EnglisharticleWelcome Speech For Dance Performance in English

Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English

Welcome Speech For Dance Performance: Dance performances are a part of every cultural program in our country, whether in School, college, marriage, etc. There are many different types of dance performances, from traditional dances to contemporary pieces. No matter what type of dance is being performed, there is always an element of artistry and technical skill involved. Dance performance brings huge excitement to the audience, an art form that is almost everyone’s favorite. Isn’t it?

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    Imagine giving a welcome speech for a dance performance! It can be a bit overwhelming to find the right words. To help the students with the same, we have curated some welcome speeches for a dance performance. These include both long and short speeches for dances performances, be it in schools, colleges, families, weddings, etc.

    Welcome Speech For Dance Performance

    Long and Short Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance in English

    If you have to address any such event and don’t know how to address your audience in a welcome speech, then there is no need to worry as here you would find both short welcome speeches for a dance performance and long welcome speeches for a dance performance. These welcome speeches are comprehensively written in an easy-to-understand language. Read on to know more.

    Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance 1

    Respected Guest of Honor, the theatre staff, and the audience – I warmly welcome everyone to our annual cultural evening!

    I believe our students will learn a lot from them. Let’s also welcome our dance teacher to greet our special guest. Get ready for an exciting show! All students, please go backstage to get ready for your performance.

    As you all know, we have celebrated this Indian culture event for ten years with equal zeal and enthusiasm. And now that we have completed ten years, it indeed calls for a special celebration. Fortunately, we have built a huge audience base. The highlight of the event which most of us have been waiting for is the “Cultural Dance Performance.” Culture is an important part of our upbringing, and it is because of our Culture we are who we are, both as a nation and as individuals.

    Our country’s Culture and ethnicity are something we identify ourselves with throughout our lives and die with. So we should consider ourselves privileged that we are getting to showcase the cultural glory of our nation through these events. On top of it all, we have children who would depict Indian art forms in their dance performances.

    These performances will be even more special on account of the successful completion of these 10 years, and we want to give our audience something they will never forget with a smile on their faces. After watching these performances, I am sure you all will feel great patriotic vibes, and our hearts will palpitate with strong emotions.

    Our students have put in a lot of hard work in their preparations which have been going on for the past 2 months. They want to ensure that every move is perfect, and every dance performance should give our audience a standing ovation. With this expectation, our students work daily on their dance performances.

    But before we kick start the performance, let me invite our Hon’ble chief guest on stage, who took his precious time to grace our event as we all know that he is a trained classical dancer who has been teaching his students for the past 20 years and is a globally renowned figure. We couldn’t have asked for more on this day. I am sure our students will have a lot to learn from his presence. I would also request our theater director to come on stage and felicitate our guests with this small gesture.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please give our guests a huge round of applause.

    Now, get ready for a heavy dose of entertainment. I would request all our students to come backstage and get ready for their turn. The first performance is by our very famous Aatkrishti Group – with students aged 10-14 years. They have won several awards for their spectacular performances, and now it’s time for them to still your hearts. So ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath and welcome them on stage.

    With this, I rest my speech and wish you all a very happy evening.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful audience.

    Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance 2

    Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, and My Dear Students – A Warm Welcome to all of you!

    How spectacular are the day and the vibrations that we all are experiencing? Very soon, the excitement of this celebration will get stronger with every performance and will take us to another world.

    I am Aakanksha Shukla, the head girl of this School, and I present the theme of our School’s annual function, “A Glimpse of Indian Culture through Cultural Dance Forms.” It is the concept of vivacious and applauding imaginative concoction and acts of our gifted students to showcase their talent on stage. The prophecy of our 15th Annual Function 2019 has yet again brought in our students a level of encouragement that it brings along with it. It is an important day not only for the School but for the students too as it encourages a wholesome development of their personalities and helps them to outshine in a competitive environment. Am I right?

    On this special day, I would like to extend special thanks to our team, which acts as strong support in organizing such events. In other words, they are our pillars of support or a firm backbone, and I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to them.

    Dance is one of the most sacred art forms, I believe. It goes much beyond just shaking your hands and legs. Dance is a way to express your emotions and feelings without having to speak anything. In fact, in ancient times, dancers were considered to be the messengers of God as through dance, we can express various emotions and narrate history or a story in an impactful manner. Speech on Music tell stories about how tunes, beats, and lyrics connect us all, painting a vivid picture of music’s beauty, cultural importance, and its ability to change lives. Many dancers believe that “music is an extension of their personality and bears a direct connection to their souls. The music opens up endless possibilities and helps the dancers bring out the best.

    So get ready for all the delight and excitement. Save your excitement, everyone, because today you are going to eye on some amazing sights and great dance performances. So without any further ado, let us gear up for an outstanding beginning of the function.

    I am already very thrilled to have Mr. Remo D’Souza, the jury member of the Dance Reality Show called Dance Plus. His extraordinary personality doesn’t require any introduction. He is extremely talented, has touched great heights in the dance discipline, and encouraged our youth to be like him. He has also directed movies and achieved a great name in the Bollywood film industry. He is the epitome of knowledge and experience. Thank you so much, Sir, for taking your precious time out and sharing your wealth of experience with us.

    On this note, I would like to rest my speech and kick start the event today.

    Thank you, everyone!

    Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance 3

    Good Evening Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers, Parents, and My Dear Students– Warm welcome to everyone! On behalf of our School, I extend a very sincere welcome to all of you present here for the Annual Cultural Night we have been hosting for ten years.

    Completing ten years gives us an occasion to celebrate it with great pomp and show, and that is the main reason for the enormous gathering present here. Indian Culture is an important part of our lives; it helps grow our personality, strengthens our roots, and helps us remain grounded. The main event of today’s function is the “Cultural Dance Performance,” which will be performed by students from all classes and different cultures. This kind of theme allows us to portray India’s diverse and varied Culture and demonstrates that despite this kind of variation, we follow “Unity in Diversity.”

    Children are considered the flag bearers, and you take the country on the path of development, growth, and success. Students portraying our Culture give a sense of satisfaction. We wanted the Annual Cultural Night should prove to be an event that could be remembered for ages, and whenever you all recollect the memories, it should bring a bright smile to your faces.

    All the students have been waiting and practicing for this day for months, and finally, the day has arrived when their labor will bear fruits. They have been enthusiastic about converting every single move into a perfect one. Dance, a unique art form, has no boundaries; everyone can understand and feel it equally. Whether team-based or individual, dance performances are a great activity for students and provide them with various benefits other than inner satisfaction. Participation in dance competitions can help build self-esteem and confidence and motivate students to excel and build social skills. It allows students to learn and adapt to the skill of goal setting & practice.

    So with this purpose, we organize a cultural night every year in order where 100% participation is encouraged, and each participant is rewarded. It is the participation of every individual that is most important for us and gives us immense joy. I am pleased to share that the distinguished guest to honor us with her presence today as our Cultural Night’s Chief Guest is Mrs. Shubha Chandra, Senior Member from Dance Academy in New Delhi. She has been a legendary dance performer in every theatre across India. She has exemplified the true spirit to thrive despite unforeseen circumstances. It is a privilege for all of us gathered here to have such a famous personality between us as our esteemed guest of honor. I wish all the best to students who are now going to present before us their abilities, and I pray to God that the best one should win.

    Please welcome the children with a huge round of applause, the applause they deserve and they worked hard for months together.

    I hope you all will have a great time.

    Thank you!

    Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance 4

    Good evening to one and all present here, our esteemed Director, well-acclaimed Chief Guests, and Guests of Honor. I would also want to welcome the invitees and revered teachers who took out time to attend this event from their busy schedules. A thumping round of applause for all the students who have put in their hearts and soul to make this event a success! The varied performances for today’s event will mesmerize you to the core, and I assure you that you will be glued to the stage for the next two hours.

    I, Aakash Mehta, Head boy of the School, introduce to you the theme of our Annual function, “Empowering Indian Culture through varied Dance Forms.” This concept displays the creative young minds behind this event. The 20th Annual Day in 2019 has yet again delivered the students the values of motivation and hard work. It also displays the robustness of our nascent scholars. This platform allows students to turn their weaknesses into strengths, which ultimately fulfills our objective of developing the complete persona of an individual, which would help them survive in the competitive world.

    There are some behind-the-scenes flag bearers who, although are not otherwise visible but they, play a major role in the structural organization of such events. They are our support pillars, and we express our wholehearted gratitude to them.

    Dance is one of the most divine art forms and a way to express varied feelings and emotions. Several individuals relieve stress through dance, while others feel it is an opportunity to display emotions to their loved ones. Dance is considered to be the heart, while music is its soul. You may wonder about the dance form, which does not involve music. Rather, it is only related to beats. This type of dance form requires more energy and effort than dance forms that encompass music.

    So get set ready for all the exhilaration and delight. Save your energy, everyone, because today we will catch sight of some great dances. So let us gear up for a striking beginning of the function.

    We are thrilled to have Ms. Geeta Kapoor, Jury Member of the Dance reality show “Dance India Dance.” Her introduction needs no exemplification as she is regarded as a noblewoman with a character of great heights, distinct capability, and an originator of multiple dance forms in India. She started her career at 18 and has come a long way. She, too, has had her share of scuffles, but despite all this, she has proved to be an epitome of success. You have made us proud with all the great endeavors taken over time. You have acquired this stature through rigorous effort and experience, and we exalt your accomplishments. You are an inspiration to all of us.

    Thank you so much for devoting time to enlighten our young minds with your wise and motivational words.

    Enjoy and have a great time ahead.

    I appreciate your patience!

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    Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance FAQs

    How can I improve my dance performance?

    To get better at dancing, practice regularly and take classes to learn new moves and techniques.

    How do you describe dance performance?

    Dance performance is like telling a story with your body, using movements and expressions to convey emotions and ideas.

    What can you say about your dance performance?

    My dance performance was energetic and expressive; I put my heart into every move.

    What can you say about dance?

    Dance is a beautiful art form where people move their bodies to music, expressing themselves and creating captivating performances.

    What is dance in easy words?

    Dance is when you move your body in a rhythmic and creative way, often to music, to express feelings or tell a story.

    How do you welcome folk dance performance on stage?

    To welcome a folk dance performance on stage, greet the performers with applause and appreciation for their cultural artistry.

    How do you welcome a performer on stage?

    To welcome any performer on stage, warmly invite them with applause and express enthusiasm for their upcoming presentation.

    How do you host a dance competition?

    Hosting a dance competition involves organizing judges, providing clear rules, and creating an engaging atmosphere to showcase talent.

    How do you welcome participants for dance?

    Welcome participants for a dance competition with a friendly reception, ensuring they feel valued and encouraged.

    How do you introduce dance in anchoring?

    When introducing dance in anchoring, briefly explain the dance style, performer, and any significant context to engage the audience's interest and understanding.

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