BlogNCERTNCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-3

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-3

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-3

The NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-3, “Run! and Nasruddin’s Aim,” are available to help students with their exams. Subject-matter experts with extensive academic experience have created easy-to-understand answers, including pictorial representations when needed. The solutions provided have straightforward language and more accessible understanding of concepts. Whether you need clarification on specific concepts or a comprehensive review of the chapter, these solutions serve as a valuable tool for enhancing your preparation and boosting your confidence ahead of exams.

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    (i) RUN


    Reading is Fun
    1. What does the poem tell us to do?
    Ans. The poet tells us to run throughout the day away from the city towards the countryside

    2. Write about the places where the poet wants us to run.
    Ans. The poet wants us to run towards the countryside, under the trees, down the hillside, up the street through the meadow.

    Let’s Talk
    1. Do you like to play and run about? Why?
    Ans. Yes, I like to play and run about because both these activities make me happy and healthy.

    2. Running is a very good exercise. Name any three games that you play in which you have to run.
    Ans. Cricket, Kabaddi and Race.

    3. When you run fast, what do you feel is happening to your body?
    Ans. When I run fast, I feel that my heart beat increases and the whole body gets warm up.

    Say Aloud
    beneath breeze meet
    fear each meadow
    Ans. Practice several times.

    Let’s Listen
    1. Say the words aloud one by one. Follow the instructions and move your body accordingly.
    Shoulders Move them up and down.
    Feet Walk forward and backward.
    Run Fast and slow.
    Hands Move them left and right.

    2. Now Jump, hop, march and tiptoe
    Ans. Do it yourself.

    Let’s Write
    1. Answer the questions by looking at the picture on the opposite page.
    Example :
    What is happening in picture 5?
    The girl is diving into the water.
    (i) What is Mohan practising in picture 4?
    He is practising high jump.
    (ii) What are Anil and his friends pulling in picture 3?
    They are pulling a rope.
    (iii) Where are the boats racing in picture 2?
    They are racing in a river.
    (iv) What are the boys doing in picture 1?
    They are running race.
    (v) What are the girls doing in picture 6?
    They are swimming.

    2. Now make one more question for each picture. Write the question in the space below each picture. Use how many, what are, where are/is, how, why, to make questions.



    Reading is Fun
    1. What did Nasruddin boast about?
    Ans. Nasruddin boasted about his skill in archery.

    2. Why did Nasruddin take someone else’s name each time he missed the target?
    Ans. Nasruddin did so to defend himself. He didn’t want to show his failure in his skill in archery. So, he took someone else’s name each time he missed the target.

    3. Why did Nasruddin say, “It was my aim,” the third time?
    Ans. He was lucky in his third attempt. He successfully hit the target. So he said, “It was my aim”.

    4. Do you think Nasruddin was good at archery?
    Ans. I don’t think Nasruddin was good at archery. He only boasted about it before his friends.

    Word Building
    1. Shoot the arrow and hit the target by matching the words with their correct meanings.
    2. Replace the bold word/words with a word from the quiver and rewrite the sentence-
    Let’s Write
    1. This is a picture of Rahul Gupta. Using the clues given, write a paragraph about him in your notebook
    Ans. Rahul Gupta is a well-known name in the Indian cricket.
    He eats healthy food. He runs two kilometres everyday.
    He is a good batsman. He practises for eight hours
    everyday in order to maintain his position in the Indian cricket team.

    2. This is Rajiv’s family. They are a healthy family. See what each one does to remain healthy
    • Father is lifting weights. • Mother is doing yoga.
    • Sita is skipping. • Grandpa is walking.
    • Grandma is drinking milk. • Rajiv is jogging.

    3. Use the words ‘and’ or ‘but’ and make as many sentences as you can about Rajiv’s family.
    Example : Grandpa and Grandma get up early in the morning.
    Grandpa is walking hut Rajiv is jogging. ‘
    • Father and mother do exercises to remain fit and healthy.
    • Father is lifting weights but mother is doing yoga.
    • Rahul is jogging and Sita is skipping.
    • Grandpa is walking but Grandma is drinking milk.

    Fun Time
    Watch the arrow pierce the apple!
    Would you like to see the arrow piercing the red apple?
    Bring the page
    close to your face, touch
    the star with your nose, and then
    look at the picture!

    Ans. Do it yourself

    Let’s Play
    1. Fill in the grid with words given below. You can use one word more than once.
    2. Using the information in the grid, write a sentence about each game. One has been done for you.
    (a) Cricket is an outdoor game.
    We play it with a bat and a ball.
    There are eleven players in this game
    (b) Hockey is an outdoor game.
    We play it with a stick and a ball.
    There are eleven players in this game.
    (c) Table tennis is an indoor game.
    We play it by using a table, a racket and a ball.
    There are two to four players in this game.
    (d) Football is an outdoor game.
    We play it with a football.
    There are eleven players in this game.

    3. The following words are used in various sports. List them under the sport that they are used in.
    (a) googly (b) goal (c) LBW
    (d) penalty (e) free kick (f) penalty corner
    Some words may be used in more than one game.
    Team Time
    A Puppet head
    You can use an old tennis ball which has lost its bounce, to make the head of a puppet. She looks like a little girl in a skirt and is very quick and easy to make. Look at the picture carefully and you will see how she works – your fingers are her arms!
    You need –
    a tennis ball, needle, wool, coloured cloth.
    Method –
    1. Start with the head. Make a small hole in the ball and push a long, thick knitting-needle (about size 3), into it.
    2. The needle goes in on one side and right across inside the ball to touch the opposite side.
    3. The hole needs to be very small, so that it is difficult to push the needle in. In this way it will fit tightly and remain firm when you play with your puppet.
    4. Now cut the thick top off an old nylon sock and stretch it tightly round the ball, sewin it together down the back.
    5. Take some coloured wool and stick on the ball. Make plaits. Paint the eyes and lips on the ball.
    6. Cut two holes in the coloured cloth to put in your fingers.
    7. Hold the needle in your hand to hold your puppet
    Ans. I have a lovely puppet.
    It dances beautifully in the puppet show

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