EnglishEssayEssay on Good Mother for Children and Students in English

Essay on Good Mother for Children and Students in English

No love can come even close to the love mother feels for the child. Most women are naturally good mothers. Mothers share the bond of unconditional love and affection with their children. Mothers always take care that their children are happy, safe and healthy throughout their lives. Mothers are meant to be the mentors for their children. Children get highly influenced by their mother’s behaviour.

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    Long and Short Essay on Good Mother in English

    Here are essays on Good Mother of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can choose any Good Mother essay as per your interest and requirement:

    Short Essay on Good Mother in 200 words

    “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”. I truly believe in this quote by Rudyard Kipling. We don’t even need to ask her for anything, she is just always there. There is nothing better than the mother’s love and affection. Her happiness lies in our laughter and smiles.

    The reason why every Mother is special is that her heart is full of unconditional love for her child. There is no other special bond in the world like a bond shared between a child and a mother. For nine months she nurtures a child in her womb and smiles at the first glimpse of her child. From the day we are born she protects us in her arms. The comfort that we get in her arms is the most loving and soothing feeling in the world. It is priceless. There is no other feeling so precious in life. She feeds us and spends sleepless nights to sing us lullabies so that we can have a sound sleep. Every moment she loves and cares for us.

    As a child, we often trouble her but she never complains about it. She gives us more priority than her own self. As we grow, we may have disagreements with our mother but the bond is so strong that the disagreements turn in to agreements. We develop a new relation of friendship with her and share every aspect of our lives with her. She understands and supports us in every aspect of our lives.

    There is no comparison to the role that mother plays in our life. She is always the most special person in her child’s life.

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    Essay on Good Motherhood in 300 words

    A woman enters motherhood by giving birth to a child, raising him, feeding him and nurturing him with love and care. Mothers have been valued all through human history. However, it is not necessary for a woman to give birth to a child in order to experience motherhood. In fact, motherhood is much more than just giving birth to a child.

    Motherhood refers to the art of loving and nurturing a child with deep care from the heart without any expectations. There are mothers who have not physically given birth to the child but have proved to be the most loving and caring mothers. And there are also mothers who have left their children after giving birth to them. Motherhood refers to the role that she plays as a mother. A mother loves, protects, nurtures and supports her child. Motherhood is the strong bond between a child and a mother.

    She is the strength and courage of her child. We should stop attributing motherhood to selflessness and sacrifice. She has enough strength, patience, and love for the child that gives her the pleasure to play the role of mother. By God’s grace every woman has the ability to foster a life. Motherhood gives her joy and it’s a privilege for her to raise her child. Everything about her child appeals to her. Mother has the Godly characteristics to nurture and love the child that no one else can match. The value and importance of a mother in life cannot be described in words. Their role is priceless.

    There is a nursery rhyme we all are aware of ‘Gods love is so wonderful’, I am sorry but it should have been ‘Mothers Love is so wonderful’. We have never seen God, but from the moment we open our eyes we feel and experience the strong bond with mother. Her love for the child is greater than anything else in the world.

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    Essay on Qualities of a Good Mother in 400 words

    Mothers play an influential role in our life. Life may seem incomplete without her love and strength. She guides and supports us at every step of life. She teaches us the most valuable lessons of life. We share the most special bond with her from the day we are born.

    Qualities of a Good Mother

    • Express Love: The first thing a child wants from a mother is love, unconditional love. A tight hug, kisses, caressing, pulling cheeks and a lot more makes us feel so lovable and special. We just need lots of love and care from her.
    • Support: We always need our parents to support us for whatever we wish to do in life. No matter whether we join a hobby class or plan to go for a summer camp – we always need motivation and support from them. Their support gives us a new kind of energy and confidence to get going.
    • More Attention: We need attention from parents all the time. We just need our mother when we are upset, happy, annoyed or irritated. A good mother always gives her children the first priority and attention.
    • Have patience: It takes time for children to learn something new so it’s always good that our parents are calm and composed while dealing with us. A good mother always listens and understands her child with patience and smile on face.
    • Share experiences: We love to know about life experiences of parents. Parents should share with us interesting experiences and adventures of their life. Talk to us about anything but just talk to us is what we want. A good mother shares her experiences with her children.
    • Guide Us: A good mother teaches moral values and leads us to the right path in life. We always need our mother to help and guide us in everything we do. She forgives us for the mistakes and blunders we make in life and guide us in the right direction.
    • Be a Friend: A good mother spends more time with her child and participates in fun activities with them. She plays games, shares stories, plans picnics, indulges in hobbies and a lot more. We love and enjoy spending time with our parents. Good mothers treat their kids like friends and make their children feel comfortable.

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    Mothers are always very special and have the first place in our hearts. We want them in every aspect of our life. We want them to encourage, support and motivate us in whatever we do in life. We feel more protected and safe with a mother’s love and support in life. Mothers always mean the world to us.

    Essay on Importance of Good Mother in 500 words

    The role of a mother is the most beautiful privilege assigned to women. Mothers play the most influential role in the life of a child. They shape the character, qualities and personality of the child. The overall child’s growth and development is influenced by a mother. Mother’s life revolves around the child’s life and every need of the child is met by a mother. Children are always dependent on mother for their needs. She teaches us how to walk, speak, read, learn, and write and so on. There is a never ending list of what a mother does for the child.

    Importance of a Good Mother

    • Unconditional Love: Mother shares the closest bond with us from the day we are born. The connection and the bond that we feel with a mother have a deep impact on our lives. Her love is unconditional and `even when there are disagreements, she never stops loving and praying for us.
    • Timeless Teacher: Mothers are the first and foremost teachers in our life. They are the most influential mentors in our life. They bestow to us enduring wisdom, the legacy so valuable and priceless. They play the most vital role in our overall growth and development. They always guide us to the right path in life. They instruct, support and encourage us to achieve what we want in life. Mother fosters our understanding and intelligence to the full potential.
    • She is the Giver: We are all dependent on mother for our needs whether it is to tie our ponytails or to serve us food. She is always concerned about our needs more than her own. She does so much for us but never complains a bit or expects anything. She keeps smiling in spite of the pressure of responsibilities of the whole family on her.
    • Family Bond: A mother always teaches us the importance of family. She is the one who holds everyone in the family together. She teaches us to respect the elders and care for the younger ones in the family.
    • Hard Work: Mother inspires us to work hard in life. We see her working for the whole day without complaining. It is the endless love for the family that gives her the pleasure and satisfaction at the end of the day.
    • Keep us Safe: Our safety is the first priority in her life. Mother sets the limits for us to keep us safe. She protects us from any kind of harm and constantly makes efforts for our well-being.
    • She is Always there: Mothers are always there for their children in every situation of life. No matter how wrong or right we are our mothers will always be there for us and guide us to the right path.


    We should all love and respect our mothers for everything that she does and sacrifices for us. We should try to never hurt her or let her down in life. We should never forget how dependent we have always been on her. She is the one who loves and nurtures us throughout life with all her heart.

    Long Essay on Good Mother in 600 words

    Mothers play an influential role in the life of their child that has a lifelong impact on the child’s values, beliefs and behaviour in life. A mother loves and cares for her children unconditionally. Since mother is the closest and most important person in the life of a child, she should set a good and positive example in front of her child.

    A Good Mother has following Characteristics:

    • Love and Affection: A good mother loves her child the most in life. Mothers love and affection could not be matched with any other love in the world. The comfort we get in her arms or with her tender caressing cannot be matched by any other comfort. Her affection is enough for the child to feel loved, protected and safe.
    • Have Patience: Children are always demanding and fussy. It’s likely for a mother to get annoyed easily but a good mother keeps her cool and has patience with them. She treats her children with love, care and affection. She always keeps calm and has gentle attitude to mellow them down.
    • Support her Child: A child needs his mother’s support for almost everything. A good mother will always be there to offer all the help, love and support to her child. Of course, parents support their children financially as much as they can but there are other needs that should not be neglected. A good mother will always be there to provide emotional support to the child like caressing her child to sleep, a kiss on an injury or a hug while crying and small love gestures that make her child feel good.
    • Help to Socialize: Some children have less developed social skills and ability. They have difficulty communicating and mixing with other children. A good mother always reaches out for help and seeks appropriate playmates for the child. She can arrange a party at home for the children or structure fun activities for them where children enjoy playing and feel comfortable.
    • Take Responsibility: Motherhood is a full time responsibility. A good mother celebrates motherhood with pride. She happily takes the responsibility of a child and never complaints about it. She cares and encourages the child all the time. She is always approachable when her child needs her.
    • Never Neglects them: When a mother doesn’t pay attention that the child seeks and their emotional needs are not met they tend to show discontent through their behavior and attitude. It is hard for children to accept the feeling of being ignored. They start behaving in an aggressive manner. A good mother always values them and appreciates them for their efforts, applauses them for even their smallest achievements and lets them know how special and important they are.
    • Understand the Child: A good mother spends more time with her child and understands him/her well. She takes interest in her child’s interest and encourages him/her to try new things. She knows their strengths and weaknesses and helps them overcome their weaknesses and develop their skills.
    • Get Involved: A good mother thinks of new and innovative ideas to channelize her child’s energy and participates whole-heartedly in their activities. She steps out for the outdoor games with children or takes them to the parks for playtime. She plans and challenges them with activities that best suit their potential.
    • Good Food: Children are most of the time fussy eaters. A good mother always prepares new, healthy and tasty meals for her children and serves them with love.


    The privilege of being a mother is only bestowed to women. A good mother is whole-heartedly active for the child all the time. There is no love in this world so pure, devoted, selfless, strong and lasting than mother’s love. Mother is Godly figure for children. Children look up to their mothers for everything.

    The role of mother is most important to shape the child’s behaviour and code of conduct. A good mother teaches her children to deal with various situations in life. She sets a good example in front of her children by acting in the most positive and responsible manner.

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