GK Questions50 GK Questions And Answer on Maths

50 GK Questions And Answer on Maths

GK Question And Answer on Maths

We have provided a collection of 50 GK questions and answers on mathematics. In this set of GK questions, we will explore various mathematical concepts and facts to test your knowledge. Whether you’re looking for fun trivia or a chance to enhance your math-related general knowledge, these GK questions and answers have got you covered.

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    50 GK Question on Maths With Answer

    1. Most famous Theorem of Triangles in Geometry?

    Ans. Pythagoras’ Theorem

    2. How many Faces are there in a Pyramid?

    Ans. 4

    3. Roman Number of 400?

    Ans. CD

    4. Roman Number of 500?

    Ans. D

    5. Roman Number of 600?

    Ans. DC

    6. Roman Number of 900?

    Ans. CM

    7. Roman Number of 1000?

    Ans. M

    8. Angles greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees are called?

    Ans. Obtuse angles

    9. How many sides are there in a Heptagon?

    Ans. 7

    10. Solid shape that has four equal triangles?

    Ans. Tetrahedron

    14. Who invented ± Plus-Minus sign?

    Ans. William Oughtred

    15. Father of Cryptology?

    Ans. Leon Battista Alberti

    16. What is the shape of a Brick in India?

    Ans. Cuboid

    17. Where did the “Magic Square” originate?

    Ans. Ancient China

    18. Which movie is based on Srinivasa Ramanujan?

    Ans. The Man Who Knew Infinity

    19. Number between 50 and 60, which is a multiple of 7 and 8?

    Ans. 56

    20. Who invented “∇” the Nabla symbol?

    Ans. William Rowan Hamilton

    21. Who is known as Human Computer?

    Ans. Shakuntala Devi

    22. Name of the symbol φ ?

    Ans. Golden ratio

    23. Name of the symbol Δ ?

    Ans. Delta

    24. How many Centimeters make a Decameter?

    Ans. 1000

    25. What is the name of the following sequences 0,1,1,2,3,5,8….?

    Ans. The Fibonacci Sequences

    26. Who discovered “/” Division Slash(solidus)?

    Ans. Thomas Twining

    27. Ashok has an equal number of one rupee, five rupees, and 10 rupees notes. If he has ₹320 with him, what will be the number of each rupee note?

    Ans. 20

    28. What is the other name of the Perimeter of a Circle?

    Ans. Circumference

    29. Who discovered the ProportionalitySign ∝ ?

    Ans. William Emerson (1768)

    30. Who discovered the partial differentialsign ∂ (curly dorJacobi’s delta)?

    Ans. Marquis de Condorcet

    31. Who discovered Partial Derivatives?

    Ans. Adrien-Marie Legendre (1786)

    32. Who discovered Gamma-Function “Γ” ?

    Ans. Leonhard Euler

    33. Who discovered Laplace Transform?

    Ans. Pierre-Simon Laplace

    34. Who invented the Factorial symbol “!” ?

    Ans. ChristianKramp

    35. Who said the phrase “There is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics”?

    Ans. Godfrey Harold Hardy

    36. Who is the Father ofAnalytic Geometry?

    Ans. René Descartes and Pierre de Fermat

    37. Who invented Parentheses ( ) ?

    Ans. Niccolò Tartaglia

    38. Who invented “∫” Integral sign?

    Ans. Gottfried Leibniz

    39. Who discovered Matrix Notation […] ?

    Ans. Gerhard Kowalewski

    40. Who is the “Father of Mathematics”?

    Ans. Archimedes

    41. Name of the polygon that has 15 sides?

    Ans. Pentadecagon

    42. Who discovered an easy method to find all the Prime Numbers?

    Ans. Eratosthenes

    43. What is the average of the first 50 Natural Numbers?

    Ans. 25.5

    44. What is an angle greater than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees called?

    Ans. Reflex angle

    45. The Smallest Perfect Number?

    Ans. 6 (Six)

    46. Who invented the Radical symbol √ ̅ (square root)?

    Ans. René Descartes

    47. Mr. Harold ranked 7th from the top and 26th from the bottom, How many students are there in the class?

    Ans. 32

    48. Who discovered ” ∀ ” universal quantifier(for all)?

    Ans. Gerhard Gentzen

    49. A number between 30 and 50 which is a common multiple of 6 and 8. What is the number when it is added to 45?

    Ans. 93

    50. Roman Number of 40?

    Ans. XL

    FAQs on 50 GK Question And Answer on Maths

    What is the full form of maths?

    The full form of maths is mathematics.

    Who is called the father of Mathematics?

    The father of Mathematics is Archimedes.

    Why maths is called maths?

    Maths is called maths as it is a shortened form of mathematics, making it more convenient to say and write.

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