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Ncert Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew [Poem]

NCERT Textbook Solutions for Class 8 English – Free PDF download

Students entering Class 8 are beginning their senior year of high school. In Class 8, English is a crucial and high-scoring subject. The importance of understanding figures of speech is highlighted in the English curriculum for Class 8.

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    One of the most crucial factors is having enough understanding of English, which has been proclaimed a universal language and is widely utilized in every industry. Class 8 is a time when students should prioritize understanding the complexities of the subject so that they can improve their communication abilities and have a solid foundation in English literature.

    Because most other CBSE Class 8 topics are taught in this medium, having a basic understanding of English is also beneficial. English is not only useful for international communication, but it also contains a wealth of distinctive and intriguing works of literature. There are numerous brilliant authors and poets who have created magnificent works of literature that convey a great deal of depth and significance. To comprehend great works of literature, one must begin with the first chapter and work their way up in terms of vocabulary and language.

    From its inception, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has made English a compulsory subject. This helps students to gradually learn the language and acquire a passion for it. Students’ interests will expand exponentially as they learn to express themselves in this language. Their vocabulary would be expanded, allowing them to communicate more effectively. In the end, this would make a better impression when speaking with others and writing.

    Expert English teachers curated the NCERT answer for Class 8 English to assist students in Class 8 by simplifying the learning process of both prose and poetry. The NCERT answer for Class 8 English is broken into two parts, each dealing with prose and poetry separately. Through extensive textual analysis, it also delivers vital insights into important problems.

    If you have access to NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science, Maths, and other topics, subjects like Science, Maths, and English would become easier to study. You can also get NCERT Solutions Class 8 Maths to help you revise the entire syllabus and get better grades in your exams.

    NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Books Available for

    • NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew
    • NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened

    Download the English NCERT Solution for Class 8 NCERT Solution for Class 8 NCERT Solution for Class 8 NCERT

    The NCERT English curriculum for Class 8 includes two books. ‘Honeydew’ is the first book, and ‘It So Happened’ is the second. Both of these books are well-designed to help pupils learn more effectively. NCERT English Honeydew is divided into ten prose chapters and eight poetry portions. These chapters are all equally significant for the exam, and students should avoid skipping any of them.

    This is a list of the chapters that make up this book.


    Chapter 1: The best Christmas present in the world

    Chapter 2: The tsunami

    Chapter 3: Glimpses of the past

    Chapter 4: Bepin Choudhury’s lapse of memory

    Chapter 5: The summit within

    Chapter 6: This is Jody’s fawn

    Chapter 7: A visit to Cambridge

    Chapter 8: A short monsoon diary

    Chapter 9: The great stone face -1

    Chapter 10: The great stone face -2


    The Ant and the Cricket (Chapter 1)

    Lesson on Geography (Chapter 2)

    Macavity, the Mysterious Cat (Chapter 3)

    The Last Bargain (Chapter 4)

    The School Boy (Chapter 5)

    The Duck and the Kangaroo (Chapter 6)

    When I Set Out for Lyonnesse (Chapter 7)

    Grasshoppers and Crickets (Chapter 8)

    The NCERT Class 8 English answer “English Honey Dew” is available in PDF format for easy download. Students can get these PDFs from INFINITY LEARN, an online instructional website. The PDF versions function as a handbook that students can access whenever they need to rapidly review crucial concepts.

    The NCERT Class 8 English book “It So Happened” is divided into 10 chapters, each of which is written in prose. These chapters were chosen with great care and feature a variety of entertaining and essential works of literature. Students should pay close attention to all of the writers’ references in these chapters. Below is a list of the ten chapters.

    Chapter 1: How the camel got its hump

    Chapter 2: Children at work

    Chapter 3: The Selfish Giant

    Chapter 4: The Treasure Within

    Chapter 5: Princess September

    Chapter 6: The Fight

    Chapter 7: The Open Window

    Chapter 8: Jalebis

    Chapter 9: The Comet -1

    Chapter 10: The Comet -2

    Details of the NCERT English Class 8 Prose and Poetry Solution

    In different parts, the NCERT solution for Class 8 English provides answers to significant problems about both prose and poetry.

    The details and examples of some significant prose and poetry chapters for Class 8 English are listed here:

    The prose in Chapter 1: The Best Christmas Present

    The premise of this novella is ironic, depicting the horrible reality of losing a war against the backdrop of Christmas. The narrator of this narrative gives an old lady, Mrs. Cronnie, an old-written letter written by her husband Jim during the war. Unfortunately, he had perished in that war. This letter is referred to as a Christmas present, which is humorous.

    The CBSE 8th class English textbook solutions include a full analysis of this chapter as well as various tasks to assist students to gain conceptual clarity, such as filling in the blanks, finding phrasal verbs, and so on.

    “The Ant and the Cricket” is a poem about an ant and a cricket.

    This poem is a story with a lesson in the end that explains how we should constantly anticipate and be prepared for future events. The NCERT answer for Class 8 English helps students analyze this poetry through numerous tasks that provide them with a thorough understanding of the story’s message. It also aids in the development of their grammatical abilities.

    The Tsunami, Chapter 2 Prose

    This chapter’s plot revolves around the devastation created by a natural disaster such as a tsunami, which leaves everyone terrified and depressed. However, the plot also seeks to portray how individuals join together in terrible circumstances with strength and perseverance to aid one another. Students can learn this chapter in-depth using NCERT books solutions for class 8 by doing tasks such as distinguishing true and false, filling in the blanks, and so on. It also includes MCQs and character and thematic analysis questions.

    Geography: Poetry

    This poem is about a poet’s experience while flying 1000 feet above the ground and seeing his city. This poem captures the thrill and wonders that poets feel while looking down on their homeland from such a high vantage point. This poem is thoroughly examined in the NCERT Class 8 English answer. It aids pupils in fully learning and comprehending this poetry through a series of short and long answer questions.

    Prose and poetry make up the literature component of CBSE Class 8 English, which carries a 20-point weighting. The following graph depicts the distribution.

    Class 8 English Marks Distribution for Prose and Poetry

    Question Type Marks Total No. of Question Total Marks
    Short answer 2 4 8
    Long answer type 1 3 2 6
    Long answer type 2 4 1 4
    Meanings 2 4 8

    The Advantages of the CBSE English Textbook Solution for 8th Grade

    1. NCERT Solution for Class 8 English is valuable to students in a variety of ways, including:
    1. Answers that have been thoroughly investigated.
    1. Does a good job with both MCQs and descriptive questions?
    1. Gives you a better knowledge of literary devices.
    1. It aids in the learning of all 8th grade English lessons’ meanings and synonyms.
    1. Answers that are simple to understand for a smooth learning process for kids.
    1. It aids pupils in obtaining the highest possible grade.
    1. All of the responses were produced by English professionals with sufficient teaching experience. Their responses are succinct and to the point. They are capable of being trusted.
    1. The answers are written in accordance with the NCERT guidelines as set forth by the Board. INFINITY LEARN’s NCERT answers for class 8 English contain no superfluous information.
    1. On INFINITY LEARN, all of the solutions are available for free download on the website and as a mobile app.

    INFINITY LEARN’s Class 8 English Solutions can be downloaded and saved as a PDF file. These solutions can be used offline on any device in the future.

    As a result, NCERT Solution for Class 8 English is a must-have book for students who want to grasp the basics of this chapter.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is the CBSE class 8 English marking scheme?

    CBSE class 8 is the answer. The language and literary components of the English paper are separated. The language lesson comprises three reading passages and 20 marks worth of comprehension questions. Following that, there is a writing section with 5, 8, and 7 marks for notice/article writing, short story writing, and letter/diary writing, respectively. Following that is the grammar unit, which is worth a total of 20 points. The literary section is also separated into sections for short, long, very lengthy, and “discover the meaning” questions. They have a distribution of marks of 8, 6, 4, and 8 accordingly.

    Q2. What is the topic of the chapter Glimpse of the Past?

    Ans: The historical perspective focuses on India’s battle for independence from the British government’s imperial domination. The novel follows the heritage of Indian history before it fell victim to British colonial domination. It also covers significant events and anniversaries such as the 1818 Act and the 1857 Revolt, both of which revealed the British government’s exploitation. The story is primarily about India’s history during the period when it was afflicted by the East India Company. It also honors the patriotic fervour of various liberation warriors who battled in the front lines.

    Q3. What is the subject of the poem Macavity the Mystery Cat?

    T.S Eliot wrote the poem Macavity, which is a well-known poem. It revolves around the nefarious activities of a cunning cat who cleverly hides all evidence after committing a crime. It describes how the cat gets away with his evil deeds while avoiding the attention of the cops. He’s known as the “hidden paw,” a metaphor for how stealthily and quickly he goes about his business without leaving a trace. The poem is light-hearted in tone, with light rhythmic stanzas that successfully illustrate the cat’s naughty behaviour.

    Q4. How can I get the NCERT English Books for Class 8 in PDF format?

    Ans: The technique for downloading NCERT books for Class 8 English PDF online is as follows. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English can be found on this page. On the following page, you’ll find a number of chapters. Choose the chapter of your choice from the drop-down menu for which you require PDF explanations or notes, and then hit the link. The link will take you to the next page, where you can get the study materials.

    Q5. Why should you use INFINITY LEARN to learn English?

    Ans: Using INFINITY LEARN to study can help you get good grades in your exams. You’ll get chapter-by-chapter notes, explanations, and solutions written in plain English so you can fully grasp key ideas. You can also practice various test papers to assess your skills and level of preparedness. This method will enable you to make essential changes to your present study plan so that you can succeed in your tests. Students can use the INFINITY LEARN website or the INFINITY LEARN app to obtain free study materials.

    Q6. What is the English syllabus for Class 8?

    Ans: The English syllabus for Class 8 is broken into four components. The following are the sections:

    • Honeydew Chapters- There are ten chapters in this area.

    • Honeydew Poems- There are seven poems in this section.
    • It So Happened Chapters- There are 11 chapters in all.
    • Indirect and direct speech, clauses and order of speech, verb, adverb, noun, and other grammatical subjects are covered in the grammar section.
    • Topics covered in the writing part include official and casual letters, data entry, essay writing, and more.

    Q7. What is the best way to get good grades in English in Class 8?

    Ans: The following techniques can help you get good grades in English in Class 8. A month before the exam, complete as many English practice papers as you can. This will help you assess your preparation. Make a plan to finish the question papers from the previous year. This will assist you with time management, allowing you to complete the exam paper on time.

    Q8. Is English of 8th standard so difficult?

    Ans: It is dependent on the pupils’ knowledge of the subject. Students, on the other hand, can readily grasp the key principles of various disciplines if they concentrate properly on their studies. Simultaneously, teachers and parents should assist students in developing a proper itinerary that allows them to allocate time to various subjects based on their interests.

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