EnglishentertainmentFun and Food Village – Entry Timings, Ticket Price, Entry Fee, Etc

Fun and Food Village – Entry Timings, Ticket Price, Entry Fee, Etc

Situated on the Old Delhi-Gurugram Road, Fun ‘n’ Food Village is one of the best amusement and water parks in Delhi and NCR. Since its inauguration in 1993, it has been quite famous and has received thousands of visitors. This wonderfully designed theme park offers a complete entertainment package for the entire family. You can enjoy your day amidst various water slides, games, and rides available for people of all ages. The park is operated and maintained by Polo Group of Companies. It’s a perfect getaway and picnic spot for family, friends, and school and college trips. Fun and Food Village

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    Fun and Food Village Gurgaon Address/Location

    Kapashera Estate, Old Delhi Gurgaon Road, Opp. Kapshera Bus Stand, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

    You can contact me here:

    Mobile : +91 999 000 6518, 21, 22
    Phone : +91 11 4326 0000
    Fax : +91 11 4326 0099
    E-Mail: marketing.delhi@funnfood.com

    A glance at Fun ‘n’ Food Village rides and Facilities Available

    The place is divided into a Water Park and an Amusement Park. Both parks have around 40 rides specially designed to boost your adrenaline rush. The amusement park, which has 21 rides, includes Rock n Roll, Magic Carpet, Polo Trooper, Water Merry, and many more. After experiencing thrilling rides, take a dip in the water. Make the most of the 22 water slides that the water park offers. All the slides are different from the others, making the slide fun even more exciting. There are special rides that are only meant for kids. One of the special attractions of this place is the rain dance which is for both adults and kids.

    Separate play zones are made for kids in amusement and water parks. ‘Lazy River is the most extended water channel here, around 400 ft. Rejuvenate your body with facilities such as a jacuzzi, sauna, spa, steam bath, and herbal massage. All these facilities can be availed in the health club on the park premise.

    There is no need to worry about taking your food to the food court inside the Fun ‘n’ Food. Indian, Continental, and Chinese delicacies are available here. This gives you a dozen options to choose your favorite dish within your budget.

    The Fun ‘n’ Food Village has much more to offer. If the rides, delicious food, and health club aren’t enough for you, you can also enjoy cultural and artistic performances that take place from time to time. And if that is not enough, there is also a shopping center inside the park where you can buy souvenirs. All of these things are for your pleasure and at quite affordable rates.

    How to reach Fun and Food Village Amusement Park?

    1. Car: Visitors can commute through various modes depending upon their convenience. One can easily take their car and drive to the Amusement Park. There is a parking space, so you don’t need to worry about where to park your car.
    2. Bus: You can also opt for the bus. The nearest bus stand is Kapashera Bus Stand, old Delhi. Fun and Food Village is within walking distance from here.

    Fun and Food Village nearest Metro Station

    The nearest Metro Stations are Dwarka Sector 21 (Blue Line) and Guru Dronacharya (Yellow Line).

    • When commuting from Noida, there is a direct metro from Noida City Centre to Dwarka sector 21.
    • If you are commuting from Dwarka, take the blue line only and exit from Sector 21.
    • While commuting from Faridabad, board the metro from the violet line and change the metro at Central Secretariat. Take the yellow line towards Huda City Centre and get down at Guru Dronacharya metro station.

    When to Visit Fun and Food Village/ Fun and Food Village Entry Timings

    Enjoy the rides throughout the year except for festivities like Diwali. The amusement park remains open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekends and weekdays. Water Park has the same timings but is closed in winter. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the timings are subject to change. So, it is always better to confirm it a day before. Plan your visit accordingly to spend at least 4-6 hours for a better experience.

    • Water Park Timing: 9:00 amam to 5:00 pmpm on Weekdays, Weekends, and Public Holidays (but closed for winter).
    • Amusement Park Timing: 9:00 amam to 5:00 pmpm on Weekdays, Weekends, and Public Holidays.

    Timings are subject to change, so please check and be sure before going to the fun n food village.

    Fun and Food Village Ticket Price/ Entry Fee

    Below mentioned are the rates for entry tickets.

    • Couple: Rs. 1,600+ GST
    • Stag (single male): Rs. 1000 + GST
    • Child (Height 33 inches to 4 feet 6 inches): Rs. 500 + GST

    Also, rates are subject to change, so please check and be sure before going to the fun n food village.

    Fun ‘N’ Food Village Packages

    There are several packages at discounted rate school package (Rs. 300+GST), college / institution package (Rs. 400 +GST) and corporate event package (Rs. 700 + GST). Prior bookings are required to avail of these packages. Corporate packages also have team-building exercises. If in doubt, you can call and ask on the number given on their website.

    Fun and Food Village Online Booking

    You can also book tickets online through sites like Cleartrip, which can get discounted tickets. Apart from this, there are several other sites where you can book tickets by simply paying with your credit/debit card.

    Fun and Food Village Discount Coupons

    You can also avail yourself of coupons from certain online websites or keep checking for discounted rates during the festive and holiday season.

    Eligible Age for Kids and Old People

    Senior citizens above 65 years of age are allowed free entry. Children below 33 inches in height are also given free entry when accompanied by an adult. Although many adults above 65 years might not be able to enjoy the fast rides, they can cherish the poolside and picnic activities there.

    Things to take with you while Going to Fun and Food Village

    • Carry an extra pair of clothes
      • It is necessary to bring an extra set of clothes to such places. Your clothes might get dirty or wet. Thus always take precautions.
    • Bring your swimming costume.
      • You cannot enter in water without a swimming costume. Therefore, one must always bring their own. However, you can always rent them from the water park at minimal rates if you don’t have any.
    • Carry sunscreen and glasses
      • You will be exposed to water and the sun. To keep the tanning in check, always wear sunscreen and take your sunglasses along.

    Type of Clothes you should Wear

    • Wear comfortable clothes
      • While taking a ride, you don’t want your skirt to blow up or your slipper to fall off. Thus, it is extremely important to wear your clothes accordingly. Wear not too tight and not too loose (appropriate) clothes with comfortable shoes to avoid such situations.

    Precautionary Measures you should take at Fun and Food Village

    • Take care of your belongings.
      • No one is liable if you lose any of your belongings. Just carry one small bag and take lockers available in the park for safekeeping if you cannot keep an eye on your belonging.
    • Do not take off the ticket band.
      • You are given a band when you enter the amusement park. That is your ticket for all the rides. Could you not take it off or lose it?
    • Manage yourself
      • Recently the news that made rounds was that a woman’s hair got entangled in the go-cart wheels, and she died while being taken to the hospital. Thus, those with long hair need to tie them properly to avoid mishaps. Besides, ensure that your dupatta or saree is not flying.
    • Take care of your kids.
      • If you are traveling with a small kid, make sure you keep a check on him. Please do not go on a ride and leave them alone. Also, do not let them go on rides that are not meant for them.

    Other things to Keep in Mind

    • Do not pee in the pool.
      • Most people have admitted to peeing in the pools, which is gross. Nobody wants to get in a pool that isn’t clean. Take care of this situation.
    • Follow the rules of the theme park.
      • It is important to follow the safety rules on every ride. It only makes you a better citizen. Also, remember that it is a public place, so you must keep it as clean as possible by simply using dustbins.

    What to do when you Feel Uncomfortable at Fun and Food Village?

    When you are there, if anything goes wrong or people are making you uncomfortable, you can always inform the guards and ask for help. There is nothing to worry about.

    One visit to this place can be one of your most memorable memories. Make the most of it and plan your visit to Fun ‘n’ Food Village as soon as possible.

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