Entrance ExamMET Mock Test 2024 – Free Online Practice Paper (Available)

MET Mock Test 2024 – Free Online Practice Paper (Available)

MET Mock Test: The MET 2024 mock test is expected to be released soon by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). Candidates can access the online MET mock test 2024 through the “MAHE Mock Pariksha Portal“. The mock test link will be sent to candidates’ registered email addresses. It is recommended that candidates take the MET 2024 mock test to familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and assess their MHT CET online preparation. Before attempting the MET mock test, candidates should check the system specifications. Read this article for complete details about the MET mock test.

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    MET Mock Test Overview

    Manipal University administers the MET (Manipal Entrance Test) for BTech admissions and evaluates candidates through a written exam. The MET Mock Test Overview is as follows.

    MET Mock Test Overview
    Authority Name Manipal University
    Exam MET ( Manipal Entrance Test )
    Category Mock Tests, Syllabus, and Exam Pattern
    Level of Exam University Level
    Admission Offered BTech
    Selection Process Based on a Written Exam.
    Official Website @www.manipal.edu

    MET Mock Test 2024 Direct Link

    Manipal University will send an email to all MET 2024 registered candidates with essential details like the mock test date, time/slot, username, and password. The email will also provide the link to the Manipal mock test 2024 login portal. The official MET Mock Test online link is updated on this page. It’s important to note that the MET exam 2024 is divided into three batches each day, and candidates can attempt the mock test only once.

    Click Here – Download MET Mock Test 2024 PDF Link

    System Specifications for MET Mock Test 2024

    Candidates are recommended to ensure their systems comply with these specifications for optimal performance during the MET 2024 mock test. The System Specifications for MET Mock Test 2024 are as follows.

    MET 2024 Mock Test System Specifications
    Component Requirements
    Operating System Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions) / Windows 8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit) / Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) – All editions with up-to-date service packs, device drivers, and security patches.
    Processor 2 core (4 vCPU) or above with 2.2 GHz or more clock speed
    RAM 2 GB or above
    Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 and Above
    Browser The latest version of Google Chrome
    Internet 2 MBPS or more

    MET Mock Test Exam Pattern

    The MET Mock Test is a 2-hour computer-based exam with sections in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English. It includes a combination of MCQs and Numerical Answer Type questions. This brief exam pattern is essential for adequate preparation for the MET exam. The complete MET Mock Test Exam Pattern is given below.

    MET Mock Test Exam Pattern
    Particulars Details
    Mode of MET Mock Test Computer Based Test
    MET Mock Test Duration 2 Hours
    Sections Mathematics: 15 MCQs and 5 NAT Questions
    Physics: 10 MCQs and 5 NAT Questions
    Chemistry: 10 MCQs and 5 NAT Questions
    English: 10 MCQs
    Marking Scheme 4 marks will be given for every correct answer
    1 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer
    For Numerical Answer Type Questions 4 marks will be given for every correct answer
    No marks will be deducted for every incorrect answer

    MET Mock Test Important Points

    MET 2024 Mock Test is a valuable resource that enables candidates to understand the Exam Pattern and types of questions. The MET Mock Test occurs in three batches, providing flexibility in choosing a convenient time. If a candidate misses their slot, they can log in during the next batch on the same day. Candidates are allowed a single attempt, and the results are accessible after completion, aiding adequate exam preparation. The MET 2024 Mock Test is designed with specific guidelines and features for candidates:

    1. Eligibility to Attempt: All registered candidates have the opportunity to take the MET Mock Test 2024. However, it is essential to complete the test on the specified date and time.
    2. Missed Slot Procedure: If a candidate misses the mock test during the assigned slot, they can log in during the immediate next batch on the same day.
    3. Test Batches: The MET practice test 2024 is divided into three batches scheduled at 9 am, 12.30 pm, and 4.00 pm.
    4. Third Batch Login: For candidates in the third batch, the login remains active until 7.30 pm on the scheduled day.
    5. Section Selection: Candidates should be mindful that the section they choose first will be displayed as the initial section by default.
    6. Section Switching: Once a candidate transitions from one section to another, revisiting the previous section is not allowed.
    7. Attempt Limit: Each candidate is allowed to attempt the MET 2024 Mock test only once. After completion, they can review the Manipal mock test result.

    MET 2024 Answer Palette Status

    In the MET 2024 Mock Test, candidates can keep track of their answers through the Question Palette, which uses different colors. The colors show whether a question is answered (green), not visited yet (grey), answered and marked for review (blue), or unanswered (red). This helps candidates manage their responses efficiently during the MET Mock Test 2024.

    MET 2024 Answer Palette Status
    Button Colour Details
    Red Question not answered by the candidate
    Gray The candidate has not visited the question yet
    Green Candidate has answered the question
    Blue The candidate has answered the question but marked it for review

    How to Attempt Questions in MET Mock Test?’

    When taking the MET B.Tech paper in 2024, you will encounter two types of questions:

    • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): Read the questions carefully and select the correct answer by choosing the option with the radio button.
    • Numerical Answer Type (NAT): For NAT questions, type your answer in the given text box. Follow these guidelines:
    1. Enter numerical answers up to two decimal places (if applicable).
    2. Example: Enter 1.355 or 1.357 as 1.36 and 1.354 as 1.35.
    3. Avoid using punctuation except for decimal points.
    4. For positive numbers, enter without a plus sign (e.g., 7, 88, 0.2).
    5. For negative numbers, deliberately include the minus sign (e.g., -7, -88, -0.2, -1.36).

    MET Mock Test Syllabus

    The MET Mock Test Syllabus is carefully made to help you get ready for the engineering exam. In Math, you’ll learn about Sets, Matrices, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Physics covers important stuff like Kinematics and Electromagnetic Waves. For Chemistry, you’ll study Chemical Thermodynamics, Organic Chemistry, and Biomolecules.

    In English, the focus is on Tense, Sentence structure, and Synonyms. Overall, this syllabus has everything you need to be prepared for the MET exam, with easy-to-understand topics in Math, Physics, Chemistry, and English. The complete syllabus of the MET Mock Test Syllabus is given below in the tables.

    MET Mock Test Mathematics Syllabus

    MET Mock Test Mathematics Syllabus
    Sets and Functions Matrices
    Relations and Functions Determinants
    Trigonometric Functions Coordinate Geometry
    Algebra Straight Lines
    Mathematical Induction Conic Sections
    Numbers and Quadratic Equations Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry
    Linear Inequalities Calculus
    Permutations and Combinations Limits and Derivatives
    Sequence and Series Continuity and Differentiability
    Matrices Applications of Derivatives
    Determinants Integrals and their Application
    Coordinate Geometry Mathematical Reasoning
    Straight Lines Statistics and Probability
    Conic Sections Relations and Functions
    Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    Calculus Vector Algebra
    Limits and Derivatives Three-Dimensional Geometry
    Continuity and Differentiability Linear Programming

    MET Mock Test Physics Syllabus

    MET Mock Test Physics Syllabus
    Physical World and Measurement Gravitation
    Physical World Mechanical Properties of Solids
    Units and Measurements Mechanical Properties of Fluids
    Kinematics Thermal Properties of Matter
    Motion in a Straight Line Thermodynamics
    Motion in a Plane Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases
    Laws of Motion Kinetic Theory
    Work, Energy, and Power Oscillations
    Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Waves
    System of Particles and Rotational Motion Electrostatics
    Gravitation Current Electricity
    Mechanical Properties of Solids Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
    Mechanical Properties of Fluids Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
    Thermal Properties of Matter Electromagnetic Waves
    Thermodynamics Optics
    Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
    Kinetic Theory Atoms
    Oscillations Nuclei: Composition and size of the nucleus
    Waves Electronic Devices

    MET Mock Test Chemistry Syllabus

    MET Mock Test Chemistry Syllabus
    Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry States of Matter
    Structure of Atom Chemical Thermodynamics
    Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Equilibrium
    Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Redox Reactions
    Hydrogen s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)
    p-Block Elements Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques
    Hydrocarbons Environmental Chemistry: Pollution
    Solutions Electrochemistry
    Chemical Kinetics Surface Chemistry
    General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements p-Block Elements
    ‘d’ and ‘f’ Block Elements Coordination Compounds
    Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers: Alcohols
    Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
    Biomolecules Polymers
    Chemistry in Everyday Life

    MET Mock Test English Syllabus

    MET Mock Test English Syllabus
    Tense – Use of proper tense and sequence of tense
    Subject-verb concord
    Pronouns and Determiners / Use of proper articles / Prepositions
    Linkers: Appropriate use of linkers and conjunctions in a sentence
    Sentence structure: Clauses of condition and time, Relative clauses, Fragments
    Usages in English: standard usages / Idioms and phrases
    Synonyms / Question tags
    One-word substitutions
    Commonly confused pair of words
    Sentence completion

    Tips to solve MET Mock Test 2024

    To crack the MET Mock Test 2024 effectively, use these helpful strategies. First, create a well-organized schedule, designating specific times for focused mock test practice. Carefully read and understand the instructions provided before starting each test, ensuring clarity. Manage your time efficiently during the mock tests to simulate real exam techniques, sharpening your ability to pace yourself.

    Following the completion of a MET Mock Test 2024, thoroughly review the solutions to gauge your performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. Keep a positive mindset throughout your preparation, and prioritize a healthy lifestyle to enhance your overall well-being while approaching the challenges of the MET Mock Test 2024.

    • Strategic Scheduling: Set aside dedicated periods in your study schedule for MET Engineering Mock Tests. Follow your timetable regularly to build a consistent and effective study routine.
    • Thorough Reading of Instructions: Before starting each MET Mock Test, carefully read and understand all the provided instructions. Being aware of the guidelines ensures accurate responses during the actual exam.
    • Time Management: During the MET Mock Test, manage your time efficiently to simulate actual exam conditions. Practice pacing yourself to complete tasks within the given time constraints.
    • Comprehensive Review: After completing a MET Mock Test, thoroughly go through the provided solutions. Assess your performance by identifying both solid areas and those that need improvement.
    • Positive Mindset and Well-being: Approach the MET Mock Test with a positive mindset and recognize them as valuable learning opportunities. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking breaks, engaging in regular exercise, and ensuring balanced nutrition.

    MET Mock Test Advantages

    MET Mock Tests hold significant importance for various reasons. It offers advantages that contribute to more effective preparation for the engineering exam:

    • Insight into Exam Structure: Manipal Engineering Mock Tests provide a practical understanding of the exam pattern and the topics included in the syllabus. This insight helps you align your study approach with the expected format of the MET exam.
    • Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses: By engaging with subject-specific mock tests, you can identify your academic strengths and areas that require improvement. This targeted awareness allows for more focused and efficient study sessions.
    • Confidence Building and Time Management: Regularly solving MET Mock Tests aids in building confidence by familiarizing you with the exam environment. Additionally, it helps develop practical time-management skills and ensures you can complete the MET exam within the specified timeframe.
    • Access to Detailed Solutions: Mock tests provide detailed solutions and explanations for each question. This resource proves invaluable in clarifying concepts and addressing any doubts or misconceptions, contributing to a deeper understanding of the material.
    • Enhancement of Problem-Solving Skills: Engaging with MET Mock Tests actively promotes the development of strong problem-solving skills. As you navigate through various questions, you refine your ability to analyze and solve problems efficiently, a crucial aspect of success in the MET exam.

    MET Mock Test FAQs

    What is considered a good score in the Manipal Entrance out of 240?

    To secure admission to top branches, it is recommended to aim for a score of 150 or higher.

    Where can I take the Manipal mock test?

    The MET 2024 mock test is anticipated to be released soon by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). Candidates can access the MET mock test 2024 online through the MAHE Mock Pariksha Portal.

    Is the Manipal entrance test difficult?

    According to the analysis of past MET exams, the difficulty level was found to be moderate.

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