Study MaterialsNCERT SolutionsNCERT Solutions for Class 4 Mathematics Unit-5 The Way The World Looks

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Mathematics Unit-5 The Way The World Looks

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Mathematics Unit-5 The Way The World Looks

The NCERT solutions class 4 Maths are like helpful guides that give simple explanations to make learning easy. They provide useful information to understand math better, so students can use them without any confusion, making studying enjoyable and straightforward. NCERT Class 4 Mathematics Unit 5 The Way The World Looks solutions are provided for students who are appearing for this year’s final exam as per the CBSE syllabus (2023-2024). These NCERT Solutions are prepared by our subject-matter experts to help 4th-grade students practice for their exams and achieve excellent marks.

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    NCERT Textbook Page 52

    1. Draw how the fan looks from below.
    Ans. A ceiling fan looks like the given picture, when seen from below.

    2. Can you think why Gappu could see the cheese on the jug but Chinky could not?

    Ans. Cheese ‘was placed on the top of the jug. Gappu was hanging with a balloon which was stuck to the ceiling and he could easily saw the cheese, while Chinky was running on the floor, so she could not be able to see the cheese kept on the top of the jug.

    3. When I ran around in my house, it looked so big! But from here, it looks small. How is that?

    Ans. Objects are seen smaller from a distance. Gappu was seeing the house from higher in the air, so, that looked smaller.

    NCERT Textbook Page 54

    1. Imagine how your classroom looks from above. Try to draw it and mark the benches, blackboard, doors, window, etc.
    Ans. The top view of a classroom is being given here.

    NCERT Textbook Page 55

    1. Look at these pictures and discuss why things look wide and big at this end but narrow and small at the other end.
    Ans. The side which is nearer to us looks wider and which is farther to us looks narrow and smaller.

    NCERT Textbook Pages 55-56

    Match Two Views of the Same Pose
    1. Only one of the photos below is the correct match of the same yoga pose. Mark it.

    2. These are two different views of the same bowls. In which photo are the bowls upside down?

    Ans. In photo 2 the bowl has been kept upside down.

    3. Draw lines to match the side view with the top view of—A pipe, A funnel.

    4. Try to draw pictures of a shoe from the side, top, front etc.
    Ans. Different views of a shoe is given here

    NCERT Textbook Page 57

    The Park behind Gappu’s House
    Here is a bigger picture of that part. Look at it carefully and answer the questions.

    1. Mark the gate nearest to the sweet shop. A/B/C/D
    Ans. Gate ‘A’ is nearest to the sweet shop.

    2. Which gate is nearest to Gappu’s house?
    Ans. The Gate ‘C’ is nearest to the Gappu’s house.

    3. If you enter from gate B, the green bench will be to your-Left/Right/Front.
    Ans. The green bench would be left to me, if I enter from gate B.

    4. When Suhasinin entered the park, the flower bed was to her right. Which gate did she enter from?
    Ans. Flower bed is right to the Gate ‘D’, so she entered from Gate ‘D’.

    5. Thich of these is nearest to you if you enter from gate ‘C’?
    (i) Basketball court (ii) Flower bed
    (iii) Green bench (iv) See-saw
    Ans. See-saw.

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    NCERT Textbook Page 58

    Ismail’s Home
    On the phone Ismail told Srijata the route to his house from her house. The route map is shown here.

    This is what Ismail told to Srijata:
    “From your house, reach the milk-booth and then take a left turn. From the second crossing take a right turn and go over the bridge. Go straight and then take the first right turn. After about 100 metres you will see a big park.
    When you cross the park you will come to a side lane. My house is the first house in that lane”.

    1. Did Ismail go wrong somewhere? Can you correct him?
    Ans. Yes. Srijata has to take left going straight after crossing the bridge.

    2. Show where Srijata will reach if she takes the route he told her.
    Ans. Srijata would reach opposite to Ismail’s house.

    3. Write the directions for going from Ismail’s house to Srijata’s house.
    Ans. Start from Ismail’s house. Take first right turn. Go straight. After crossing the bridge take first left turn. Take the second right turn, which is from milk booth. Go straight, the red coloured house is Srijata’s house.

    NCERT Textbook Page 59

    Gibli and the Big Box
    Well, one day Gibli saw a big box on her way. It looked like this.

    Gibli moved across and turned left. Now she could see the other face 6f the big box.
    Gibli was confused. What was this box? She climbed on a cup and tried to see from there. The box looked like this.
    1. Can you guess what that box-like thing was?
    Ans. The box was a dice.
    (The numbers on the opposite faces of this bojt add up to 7)

    2. Which number was on the opposite side of 5?
    Ans. The number opposite of the 5 = 7 – 2 = 2.

    3.In the picture, which number will be at the bottom? .
    Ans. On the top the number is 1.
    Hence, on the bottom the number = 7-1 = 6.

    4.Which number will Gibli see if she again turns left from 5?
    Ans. On turning left from 5, Gibli would see the number 1.

    5.What will this box look like if you opened it up? Mark the correct picture.

    Ans. The box looks like the figure given in ‘A’, if it would be opened.

    6.Can you use this box to play a game?
    Ans. Yes. I can play ‘Ludo’ using this box.

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