EnglishSpeechFarewell Speech for College Students in simple and easy words

Farewell Speech for College Students in simple and easy words

Farewell is a very common event that takes place in almost every school and college in every city big or small and farewell speech is one of the important aspects of the entire celebration as it not only holds the entire audience, it also helps in building confidence in the outgoing students.

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    We have shared some samples of farewell speech for college students that can help you deliver a highly impressive speech at your college. Our short speech on farewell for college students can help you inspire and motivate the school and college students. The language used in the speech is very lucid and effective on the basis of which you can prepare your own farewell speech depending upon the event or occasion. You can also use our long speech on farewell for college students in case you have been given sufficient time to deliver the speech.

    Long and Short Speech on Farewell for College Students

    Farewell Speech for College Students by Teacher – Speech 1

    Good Afternoon to Respected Principal Sir, Vice Principal (VP) Sir, Dear Colleagues, Dear Students and to all the Visitors! Thank you for assembling here on this grand day of our college. As you know, we have gathered here to give the farewell party to our college students and I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to deliver speech on this special day.

    While the students might have been waiting for this day to arrive for a long time, we have equally been into actions to nurture them and prepare them for the outside world. I would like to thank our respected principal Sir and all my fellow colleagues from the core of my heart for always supporting me and guiding me.

    To the students, I would like to say that the world outside is quite different. Here in the college, while we always attempted to give you a good exposure and congenial environment, we also provided a strong shield to safeguard you, did we make any mistake. Having said that, I don’t mean to scare you, all I want to say, we have prepared you all in such a manner that no matter, how forceful or critical the challenges are, always encounter those with full strength and vigour.

    As you know, our college is famous for nurturing each student and for building a concrete base for their next level; I am proud to say that you have achieved this significant milestone under the guidance of the Principal and the VP Sir and each teacher who taught you important lesson of your life.

    Today, I take immense pride in saying that we are highly proud of your achievements and accomplishments that you have established over these years. Our students enjoy good fame across the city as they are good not only in studies but also in sports and the majority of the credit goes to the Principal and the VP Sir who always support the students and encourage and appreciate the teachers for introducing innovation and novelty.

    Though we have also been strict sometimes while delivering our duties towards you, it was only because we wanted to prepare you for all types of situations in the future. Life may not always be smooth; hence you must also know how to overcome challenges and disputes.

    My advice to all my dear students is that you must be determined in your life and never look back. Past must always be considered a lesson not a deterrent. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and don’t lament your mistakes, instead, get up, learn from your mistakes and move ahead. Always look ahead and be optimistic while taking up new projects, assignments or challenges in your personal or professional life. You are certainly going to succeed in your life just remember the lessons learnt at this college.

    I would also like to say, while you must do well in your professional life, don’t restrict yourself to the office’s boundaries, nurture some hobby as well; take out time for family and live your life to the fullest. Use your knowledge and power for making others happy and successful.

    On this note, I would like to plead to all the students on behalf of the entire college that they should be prepared forever to tackle the challenges and present self as an excellent representative of the college. Be selfless and kind to others and always be focused on achieving your goal despite the hard tests that life throws on you.

    Wish you all the very best for your future!

    Thank you.

    Farewell Speech for Engineering College Students by Teacher – Speech 2

    Honourable Chief Guest Respected Principal Sir, Vice Principal (VP) Sir, Respected Teachers, Dear Students and Dear Visitors! Welcome to this great event. As you all know, we have assembled here to bid farewell to the engineering students of our college and I feel greatly honoured for having received this opportunity of delivering the farewell speech on this great day.

    I want to begin my speech by congratulating all of you for having scored great grades in your final engineering exams. While I believe, these 4 years have been the most crucial years for all of you; some of you have actually made the most out of it. I, being the class teacher of the final year engineering students have witnessed most of my students being really nervous and anxious about the final exams; however, it used to make me very happy to see that all of you had been sincere and determined in achieving great scores, which you all have after we have received the scores.

    At the same time, the college was also honest and sincere in providing you with the best facilities, amenities, best teachers, counsellor, and the education standard required by you to explore your knowledge to the fullest.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fellow professors, teachers, VP Sir, and most importantly the Principal Sir. We all were determined to transform all of you to a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional who can easily mend any machine anytime, anywhere.

    Dear students, here, I would like to add something; life is a journey and you may come across various situations that may seem to you erroneous and flawed. Don’t surrender in such situations and always remember, God has the capacity of mending everything on our life and our patience and the time are our two friends that help us tackle any situation.

    While many of you might have plans to join big companies, some of you may prefer exploring your career abroad, many of you may also be considering starting your own business. I can’t resist myself sharing with you some motivational lines quoted by the great Swami Vivekananda; he said we must adopt one idea and make that particular idea our life by thinking of it, dreaming of it and living on that particular idea. Ultimately, the muscles, brain, nerves and each part of our body get filled with that idea. He shared this secret mantra of success with the youth like you and I would also urge you all to follow this and be successful in every sphere of your life.

    While we are highly satisfied and extremely happy that you all have passed the final engineering exams and are graduates now, the feeling makes us sad that you all will leave the institute now. All the students have had shared a good relationship with the teachers and you all have been very well behaved; and we urge you all to behave in a professional manner in the world outside and bring good repute and fame to our college.

    When one chapter of life gets over, the other starts; so does your journey! You all are certified graduates now and the next chapter of your life will bring another set of challenges and perks in the next stage of your lives. I am very sure that you would be successful there too, as you have been successful here.

    On this note I am going to end my speech and just would want to add that you must always remain sincere in whatever you attempt to do next and always stay positive to be able to let success follow you.

    All the best!

    Thank You!

    Farewell Speech for Outgoing College Students by Principal – Speech 3

    Honourable Chief Guest, Respected Teachers, Dear Students and all the lovely visitors, a very Good Afternoon to you all, hope you have been enjoying your day so far.

    We have assembled here to celebrate a very important day of our students’ lives and of course our college too, i.e. the farewell party. Like every year, this year too, all our students have successfully graduated keeping the fame of our college in high spirit. This day is important for both the students as well as for our college because this day is the turning point in their life as they would now get apart for making their respective careers. College life is a very remarkable bridge between a person’s adolescence i.e. school life and maturity i.e. professional life.

    On this grand event, I would take the honour of delivering few lines for my students and make it a memorable day for them and myself. Today, 15th of August, is a day of great joy, especially for the students who are graduating this year and their respective parents.

    My dear students, in spite of some hard work, unhappiness, depression and sadness encountered by you during your study course, you all have successfully completed this journey of your college life with remarkable grades along with a lot of enjoyable memories.

    The teachers might have been little strict at times with you all, this is because our college holds very good reputation outside as you know; we didn’t want that image to be brought down by any act of our students or teachers. However, being strict with you sometimes didn’t mean that we do not love you all; it was only a way for preparing you for the greater challenges that lie ahead of your life.

    I, along with all the fellow colleagues, wish to congratulate you all for the exceptional passion you have shown towards your course and studies and your relationship building with your teachers, fellow students, staffs, management and the junior students. This relationship management will help you a lot in your professional and personal life.

    While I am discussing the good parts of our college, I would also like to highlight some dark side of our college, which are ragging and bullying. When I had joined as the Principal 5 years ago, the college had got bad repute in regards to ragging and some students had been expelled on the same ground. However, in the past 3 years, not even a single such incident has been recorded. I would like to especially thank you all for maintaining the decorum and of the college and for contributing towards image building of our prestigious college.

    My dear students, God bless you and one more thing I want to say that after leaving this college surely, some big or small challenges await you, but I am sure that the skill and knowledge you get from here and the manner you managed yourselves definitely help you to overcome them.

    Before I rest my speech, I would like to say that be nice and kind to every single person you meet in your professional and personal life irrespective of their post or position. Always listen to your heart, believe in yourself and tackle the challenges you come up in your life. Life is not beautiful unless we make it.

    In the end, I would like to appeal to my dear students to project themselves as good ambassadors of this college and never let self-centred motives malign the honesty and ethics you have acquired here over the years.

    Hence, on behalf of the entire college and the management, I wish you all the best for your life. May the almighty always guide you on your path and bless you!

    Thank you!

    Farewell Speech for College Students by Vice Principal – Speech 4

    A warm good morning to the staff members and my dear students!

    Today is a very special day for all of us as one batch of our undergraduate students is leaving us after three years. We have gathered here today to celebrate and bid them goodbye. This was their first experience of freedom, independence and responsibility. After spending years in school and working under the scrutiny of teachers, this college was their first chance to become their own masters. Looking back to the day they had entered this college, it feels great that they have made the most of this place and have become better human beings. They transformed from teenagers to mature people and we have witnessed of their growth. They have performed well both in academics and extracurricular activities. They have brought many accolades to the school. They have learned from us and in return, they have taught us many things.

    On your farewell day, I want to tell you that your contribution to this college is valuable. This college has prepared you for your next flight. The world needs enthusiastic and creative people like you. It is your time to earn your name, make your career and make your parents and mentors proud. As your Principal, I feel very proud that despite the notoriety and mischief, you were able to make your place in our hearts. You never brought bad name to this institution and showed us that you belong from a good family. You have taken stand for the right things and fought against the wrong. You are everything that should keep your dreams alive. Some of you will head towards jobs and some will pursue further studies.

    Many challenges await you, but one thing you should always keep in mind is that you must remain humble. I am sure your poised character will earn you accolades.

    Dear students, this college was yours more than it was mine. You made it yours and nothing; it makes me happier to see your love and admiration towards the institution. We undertook your suggestions to make this college better and at par with the top universities. We may have not said it often but your batch indeed produced the most innovative ideas and helped us implementing those ideas effectively.

    So, as you all leave this place today, I, on behalf of the faculty and administration, would like to remind you that you have been a wonderful batch and you will be missed. You are always welcomed to visit us and clarify your queries. We will definitely invite you all as alumina as we value every individual who was once a part of this institution. I wish you all the very best for your future and I have faith in your abilities. Take right decisions in life, work hard, stay optimistic in life and follow your dreams.

    Good luck. Goodbye. Enjoy your farewell party.

    Thank you very much!

    Farewell Speech for College Students by Professor – Speech 5

    Good morning my dear students and others present here!

    It’s your farewell function today and I am glad to be a part of it. Today is the day when we and your professors, formally bid you good bye with a heavy heart but also with uncountable wishes. You all have been great students (well, most of the times) and as your professor, I feel immensely proud that I have taught you. Students, you may think that you are not ready to take a flight after your college but trust me, you are. After college, one is left wondering about the next step. You must be feeling perplexed about what you will do after college and how you will reach your desired college or job but you have to believe in the fact that you in fact are ready to take the leap. It may appear to be difficult. But have faith in yourself. You have to make yourself believe that you are ready to go ahead in life and reach the zenith of success. Therefore, do not let anything stop you, not even yourself.

    You people are young, energetic and enthusiastic in life and so, push yourself towards the good in life. Fresh and intellectual minds like yours are capable of achieving a lot in life. You have brilliant and revolutionary ideas. Do not let them go in vain. If you have decided about the next level, work harder towards it and if you haven’t, then do not worry. Take some time off and discover your area of interest, research about the options available and go for it. Students, always remember that it is never too late to make a future in what you love to do. So, there is no rush in life as it is not a race.

    My dear students a piece of advice from my side is that do not let anything scare you. No exam is difficult enough not to pass and you have been prepared well to appear for all sorts of exams. Be fierce. Study hard. Dream big and stay humble. My good wishes and blessings are with each one of you and leaving this space does not mean leaving behind the people. So, stay in touch. Keep telling us about your accolades and achievements in life. Let us all continue to be a part of a one big family that we have been all this time. You can always ask to us if you have any queries in future and we all would be happy to offer our help.

    I wish you best of luck for your future endeavours and sincerely hope that each one of you achieve success wherever you go. It has been a great time teaching you, learning from you and working together as a team. I will surely miss the going batch.

    Good luck and good bye.

    Thank you all for having me here and making me part of this wonderful union!

    Farewell Speech for College Students by juniors – Speech 6

    Hello, seniors aka friends aka quick mentors aka saviours!

    Today is your last day at the college and we, your juniors, are certainly going to miss you a lot. We have had the pleasure of studying with you, learning from your experiences and bonding with you. In a bunch of seniors, we made some lovely friends. This is our chance to tell you that you have been very helpful and approachable. We were novice when we first came to this college but it was just because of you people that we opened up and started participating in the discussions. You did not bully, instead you have been extremely supportive these years. You made efforts to make all of us comfortable from the day we entered college and made sure we did not feel alienated. So this farewell party is a small token of respect for the seniors from their juniors. We have interesting games and activities lined up for you. We hope you have an amazing time today.

    Before we move on to the fun part of the day, we would like to thank you for certain things and confess that you all were an important part of our college lives. Your batch was different from the other batches and even our professors agree to this. You have been our motivation so many times that not finding you by our side will definitely be a change we will have difficulty in adapting to. We have learned a great deal from you and have considered your suggestions before venturing into new fields. We all have curated many events together in these past two/three years and have put up successful shows in the college. Working together on projects was a great experience and it is true that we will cherish the moments spent in each other’s company. We would invite you to our literary events and will keep meeting you every now and then.

    Bidding you farewell does not feel great but it is how life works; it keeps moving ahead. This is just a formality because we would remain friends even after this. We wish you all the very best in all your future journey and hope that you get all you desire for. We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us and we hope that we will stay in touch in future as well. We assure you that we would keep pestering you with our queries and problems and will not let you forget us. Now that you will not be seen on campus every day, we would miss the time spent with you in the classrooms, corridors, playgrounds and canteen. So, as I end this speech, I, on everyone else’s behalf, remind you that you have been amazing seniors and we wish the best for each one of you.

    We hope you have the most memorable day here since it’s your last day.

    Thank you!

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