EnglishEssayMy Parents Essay in English for Students

My Parents Essay in English for Students

My Parents Essay: My parents are the most important people in my life. They love and care for me every day. My mom is kind and helps me with my schoolwork. My dad plays with me and teaches me important things. They both work hard to give me everything I need. Sometimes, they even surprise me with fun outings or treats. What I love most is that they listen to me and understand how I feel. They make me feel safe and loved. I know I’m lucky to have such wonderful parents, and I hope to make them proud as I grow up.

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    My Parents Essay – Short Essay

    My Parents Essay

    My Parents Essay 100 Words

    We owe our existence in this world to our parents, who brought us into this life. Our parents hold the most significant and closest place in our hearts. Both our father and mother have made countless sacrifices and put in a lot of hard work to provide for us. Allow me to introduce you to my parents.

    My parents are truly wonderful people who shower me with love. My mother’s name is Tanya Srivastava , and she is forty years old. She is a well-educated woman, working as a professor at the nearby college. Her job keeps her quite busy, but she always finds time for us.

    My father, on the other hand, is a businessman. Despite their demanding schedules, they both make it a point to spend quality time with me. I hold deep love and admiration for them.

    My Parents Essay 200 Words

    Parents hold a unique and vital place in our lives. It’s essential to cherish and respect them because they are irreplaceable. Even though they might not always express it openly, parents love us deeply, and we can feel their affection. Sometimes, fathers may seem reserved in displaying their love, but it’s crucial to understand that their love for us is profound. We should reciprocate that love and respect.

    Today, let me introduce you to my parents:

    My father, Brijesh Sharma, is a 45-year-old engineer who works for the local government. He has achieved great success in his career, and I aspire to follow in his footsteps and become an engineer myself. My father is not only my role model but also someone I deeply admire.

    He treasures spending quality time with our family whenever he can. Now, let me tell you about my mother, Sneha Sharma, who is 40 years old. She manages our home with dedication and is known for her hard work, politeness, and impeccable manners.

    My Parents Essay – Long Essay

    My Parents Essay 300 Words

    My parents are my greatest source of strength. They’re always there for me when I need help and make me feel safe all the time.

    We live in Varanasi, but my parents are originally from Mumbai. My mom is a nutritionist, and my father is a doctor. They’re also skilled Badminton players, and they’re teaching me the game. My mom is a good swimmer, and I go with her to the swimming club every Sunday to learn how to swim.

    Mom prepares our breakfast and packs our lunch every morning. Before she goes to work, she ensures all the cooking for the day is done. Father helps us get ready for school while mom is in the kitchen. Mom makes sure we have our lunchboxes in our bags and all the schoolbooks we need. Both mom and Father are great cooks, and they enjoy it.

    Our parents take good care of our health and overall well-being. Mom helps me with my homework when I need it. We spend a lot of quality time together on weekends, going to movies or dining out. During vacations, we explore different places – father loves the sea, mom prefers the hills, and I enjoy both.

    I cherish the time I spend with my parents, and I also get to hang out with my friends. They are loving and understanding, and their importance in our lives is immeasurable. They play a crucial role in helping us achieve success and happiness in life.

    My Parents Essay 500 Words

    We came into this world because of our parents. They are the ones who brought us into existence, and we should cherish this gift of life. I’m thankful to my parents for all they’ve done for me. In this essay about my parents, I want to express how important they are to me and how much I admire and respect them.

    My Parents My Strength

    In my life, my parents are like superheroes. They’ve been with me every step of the way, and I can’t imagine life without them. Whenever I’m lost, they guide me back on the right path.

    My mom is a homemaker, and she’s the strongest person I know. She takes care of our home, helps me with my work, and cooks the most delicious meals. She used to be a teacher but left her job to look after us kids.

    My mom makes many sacrifices for us, often things we don’t even realize. She always puts us before herself and never sleeps in. She’s like the glue that holds our family together.

    Parents are a source of strength and support for their children. They carry so many responsibilities but never complain. We should be grateful for our parents because not everyone is as lucky as we are to have them.

    My Father

    While my mom takes care of things at home, my father works outside. He’s a kind-hearted person who never hesitates to assist my mom and lend a helping hand to those in need.

    Father is a sociable guy; he talks to our neighbors and keeps our family ties strong. He’s a hardworking businessman who puts in a lot of effort.

    Despite his busy schedule, he makes time for us on our days off, and we often go on picnics or out for dinners. I really admire my father for all he does for us without ever complaining.

    In our community, he’s quite well-known because he’s always ready to lend a helping hand. Anyone who asks for his help can count on him. That’s why he’s respected and loved, and I look up to him as my wonderful father.

    My Mother

    My mother’s name is Tanya Srivastava she is a forty-year-old homemaker. I believe she is the most crucial person in our family. We can’t even imagine a day without her. Every morning, she rises early and begins her work in the kitchen. She washes clothes, tidies up our entire home, and prepares our meals.


    I have a deep love for both of my parents. They are kind individuals who have instilled the value of kindness in their children as well. Even when they have disagreements, they always resolve them without letting it impact us. I look up to my parents and hope to follow in their footsteps, aiming to achieve success in life with their blessings.

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    My Parents Essay FAQs

    How do I write an essay about my parents?

    To write an essay about your parents, start by introducing them, mentioning their qualities, and sharing personal anecdotes.

    Why are parents important 10 points?

    Parents are vital because they provide love, guidance, and support, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

    What makes your parents special short essay?

    My parents are special due to their unconditional love, wisdom, and the way they nurture our dreams.

    How do I write an essay about my parents?

    When writing an essay about my parents, I begin by describing their personalities and how they impact my life positively.

    What makes your parents special short essay?

    What makes my parents unique is their unwavering love, care, and the values they impart.

    What is the role of parents essay?

    The role of parents is to love, protect, and guide their children, shaping their character and future.

    Who are parents Class 3?

    In Class 3, we learn that parents are the people who take care of us, love us, and teach us important things.

    Who are parents for Class 2?

    In Class 2, we understand that parents are the ones who love and care for us, helping us grow and learn.

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