EnglishSpeechSpeech on Corruption

Speech on Corruption

Speech on Corruption: Corruption is any dishonesty or unethical conduct by an individual entrusted with a position of power. Several people, especially young students, are curious to know in detail about corruption and its repercussions, more so because it is impacting our country’s economic growth and prosperity.

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    Our speech on corruption, especially the long speech on corruption free India, shares detailed information on the topic. A short speech on corruption can be used as a sample if you want to prepare for a debate. The language used in the corruption speech is so simple that even a child can understand the meaning and so impactful that it can help you leave an impact on your audience.

    Short Speech on Corruption

    Corruption is a big problem in society. We need to do everything we can to get rid of it. Sometimes, even people who aren’t powerful can get involved in it.

    Corruption Speech in English 200 Words

    Warm Greetings and Good Afternoon to my esteemed class teacher and students!

    The speech topic for today is corruption, and I will address my viewpoint on the same, particularly on political corruption. Ever since the formation of our country, everything has been dictated by the political leaders and people ruling in the government sectors. We are a democratic country, but whosoever comes into power tries to misuse that power for his/her gains, wealth, and luxury. The common people, as always, find themselves in a state of deprivation.

    In our country, the gap between the haves and have-nots is so huge that it becomes a clear example of corruption in our country, where one section of society acquires richness and wealth. On the other hand, the majority of the masses remain below the poverty line. This is the reason why the economy of certain nations is facing a decline, such as the USA economy.

    Suppose we are responsible citizens of our country. In that case, we should understand that this corruption is eating into our nation’s economic growth like a termite and is giving rise to crime in our society. If the majority section of our society continues to live in deprivation and poverty and will not find any employment opportunities, the crime rate will never come down. Poverty will destroy people’s ethics and morals and will result in an increase in hatred among the people. It is high time for us to address this issue and fight it to pave the way for the holistic growth of our country.

    The parliament should pass strict laws against the anti-social elements of our society, regardless of whether such people are within our country’s political system or outside it. There should be equal treatment for all.

    It could be countless if one were to think and evaluate the causes behind corruption. However, the most glaring reason responsible for the vicious spread of corruption, I believe, is the people’s non-serious attitude towards the governmental rules and laws and the sheer inertia of government towards those who spread evil in society. It appears that the ones employed to put an end to corruption have themselves become complicit in the crime and are encouraging it. Though there are various strict laws like the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, the Indian Penal Code of 1860, and the Prevention of Corruption Act of 1988, to name a few, there is no serious implementation of these laws.

    Yet another important reason behind corruption is the non-transparency of bureaucratic and governmental functions. In particular, the government’s institutions show moral laxity and brush off the carpet serious issues. The politicians themselves gobble up the money that should be used for the upliftment of poor people. Even worse, the people who are not affluent and cannot bribe the people in power are not able to get their work done, and hence their files are fated to meet the dust instead of stimulating action. Any growing economy would come falling when corrupt officials hold the reign of a country.

    The situation has become very tense, and unless the general public takes proactive measures and becomes vigilant, corruption cannot be uprooted from our society. So come, let’s join hands and fight against corruption.

    Thank You!

    Famous Speech on Corruption

    Warm Greetings to our Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Fellow Colleagues, and My Dear Students!

    I, one of the senior faculty members of the History Department, welcome you all on the eve of the Independence Day Celebration. Amidst celebration and gaiety, it has been thought fit by the faculty members to address some serious issues that our nation is suffering with, primarily corruption.

    Corruption is a big problem in society. We all need to work together to fight against it, without making any compromises. Sometimes, even people who aren’t as strong or those in powerful positions might be involved in it.

    Though our great Indian freedom fighters won the freedom struggle ages back, serious issues, such as corruption, unemployment, poverty, etc., are still eating into our country’s economy and not enabling it to grow. Where does the problem lie – in the governance or society as a whole? We need to identify those grey areas which lead to the spread of corruption and adopt strict measures to eradicate those causes. Winning independence from British rule was one thing. Still, we will only be able to make this freedom worth their efforts when every country’s citizen can enjoy a basic standard of living, and there will be no iniquity in our society.

    No doubt, our country is a land of nature and vivid landscape; however, the beauty and goodwill of our land have been marred by the ensuing corrupt activities going all around. In nearly every sector, we can see corrupt personnel who do not deliver their roles and responsibilities well unless the common people bribe them. Such illegal activities are going on day by day for the simple reason that we, as the natives of this country, are encouraging these people, and no strict actions are being taken against them.

    Moreover, such people think they can easily escape the laws and go unscathed. Excess of power and money have corrupted the officials, and the situation has become so worse that if a common man needs any assistance or help from the government staff or administration, he/she will have to adopt the corrupt method. You would find corrupt people in the senior administration, the junior staff, and even the clerical positions. It is difficult for a common man to evade them and get his/her work done.

    Cities and even small towns and villages have come under its influence. I think it’s high time that, as a citizen of our country, we should owe this responsibility to wipe out corruption from the face of our mother earth and make our country a corrupt-free land for the next generation and to feel proud of it.

    Our students are the future of this country, so you should pledge never to adopt any corrupt path under any situation; in fact, you will raise your voice against any unlawful or illegal activity around you. Problems aggravate when we turn a blind towards them. Still, I sincerely hope that from now on, each of us will strictly oppose and prevent corrupt activities from happening anywhere in our country and expose such officials who act as a blockage in the development of our country.

    Thank You!

    3 Minute Speech on Corruption

    Good Morning respectful Principal, teachers, and my dear friends,

    Today’s topic for this Assembly meeting is ‘Corruption.’ A poison that ruins the value of individuals and the country.

    My perspective as to what corruption means is that it is an act performed deliberately that reduces the authenticity and quality of the nation. People explain corruption as one simple statement: ‘ I had some urgency and had to get this thing done quickly. But my dear friends, this simple statement is so damaging that it directly hits on the country’s image and stature in the world.

    We as individuals should understand that even though giving money for getting our work done helps us in quick execution, deep within, it is deteriorating the quality of our life. It builds a bad image of the country and leads to a lowering of our country’s ratings. It does not seem to be a big deed that we pay an extra amount or, what I may say, a bribe to some people for taking advantage of them. But, believe me, that deep down, it kills the ethical traits or values of the people.

    This inherited value reduction is not only for the person taking the bribe but also for the person who gives it. Corruption is the hurdle between the country’s and an individual’s authentic prosperity and development. It affects the growth and development of the nation in all aspects, including socially, economically, and politically.

    Corruption is also the unfair use of public power for some private advantage by breaking all or a few of the rules and regulations made by the government. One common form of corruption in our country is receiving black money in cash. Even during elections, it has been observed that we see much news on raids being done here at some ministers’ premises, and then on the other day, so much cash is found in this minister’s wardrobe. Haven’t we?

    Yes, we have all forms of corruption. Many political leaders say we wish to eradicate corruption, but I haven’t seen concrete efforts coming for this cause. To control corruption, we have to work on the root cause. This corruption is deep inside the roots of our country, and eradicating this is a huge activity or a project that requires complete dedication with purity at heart.

    Strict actions should be documented in policies and necessarily implemented on those who practice corruption for their greed.

    Thank you, everyone, for being a part of this Assembly session. I am glad that we chose this important topic as our discussion point. I request you all to please make it a habit to stop corruption exactly there itself. We should not be selfish and think about our convenience. I hope you all will help me and our nation control this ugly corruption act.

    Thank You! Have a great Day! We have to end corruption!

    5 Minute Speech on Corruption

    Good evening everyone! Thanks for being a part of this occasion and taking the time to participate.

    My discussion for this evening is on the cancer of ‘Corruption’ that has made our life sick. Corruption is an illegal behavior on the measurement of authority or influential party through illegal, depraved, or irreconcilable means with principled values. However, this word is so simple to define but too hard to take out from any country. Corruption is the biggest act that makes the country’s image weak and negative.

    Corruption may include many activities, including bribery and embezzlement of funds. Corruption has impacted the Indian economy and government so much that there are no easy solutions for eradicating it. If the citizens of a country are corrupted, it eventually adds to the loss of values of a country. We don’t realize that what we do, in the end, becomes a part of where we live and around whom we live.

    Corrupt people always tend to hide behind the fake face of truth and honesty. Most of the time, corruption is referred to as the bureaucratic-political-police nexus that eats into the vitals of democracy.

    Corruption starts mostly at the higher levels and carries its way to the extremely low levels too. The heights of corruption have reached a great extent where there are no proper laws to bring these corrupt people to justice. Because of the highly corrupt people who would do anything for money, it has become very difficult for the common man or the righteous to survive.

    The level of corruption can be as low as bribing traffic police officers for not wearing a helmet to the extreme level when private contractors bribe government individuals to get the tender of public work or to get the job done. Today, corruption is one of the greatest factors hindering development and stifling the realization of democracy. Corruption affects the growth of a nation adversely.

    We all should understand that corruption is acting as an obstacle in the way of the country’s progress. Each one of us should be cautious of the acts that we perform. We take it lightly to give Rs 100-200 to the Travelling Ticket Inspector (TTI) just for our preferable seat allocation, but deep down, that person has made it a habit to procure money from everybody.

    Thank you for being a part of this conversation. In conclusion to my session, I would like to tell you all that the corrupt is not only the one who receives illegal money but also the one who provides bribe. I hope that from now onwards, you will not bribe anyone and control others. We see things as small deeds, but these small deeds, in the end, add up to create awareness against corruption.

    Thank you!! Have a great day, and keep sharing this message of making our country corruption free.

    Speech on Corruption FAQs

    What is corruption in 200 words?

    Corruption is a complex and pervasive issue that involves the abuse of power and authority for personal gain or the detriment of society. It encompasses a wide range of unethical and illegal activities, such as bribery, embezzlement, nepotism, and cronyism. Corruption can occur in both public and private sectors, affecting governments, businesses, and individuals alike.

    What are the 4 types of corruption?

    Petty Corruption: Involves small-scale bribes or favors typically encountered in daily life. Grand Corruption: Involves high-level officials and significant amounts of money or resources. Political Corruption: Pertains to the misuse of political power for personal or political gain. Systemic Corruption: Occurs when corruption is deeply embedded in an organization or institution's culture and operations.

    What is corruption in English 10 lines?

    Corruption is the misuse of power and authority for personal gain or to harm others. It includes practices like bribery, fraud, embezzlement, and favoritism. Corruption occurs in both public and private sectors and can be systemic or individual. It weakens institutions, erodes trust, and hampers economic growth. Corruption often leads to inequality and a lack of access to essential services. Fighting corruption requires transparent governance and strong anti-corruption measures. Citizens and civil society play a crucial role in holding corrupt individuals and organizations accountable. Corruption is a global problem, affecting governments, businesses, and individuals worldwide. International efforts exist to combat corruption, such as the United Nations Convention against Corruption. Addressing corruption is essential for promoting fairness, justice, and sustainable development.

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