NEET ExamNEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024

NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024

NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has published the NEET 2024 exam centres in West Bengal, along with a detailed information brochure. Residents of West Bengal will have the opportunity to select their preferred exam centre out of 19 options when filling out their NEET 2024 application form.

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    It’s important to know that if any NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024 has low registration numbers, it might be canceled. In cases where multiple applicants choose the same exam centre, candidates will be assigned their next preferred option.

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    NEET 2024 is the entrance exam for MBBS, BDS, AYUSH, and BVSc & AH programs in medical and dental colleges across India. Applicants can find out their allotted NEET 2024 exam centre in West Bengal from their admit card. For more details on NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024, please read the full article.

    NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024

    NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024

    The NTA has published the NEET exam centres for 2024 in West Bengal along with the information booklet. This list offers various locations for West Bengal candidates to choose from for their NEET 2024 exam.

    During the NEET 2024 application process, West Bengal candidates can specify their preferred exam centres within the state. This allows them to choose a centre that suits their convenience and accessibility.

    If a NEET exam centre in West Bengal 2024 has a low number of registered candidates, it might get canceled. Also, if multiple candidates opt for the same centre, they will be assigned to their next preferred centre based on their preferences.

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    NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024 List

    When registering for the NEET 2024 exam, you have the flexibility to pick your preferred test centre in West Bengal. It’s important to consider factors like accessibility and convenience when making your selection. Once you choose your NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024, you won’t be able to change it later, so make sure to pick the option that suits you best.

    NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024
    S.No Exam city code State District City
    1 4610 West Bengal Bankura Bankura
    2 4611 West Bengal Darjeeling Darjeeling
    3 4612 West Bengal Jalpaiguri Jalpaiguri
    4 4613 West Bengal Nadia Kalyani
    5 4614 West Bengal Malda Malda
    6 4615 West Bengal Murshidabad Murshidabad
    7 4616 West Bengal Cooch Behar Nadia
    8 4617 West Bengal Purba Medinipur Purba Medinipur
    9 4618 West Bengal South 24 Parganas South 24 Parganas
    10 4619 West Bengal Birbhum Suri
    11 4601 West Bengal North 24 Parganas North 24 Parganas
    12 4602 West Bengal Paschim Bardhaman Asansol
    13 4603 West Bengal Purba Bardhaman Burdwan (Bardhaman)
    14 4604 West Bengal Durgapur Durgapur
    15 4605 West Bengal Hooghly Hooghly
    16 4606 West Bengal Howrah Howrah
    17 4607 West Bengal Paschim Medinipur Kharagpur
    18 4608 West Bengal Kolkata Kolkata
    19 4609 West Bengal Siliguri Siliguri

    Steps to Select NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024

    The following are the steps for choosing the right NEET exam centre in West Bengal 2024:

    Step 1: Begin by accessing the official website for NTA NEET, which can be found at This is where you’ll find all the necessary information regarding the NEET exam, including registration and exam centre selection.

    Step 2: Once on the website, you’ll need to log in to your candidate account. This step is crucial as it grants you access to the application form and other important features related to the NEET exam.

    Step 3: As you fill out the application form, you’ll come across a section where you’ll be required to select your preferred exam centre for NEET UG 2024. This is an essential step as it determines where you’ll be taking the exam.

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    Step 4: During this stage of the application process, you’ll have the opportunity to choose an exam centre located in West Bengal. Take your time to review the available options and select the one that is most convenient and accessible for you.

    By following these steps and selecting a NEET 2024 exam centre in West Bengal that suits your needs, you’ll be well-prepared for the exam day. It’s important to make this decision carefully to ensure a smooth and stress-free testing experience.

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    Guidelines For NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024

    To ensure a smooth exam experience at NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024, remember these guidelines:

    1. Stationery Items Prohibition: Candidates are not permitted to bring stationery items such as calculators, writing pads, and pens into the exam centre. This regulation aims to maintain fairness and prevent any unauthorized aids during the examination.
    2. Footwear Restrictions: It’s important to note that footwear like shoes, high heels, or sandals are prohibited within the exam centre premises. This rule is in place to ensure cleanliness and possibly prevent any disturbances during the exam.
    3. Photograph Requirements: Candidates must provide a postcard-sized photograph with specific dimensions of 4’’x6’’, featuring a colored image against a white background. This photograph will likely be used for identification purposes during the examination process.
    4. Photo Identity Proof: Along with the photograph, candidates are required to bring a valid photo identity proof. Acceptable documents include a voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Passport, PAN Card, Ration Card, or any other government-issued document. This measure is essential for verifying the identity of candidates.
    5. Admit Card and Photograph Affixation: Candidates must carry their admit card to the exam centre. Additionally, they should affix a passport-sized photograph to the admit card. An extra pa
    6. ssport-sized photograph is also needed for the attendance sheet, ensuring accurate identification and record-keeping.
    7. Attire Regulations: Candidates are advised against wearing light clothes with long sleeves while entering the exam centre. This rule may be in place to prevent any hiding of unauthorized materials or devices. Furthermore, candidates dressed in cultural or customary attire should arrive at least one hour before the reporting time for thorough checking and entry facilitation.
    8. Punctuality Requirement: Late entry into the exam centre is strictly prohibited after 1:30 p.m. This rule ensures that the examination process begins promptly and proceeds smoothly without interruptions.
    9. Persons with Disability (PwD) Category: Candidates falling under the Persons with Disability (PwD) category should bring along a valid PwD certificate. This certificate is necessary to avail themselves of any category-specific relaxations or accommodations during the examination.

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    FAQs on NEET Exam Centres in West Bengal 2024

    How many exam centres are there in West Bengal for NEET 2024?

    There are 19 exam centres available.

    What if my preferred NEET centre has low registration or gets canceled?

    You'll be assigned your next preferred option.

    Can I change my NEET exam centre after applying?

    No, selections are final upon submission.

    What documents do I need to bring to the NEET exam centre?

    Admit card, ID proof, and photographs.

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