EnglishSpeechFarewell Speech for Friends and Colleagues in Company or Organisation

Farewell Speech for Friends and Colleagues in Company or Organisation

Friends are special treasures we all want in life. There are some colleagues in our lives who become more than friends for us and with whom we share every possible secret of our lives, take advice and spend quality time with them. If such friends plan to leave the organization, you may be asked to give farewell speech. So here we have shared different samples of farewell speech for friends that can help you in making your speech more personalized and emotional. Though our short farewell speech for friends and long farewell speech for friends are written in a formal manner, the language used is highly simple and the tone is friendly. You can easily take guidance and add your examples and incidents to make it your own friends farewell speech.

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    Farewell Speech for Friends and Colleagues

    Farewell Speech for Friends – 1

    Respected Manager and Dear Team Members!

    Finally, the day has come when I am standing amidst you and preparing to give my farewell speech. Let me start my speech by expressing my sincere gratitude to you all for organizing such a lovely farewell party for me; I am truly overwhelmed.

    I joined this organization 10 years back when I was 25 years old; young and energetic. I had freshly completed my management course with plenty of theoretical knowledge. This organization gave me a lot of opportunities to learn and grow as a professional. Not only has this company polished my skills and enhanced my knowledge, but it has also given me a lot of good friends like you all.

    Working here has been a great learning experience and I am thankful to the management for showing utmost trust in my skills and dedication. All my leaders have played a very important role in making me a perfect professional. But I would like to especially thank my current leader who is more than a leader to me. I have found the best friend and a big brother in him.

    Today being my last day, I would like to be little bold in accepting that the strong person you all know me as has also felt discouraged and demoralized at times. There have been days, when I had lost faith in myself and given up hopes. It was then, when Mr. A, my current boss, my friend, my guide boosted my morale and showed me light in despair. I’ve learnt from him to accept criticism and compliments without being emotional. I have taken directions and guidance from him not only in my professional but in my personal life as well. Working with him has made me an open-minded person and I have learnt to respect other people’s opinions too and consider their ideas along with mine which has always given better results.

    Mr. A, I and our team have handled several difficult projects together and have successfully accomplished those. After office hours, we are bonded as great friends and celebrate every occasions of success together. We have discussed personal and professional problems and shared advices with each other whenever required. This organisation has not only given me a successful career, but also a bunch of very good and trustworthy friends.

    I am leaving this organisation due to personal reasons but I am always going to miss this organization that is working with extremely talented and professional people. As a team leader and trainer, I have handled many teams, but the team that I am currently working with now is the most wonderful team I have ever worked with. You people are simply awesome. I never had to worry about the deadline or quality of any project or assignment and it’s all because of you guys. I only used to share the project plan and implementation details and you would work day and time to execute the same. You all are going to be highly successful and this organization will certainly give you everything you deserve.

    It’s been a wonderful experience working with lovely friends like you all and I am surely going to miss all this. I wish you all a successful life and career ahead.

    Stay connected and thank You!

    Farewell Speech for Friends – 2

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you for taking time out and joining this event. As you all know that we have gathered here to celebrate the farewell party of Mr. X. Today being his last day, we are not putting him on work and rather pushed him to spend some quality time with us. Mr. X and I joined this organisation together with the same profile and he has been a wonderful friend of mine. We still have 10 more years to get retired but you are leaving me in between. I can understand the exigency, but I am going to miss you a lot.

    For all those, who have known Mr. X as a true professional who talks less, works more and always likes to be punctual and sticks to the deadline; there is a brighter side to him too. Jokes apart, I don’t mean to say that being professional doesn’t mean being bright. But I would like to introduce to you all the fun-loving side of Mr. X who laughs out loud on silly jokes, who loves to go on a long drive, takes strolls in the morning and sits idle watching the sunset.

    Interesting part is that Mr. X and I have completed our engineering from the same college with almost same percentile. He and I have been the best friends since time immemorial. I am very thankful to God that I met him and we became friends. Not only that he has been the best friends of mine, but indeed he is a wonderful person too. There was a time when I was going through hardships in my personal life; I lost my father and became very lonely. He stood by me and supported me during all those days of despair. In fact, it was due to his guidance that I joined this organisation. A few years later, in fact I got an opportunity from abroad but because I didn’t want to lose such a great friend, I declined that offer. And till date, I don’t regret my decision at all rather I am thankful to God that I got to meet him. He is a super leader and a perfect family person too.

    We have spent good and bad days together. We have handled several office projects together; have spent sleepless nights in assuring that the assignments are complete without any gaps. We have celebrated the victory and tasted the failure together. I hope my wife forgives me admitting that I have spent more years and shared more secrets with X than I have with my wife.

    Well, being his best friend, I also understand the reason for which he is leaving us and thus we cannot urge him to stay back as the reason is quite personal, but the good part is that he will remain in the same city. So I am not going to spare him even if he is going to work in the other organization.

    We are certainly going to miss you X but I promise that the ideologies you have introduced in the team will be preserved by all of us and I promise to bother you whenever I need any guidance from you in the future. Wish you good luck in all your endeavors.

    Thank You!

    Farewell Speech for Friends – 3

    Hello Friends! It is so good to see all of you in front of my eyes. My graduation, Post graduation and Office friends all together at one place. For you people it might seem just another thing but honestly for me, it is the heaven on earth.

    Each one of you has given me tremendous memories and together we have cherished best of the moments of our life. But how sad it is for me, that I happen to witness this incredible moment on the day when i am to bid you all a Good bye. Yes, it’s time for me to say goodbye to India and unfortunately to you all as well. It is the destiny that has played so well in making my path collide with all of you at some or the other moment, but this same destiny has now planned to take me beyond the country boundaries and make my future the best.

    Anyways, I know none of us should actually be sad for this. It is just the physical day to day connection that would be missing, but we all will be virtually connected way to strong. We will be the living in the strong long distance friendships.

    What a journey it has been, the days when we laughed together so hard are now bringing tears in my eyes and the days that we fought and cried are now bring peace and happiness within. We all have lived happily together with each other.

    Our moments have been amazing. You all will anyhow be in touch with each other physically as well, but it is the toughest moment for me to wave this goodbye to all of you all together. I was always taught that dream big and work for it, this step of mine is just a practical intake of this lesson. But, nobody along with this told me that when you work for your big dreams, there might come times when you will have to let go a part of you. I wish somebody told me, i would have not dreamt this big. Just kidding!

    I know seeing me grow and prosper will make my friends way to happy, of course just like the past days, i would always love to listen when you say. Yaar, she is my best friend.

    Soon will come the time when we will physically be together again to cherish old memories and create new moments of fun and laughter.

    I am going to miss you all so so so much, and it is so obvious that this feeling cannot be expressed in words. A big hug to this entire group of my lifelines. Thank you for coming into my life and making it what it is today. Along with my other stuff, i have packed all the fun filled moments and your gestures that remind me of us together.

    Love you guys, stay connected and miss me. Good Bye! Thank you for coming here and making this evening count as the best day of my life.

    Farewell Speech for Friends – 4

    Hello guys! Wassup?

    Finally the day is here. Our college farewell day!

    The day is here where we will officially have to say goodbye to our teachers and to each other as well. It is the last day of our Graduation.

    Isn’t it a coincidence, or a perfect match of our destinies that out of approximately 2000 students only we connected so well. That standing here has bought tears in my eyes, as I know the ease of staying connected so well will now be turned into the time when we will have to ask each other that are you free to meet me?.. Yes friends it is destined to happen.

    I knew that everything that starts has an end. I also remember the days when we all used to get pissed off from our assignments and used to say, ‘Heck.. When the hell will this college end’. Strange, that today is the day and I am clueless that how will we manage not meeting daily. Not having our lunches together, that fun of bunking classes and getting scolded by the teachers.

    Though our paths are on urge to change now, different streams and phases of life are prevailing but trust me, i assure you that our bond to stay connected for the times to come will stay intact. I will be there for you throughout our lifetime. Just a call away i would be.

    What i consider farewell is that, it is an occasion organized to see off each other. There may be meeting again after years or not. Only some of us meet again who are best friends. It is true that this evening is hurting us so much because our souls are connected to each other. That’s because the heart so much refuses to let go, and that’s what makes it so much harder to let go.

    I wish our bond remains as strong as it is today and you all stay by my side like you have always been. I will miss you people way too much. Miss me too my people, our friendship is incredible and not easy for anybody else to understand. We share a part of the same soul and are blended into each other’s heart as bestest friends.

    End of college or this farewell evening will not set us apart. We are above and beyond this materialistic connections. I will consider these 3 year phase of ours as the journey on which I Don’t want to cry because it’s getting over. But would smile because it happened.

    I just want to say that “I know we’ll be friends for life, sharing our dreams together. As we are all set to walk down the roads, we’ll never think twice, these memories are made forever. And though we’re off to different worlds and different journeys, somehow we’re together…because deep within our heart…these memories are made forever.”

    I will miss you guys. Please do stay connected. I love you.

    Good Bye! Soon will plan to meet again and hit the floor with more incredible moments.

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