET Exam Centres in Chandigarh 2024

    How many NEET Centres are there in Chandigarh?

    Chandigarh has a total of 224 NEET Exam Centres. These centers are distributed across the city to accommodate the large number of NEET aspirants in the region

    How can I find my NEET exam Centre?

    To find your NEET exam center, you can follow these steps: Visit the official NTA website: Click on the 'NEET' tab. Under the 'Admit Card' section, click on the link 'Download Admit Card.' Enter your application number, date of birth, and security pin. Click on the 'Submit' button. Your admit card will be displayed on the screen. The admit card will contain the address of your allotted exam center.

    Where is NEET exam held in Punjab?

    NEET exams are held in various cities across Punjab, including Amritsar, Bathinda, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Mohali, and Patiala. The specific exam centers for each city are announced by the NTA a few weeks before the exam date

    How many Centres are there for NEET?

    There are a total of 3,741 NEET Exam Centers across India. These centers are distributed across all states and union territories to ensure that every aspirant has access to an exam center within their vicinity.

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