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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 – The Last Leaf

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 7 The Last Leaf Class 9 PDF Download

The Last Leaf class 9 is a very beautiful story in class 9 CBSE syllabus it’s a few lasses who are affected by an illness and have given up. She had a misconception that she would die if and when the last leaf fell from the tree. This story teaches students how positive and negative feelings can impact our lives.

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    Infinity learn aims to supply efficient answers to NCERT Solutions Class 9 English Moments the Last Leaf to equip students for final class 9 examinations and help them get decent marks in exams. The Last Leaf Class 9 NCERT Solution has a correct review of the story created by O. Henry. It focuses on orderly and efficient materials online for NCERT solutions for English Moments Chapter 7 The Last Leaf Class 9. Our teams of skilled and experienced teachers have focused on chapter-based questions and answers as per the recent CBSE syllabus. These materials are informative about the story, the last leaf, and its hidden metaphor. They specialize in clarity for creating students to understand the analogy of Chapter 7 English class 9 Moments.

    NCERT Solutions English Moments The Last Leaf questions and answers specialize in different questions on the understanding of the story. Priority is on how students can develop a habit of writing a literature narrative about what they need to be understood from the story. Ch 7 Moments Class 9 focuses on proper writing skills to form students understanding of the importance of eagerness about living. this is often one of the foremost critical narratives discussed within the chapter.

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    Summary of Chapter 7 The Last Leaf Class 9

    Chapter 7 – The Last Leaf may be a story by O. Henry a few poor girls named Johnsy. She lives together with her friend Sue in a rented apartment. The story describes how Johnsy loses her desire to measure after she falls critically ill as she catches pneumonia. She tells Sue that believes she would die when the ivy creeper that would be seen from their room’s window loses all its leaves. However, when the last leaf falls off, their neighbour, Mr. Behrman, goes call at the storm to trick Johnsy by painting a leaf on the wall. This results in Johnsy getting hope and recovering from her illness. However, Mr. Behrman contracts pneumonia since he goes bent paint the leaf within the storm and finishes up losing his life.

    Chapter 7 The Last Leaf Class 9 English Moment NCERT Solution

    Think about It – Questions and Answers

    1. What is Johnsy’s illness? What can cure her, the medicine or the willingness to live?

    Ans. Johnsy, a young artist, was ill. She was suffering from pneumonia. But later on she suffered from a misconception that she would die as soon as the last leaf on the creeper would fall down. The medicine had no effect on her. Her willingness to live could cure her.

    2. Do you think the feeling of depression Johnsy has is common among teenagers?

    Ans. The feeling of depression that johnsy had is common among teenagers. They get tense and depressed because of various factors. Studies, not scoring well in the examinations, expectations of parents, and peer pressure are some of the factors that have led to the growing problem of depression among teenagers.

    3. Behrman has a dream. What is it? Does it come true?

    Ans. Behrman was a sixty year old painter. His lifelong dream was to paint a masterpiece. It does come true when he paints a leaf such that it looks extremely natural.

    4. What is Behrman’s masterpiece? What makes Sue say so?

    Ans. Berhman’s masterpiece is the last leaf on the ivy creeper. Sue calls it a masterpiece because this painting rekindled the willingness to live in Johnsy’s heart and she was able to recover from her illness. Johnsy had eventually developed a fear that she would die when the last leaf fell from the ivy creeper.

    Talk about It – Questions and Answers

    Have you ever felt depressed and rejected? How did you overcome such feelings? Share your experience with your classmates.

    A. Our life is full of troubles. To move ahead we have to face the troubles boldly. Sometimes because of troublesome conditions we get depressed and dejected. We lose interest in the world around us. Pessimism surrounds us. In this state of mind, we should try to think positively and get rid of this condition. Our faithful friends can also be helpful in this regard. I felt depressed and dejected when I could not score good marks in the final examination of Class VI. I was a meritorious student. I was sure that I would get the highest marks in the class. Unfortunately, a month before the final exam, I suffered from severe typhoid. It continued for 15 days. I became weak and could not prepare properly for the exam. As a result, I got the lowest marks in the class. But my parents and teachers consoled me by telling that it happens with everyone. They said me to be confident and be prepared to do best in the next class.

    NCERT Solutions Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 The Last Leaf – Free PDF Download

    The PDF gives a free point of reference, where they cover solutions to several practice questions. Infinity learn offers freed from cost PDF downloads for sophistication 9 students from anywhere. this is often to aim online to assist more reachable class 9 final examination appearing students, consistent with the newest guidelines issued by CBSE. The PDF of NCERT solutions for sophistication 9 English Chapter the Last Leaf has been created by a team of experienced teachers.

    The PDF has adopted the tactic of comprehensiveness and narrative description to NCERT Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 Solutions. It further helps students to know the story, “The Last Leaf”. the main target is on understanding the message for demoralized people or individuals concerned with the psychological state that one must fight over and appearance on the brighter side of life.

    Difficult Words and their Meanings for Chapter 7 – The Last Leaf

    Every chapter within the Class 9 English NCERT Moments offers students an inventory of the latest words to find out. These words can pose some difficulty in understanding their meanings and the way to use them in sentences. Infinity learn provides students with an inventory of all the difficult words that are introduced in Chapter 7 – The Last Leaf. The meanings of these words have also been provided to assist students to enhance their vocabulary and understanding.

    Autumn: one of the four seasons that take place between summer and winter, usually lasting from September to December.

    Ivy creeper: An evergreen that sometimes grows along a building’s wall or trees

    Story: one among the various levels or floors of a building

    Pneumonia: An illness caused by inflammation of 1 or both lungs

    Gazing out: The action of searching at something, usually from a window

    Respond: to try to do something as a reaction or reply

    Whisper: to talk something in a very soft voice or confidential tone

    Anxiously: Actions performed during a manner that results from or shows anxiety

    Finality: Expressing the top of something being final and irreversible

    Nonsense: Something said or written that has no meaning or makes no sense

    Miner: Someone who works in mines

    Model: A representation of some structure or thing

    Rushed down: The action of hurrying or causing a rush

    Masterpiece: a piece achieved by outstanding skills, workmanship, or artistry

    Tiptoed: Quietly and punctiliously walking on the toes with raised heels

    Peeked out: to seem outward while exposing only a touch part hidden by something or someone

    Feeble: A physically weak person or a faint sound

    Reluctantly: during a hesitant or unwilling way

    Fierce: Displaying powerful, ferocious, or destructive qualities

    Clinging: The action of holding tightly onto someone or something

    Depressed: a spirit of unhappiness

    Gloomy: A poorly lit or dark place that will seem frightening or depressing

    Janitor: A caretaker of a building; doorkeeper

    Lantern: An antique-looking lamp, typically with a flame or bulb within the center with a handle to hold by

    Flutter: Move restlessly or with uncertainty

    NCERT Solutions of The Last Leaf Class 9 English Chapter 7

    Infinity learn NCERT solutions Class 9 English Moments The Last Leaf teaches the scholars of sophistication 9 about the thought “that every setback may be a comeback”. this is often a superb narrative for such young students to carry on to. along side teaching the narration part, the web material also includes coverage of various topics like Johnsy’s feeling of depression and its connection among teenagers. this is often where an expert team of teachers in Infinity learn has tried to help students in getting conversant in getting a sound hold on CBSE Class 9 English The Last Leaf’s narrative and analogy.

    Benefits of NCERT English Moments Class 9 Solutions Chapter 7

    Infinity learn NCERT solutions Class 9 English Moments the Last Leaf aims for college kids in preparing them for his or her final CBSE exam. the advantages of online materials are –

    • The PDF of sophistication 9 English Moments ch 7 the last leaf is freed from cost.
    • The interactive nature of teaching tends to realize full utilization of online classroom teaching. This helps students develop a critical perspective; they learn from the chapter.
    • The PDF also provides details about the structure of questions asked alongside their answers.
    • It consists of practice sets of questions that help students gain confidence to seem within the final examination.
    • The solutions provide students with fully accurate answers which will help them achieve full marks in their Class 9 English exam.
    • Students are going to be ready to understand the acceptable method of writing answers that are well-presented and descriptive in their exams.
    • NCERT Solutions for Chapter 7 in school 9 English Moments will help students get a radical understanding of the important details that are a neighborhood of the chapter and may be asked within the exam.

    The team of expert teachers extensively focuses on the narrative and metaphor of NCERT solutions Class-9 English Moments the Last Leaf. Infinity learn team of expert language and literature focuses on helping students develop critical appraisal and narrative perception.

    If you’re checking out Ch 7 English class 9 Moments practice material and online help, Infinity learn are often your option. We have a team of the simplest teachers to assist you to develop an inclination towards English communication and narrative skills.

    FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 The Last Leaf

    What are the different types of questions that Infinity learn practice material covers?

    Infinity learn practice material covers various types of questions, including multiple choice, true or false, short answer, and long answer questions. These questions are designed to test students' understanding and application of concepts.

    What is The Last Leaf's main theme?

    The main theme of The Last Leaf is the significance of dealing with reality. The story teaches us to appreciate the moments we live in and the value of hope, perseverance, and resilience.

    Who wrote Class 9 of The Last Leaf?

    The Last Leaf was written by O. Henry. It is a short story that revolves around the themes of hope, sacrifice, and the impact of art on life.

    What illness was Johnsy afflicted with?

    Johnsy was suffering from pneumonia, a serious lung infection. Her illness is a central element in the story, symbolizing the fragility of life and the power of hope.

    What is the significance of the final leaf?

    The final leaf in the story symbolizes hope and resilience. It represents the idea that even in the face of adversity, there is always a glimmer of hope that can sustain us.

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