EnglisharticleTeachers Day Speech in Simple and Easy Words

Teachers Day Speech in Simple and Easy Words

Teachers Day Speech : Teachers’ Day is celebrated in all schools and colleges across India on 5th September every year. It is the day when we gratefully remember the great educationist Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, whose dream was that “Teachers should be the best minds in the country”. He was a distinguished scholar and an excellent teacher. He also served as the first vice President of India and then as the second President of India. Students celebrate Teachers’ Day by paying tribute to their teachers in a special way.

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    Teachers’ Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honour them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general. Hence a speech on teachers’ day must be appropriately written to convey a direct and accurate message to the audience. Teachers Day is celebrated in every school and college throughout the country. A good speech satisfies all the curiosities and answers almost every question on the subject.

    Long and Short Speech on Teacher’s Day in English

    We have provided below short and long speech on Teachers Day in English.

    These Teachers Day Speech in english are written in simple language so that you can easily memorize them and present them whenever required.

    After going through the speeches, you will get a good deal of information on Teachers Day- why is teachers’ day celebrated, how is it celebrated and its significance, etc.

    You can use the speeches in your school or college and win the heart of your classmates and teachers.

    Teachers Day Speech 1

    Good Morning to all those here and lots of love, especially for the teachers. Today, we assemble here on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, but before we commence the celebrations, I have a few words to say.

    Teachers Day commemorates the birth of a remarkable Indian scholar who was the first Indian to teach at the prestigious Oxford University. Yes! I am talking about Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who also served as the first Vice President and then as the 2nd President of the country.

    Dr. Radhakrishnan was very popular among his students and had many prestigious awards.

    Therefore, I request you all to celebrate the day with your teachers giving them love and respect. That’s all for now. Thank you all!!

    Teachers Day Speech 2

    Good Morning my dear friends, respected teachers, and the school staff. Today, we have assembled here to celebrate the special and much-awaited occasion of Teachers’ Day.

    But before we begin the celebrations, I would like to say something about why we celebrate Teachers Day and why it is important.

    Teachers Day is celebrated to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of the 2nd President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. You must be wondering why the birthday of a former President is celebrated as Teachers Day.

    Mr. Radhakrishnan was a distinguished scholar and an excellent teacher as well. He was so much popular among his students that he was revered.

    Once, while serving as the President, his students asked him to allow them to celebrate his birthday on the 5th of September, but he declined and asked them to celebrate it as Teachers Day. Thus, we celebrate Teachers Day on 5th September to honor a teacher’s services to society and the nation.

    I want to request all the students present to express all the love and respect you have for your teachers today and enjoy the day to the fullest. Happy Teachers Day once Again!!

    Teachers Day Speech 3

    Good morning to the respected teachers and my dear colleagues. We all know the huge crowd is the reason for the nice gathering here. We are here to celebrate Teacher’s day today and give them our heartily tribute for their hard efforts in making our nation’s future. Today is the 5th of September, and on this day, we celebrate teachers’ day every year with lots of joy, happiness, and enthusiasm. First, I would like to thank my class teacher for giving me such a big opportunity to speak here on this great occasion. My dear friends, today, on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, I would like to give a speech on the importance of teachers in our life in English.

    The 5th of September is celebrated as Teachers’ Day all over India every year. The 5th of September is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a great scholar and teacher. In his later life, first, he became the Vice President of the Indian republic and then the President of the Indian republic.

    Students all across the country observe this day to pay respect to their teachers. It is truly said that teachers are the backbone of our society. They play a great role in building up students’ characters and shaping them to become ideal citizens of India.

    Teachers teach students very carefully and sincerely, just like their own children. It is well said that teachers are great than parents. Parents give birth to a child, whereas teachers shape their character and make the future bright. Thus we never forget and ignore them; we always respect and love them. Our parents are responsible for giving us love and quality care; however, our teachers are responsible for making the whole future bright and successful. Their continuous efforts let us know the importance of education in our life.

    They serve as our wellsprings of inspiration, propelling us forward towards success. Through their guidance, they kindle our determination to learn, drawing upon the examples of prominent individuals from around the globe. They fortify us, equipping us to confront life’s challenges with resilience. Their profound wisdom and extensive knowledge enrich our lives. Come on, my dear friends, say, ‘ our respected teachers, we are always grateful to you for all you do for us.’ My dear friends, we should always obey our teacher’s orders and follow their advice to be worthy citizens of India.

    Thank You

    Teachers Day Speech 4

    Good morning to the Principal, respected teachers, and my dear colleagues. We are here today to celebrate a most honorable occasion of Teachers’ day. It is a good occasion for all the students all over India. It is observed every year to pay respect to the teachers from their obedient students. So, dear friends, join this celebration to respect our teachers heartily. They are called the backbone of our society because they contribute to building up our characters, shaping our future, and helping us be ideal citizens of the country.

    Teacher’s day is celebrated every year across India on the 5th of September to pay tribute to the teachers for their precious contributions to our study, society, and the country. There is an excellent reason behind the celebration of teacher’s day on the 5th of September. The 5th of September is the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. He was a great person and highly devoted to education. He was well known as a scholar, diplomat, Vice President of India, and, most importantly, Teacher.

    After his selection as the Indian President in 1962, he was asked and requested by the students to get permission to celebrate his birthday on the 5th of September. However, he replied that, instead of celebrating the 5th of September as my birthday, it would be better if it was dedicated to the whole teaching profession. And 5th of September should be celebrated as a teachers’ day all over India to honor the teaching profession.

    For all students of India, Teachers’ Day is like an occasion and opportunity to pay tribute and gratitude to their teachers for their continuous, selfless, and precious efforts in shaping the future. They are the reason to enrich all the quality education system in the country and process it continuously without getting tired. Our teachers never consider us less than their children and teach us from their hearts. As kids, we need inspiration and motivation, which we surely get from our teachers. They prepare us to tackle any bad situation in life through knowledge and patience. Dear teachers, we are grateful to all of you and will be forever.

    Thank You

    Teachers Day Speech 5

    Good morning to the respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends. As we all know that we are here to celebrate teachers’ day today. My self, _______ studying in class __ would like to speech on the occasion of Teachers Day. But first of all, I would like to thank my class teacher for offering me such a great opportunity to speak on teachers’ day. The title of my speech is, why teachers are so important in our life.

    In India, the students celebrate teachers’ day on the 5th of September. It is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan. His birth date has been celebrated as teachers day every year since he became President of India in 1962 after the student’s request.

    Teachers play key roles in education and student’s life. Teachers generally become a person with proper vision, knowledge, and experience. The teaching profession is a profession of great responsibility than any other job. The teaching profession greatly impacts the students’ and nation’s growth, development, and well-being. According to Madan Mohan Malaviya (founder of Banaras Hindu University), a teacher is “…….It Lies Largely In His Teacher’s Hand To Mould The Mind Of The Child Who Is Father Of The Man. Suppose He Is Patriotic And Devoted To The National Cause And Realizes His Responsibility. In that case, He Can Produce A Race Of Patriotic Men And Women Who Would Religiously Place The Country Above The Community And National Gain Above Communal Advantage.”

    Teachers have many precious roles in the education of students, society, and the country. The growth and development of the people, society, and country solely depend on the quality of education a good teacher can give. Good quality education is necessary for all to fulfill the need of politicians, doctors, engineers, businessmen, farmers, artists, scientists, etc. in the country. Teachers have to continue hard work and go through various books, articles, etc. to put thorough knowledge needed by society. They always guide their students and tell them the path to make a good career. Many ideal teachers in India have set themselves as role models for upcoming teachers.

    An ideal teacher becomes courteous all time without being impartial and not affected by insult. Teachers are like parents in the school for all students. They do their best to maintain the health and concentration level of the students. They motivate students to participate in extracurricular activities besides studies to improve their mental level.

    I am going to recite some well-said quotes on education, students, and teachers by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, during his interaction with students on Teachers’ Day:

    • “Education should become a force for the nation’s character building.”
    • “Dialogue with students: Enjoy childhood. Don’t let the child in you die.”
    • “We must restore respect for the teacher in our society.”
    • “Can’t India dream of exporting good teachers?”
    • “Children can contribute to nation-building through cleanliness, saving electricity and water.”

    Teachers Day Speech 6

    Good morning to the Principal, sir, respected teachers, and my dear colleagues. We all are collected here to celebrate an occasion called teachers day. Today is the 5th of September, which is being celebrated as teachers’ day in all the schools and colleges by the students to pay honor to the teachers for their valuable contribution to society and the country by imparting knowledge and shaping the career of students.

    Celebration of Teachers Day has been a popular event in the country since it started celebrating after the student’s request to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan. The 5th of September is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan, celebrated as teachers’ day. Students honor their teachers for their selfless effort in shaping their careers and enriching the education system all over the country.

    Teachers’ day is a special event in many countries on different dates. In China, it is celebrated on the 10th of September every year. The aim of celebrating this event in all countries is generally to honor the teachers and admire all the achievements in the field of education. The students’ huge preparation takes place in the schools and colleges while celebrating this event. Many students participate in cultural programs, speeches, and other activities to make this event special and memorable. Some students celebrate this event by presenting their favorite teachers a colorful flowers, teacher’s day cards, gifts, e-greeting cards, SMS, messages, etc., to respect and admire them.

    Teachers’ day celebration is a wonderful opportunity for all the students to do something for their teachers in respect and honor. It is also like an appreciation to the new teachers to become responsible teachers in the future towards education. As a student, I will always be grateful to all my teachers in my life.

    Thank You

    Teachers Day Speech FAQs

    How do you start a Teachers Day speech?

    To begin a Teachers Day speech, you can start with a warm greeting to the audience and acknowledge the significance of the day. Express gratitude towards teachers and mention the purpose of your speech.

    What is the best speech for teacher?

    The best speech for a teacher is one that genuinely conveys your appreciation, respect, and gratitude towards them. It should include personal anecdotes, heartfelt words, and a message about the impact of teachers on students' lives.

    What is Teachers Day about in 10 lines?

    Teachers Day is a special occasion to honor and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and guidance provided by teachers. It celebrates the pivotal role teachers play in shaping future generations. This day encourages students to express their gratitude through speeches, gifts, and gestures. It fosters a sense of respect and admiration for educators. It is celebrated on different dates worldwide. Teachers Day is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of education and the positive influence of teachers.

    What is line 5 of a Teachers Day speech?

    Line 5 of a Teachers Day speech can be a statement like: 'Teachers, your commitment to nurturing young minds is truly commendable.'

    What is the best speech for Teacher Day?

    The best Teachers Day speech is one that comes from the heart and appreciates the individual contributions of teachers. It should be sincere, filled with gratitude, and convey the importance of education and the role of teachers in society.

    How to start a speech in English?

    To start a speech in English effectively, begin with a greeting or a compelling opening line that grabs the audience's attention. You can also introduce yourself briefly, state the purpose of your speech, and establish a connection with your audience.

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