EnglishparagraphParagraph on How I Spent my Summer Vacation

Paragraph on How I Spent my Summer Vacation

Paragraph on How I Spent my Summer Vacation in English

Paragraph on How I Spent My Summer vacation: Summer vacations are like the ultimate break for students, filled with excitement and possibilities. It’s that time of the year we all eagerly wait for, dreaming about the cool things we can finally do. These vacations aren’t just about lazing around; they’re a golden opportunity to break free from the usual routine of books and classes.

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    For me, summer break means a chance to do something different and make the most of my time. It’s about creating memories with family and friends, enjoying the present moment without the stress of daily studies. Every student looks forward to these vacations, hoping to engage in activities that are not just fun but also worthwhile.

    In this article, we’ll explore how I spent my summer vacation, emphasising the importance of this break in a student’s life. We’ll get into the experiences that make these vacations memorable, a time away from the usual school habits and routines.

    Paragraph on How I spent my Summer Vacation 100 Words

    Vacations are awesome for having a great time! I spent my summer break at a day camp organised by my school. The camp lasted for fifteen days and was filled with exciting activities.

    I got to try out dancing, painting, singing, yoga, and even karate! The best part was the last day when our teachers took us on a trip to a nearby park. Despite the not-so-great weather, we had a blast. It was my first time getting up close with wildlife, and I collected so many cool memories.

    One of the highlights was making new friends and being super active in all the activities. Overall, it was an amazing summer camp experience.

    Paragraph on How I spent my Summer Vacation 150 Words

    Summer vacations are the best time for students, and I had an awesome one at home with my parents. This year, we didn’t go on any trips, but I had a blast playing with my friends and getting help from my parents to finish my vacation homework. Believe it or not, I even managed to have fun while doing homework with my friends!

    I spent a lot of time reading books and practising dance and karate. The highlight of my vacation was when my uncle’s family surprised us with a visit. I was super happy to meet my little cousin. We went to a movie and a nearby park, and my mom threw a cool party for us on our terrace. It was a blast!

    I’m a big fan of animated series, and my dad gave me some DVDs to watch. I had a great time watching them with my friends. This summer vacation turned out to be super special and unforgettable. When my uncle’s family had to leave because my cousin had to go back to school, I felt a mix of happiness and a little sadness. Overall, it was an amazing break!

    Paragraph on How I spent my Summer Vacation 250 Words

    Summer vacations are the best time to have fun and learn new things. Last year, I went on a fantastic trip to Jammu and Kashmir with my parents. We planned everything two months in advance – flights, hotels, the works. The journey started at Srinagar Airport, where we were welcomed with a famous Kashmiri coffee called Kahawa. After a quick freshening up and lunch, we explored the nearby market filled with shops showcasing beautiful wooden antiques and firans.

    In the evening, we had a delicious dinner at a famous restaurant and later joined a fun bonfire event organized by the hotel. We played bingo and had a blast. The next day, we visited the breathtaking snow-capped mountains of Gulmarg. Playing with snowballs and enjoying the scenic beauty made it a memorable experience.

    Our 15-day trip included visits to Sonamarg, Pahalgam, Vaishno Devi, Patnitop, Lamayuru, Nubra Valley, Hemis, Sanasar, and a unique five-day stay in a Shikara on Dal Lake. Floating on the water for so long was incredible. The saffron garden, apple farms, Nishat Gardens, Shalimar, and historic temples and castles showcased the beauty of Kashmir. I really want to go back!

    After returning, I caught up on my summer vacation homework and shared my travel stories with friends. I also gave them small gifts I bought from Kashmir. It was an amazing trip, and I can’t wait to revisit Kashmir someday.

    Paragraph on How I spent my Summer Vacation 500 Words

    Summer vacations are a much-awaited break for students, offering a chance to escape the routine of books and classes. This year, my summer adventure took me to the picturesque landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir, creating lasting memories with my family.

    Exploring Srinagar:

    Our journey began with a flight to Srinagar, where the enchanting beauty of the region greeted us. After reaching our hotel, we were welcomed with the aromatic Kahawa, a traditional Kashmiri coffee. The local markets, adorned with wooden antiques and colourful firans, beckoned us, providing a glimpse into the rich culture of Kashmir. In the evenings, the markets came alive with the vibrant hustle and bustle.

    Bonfire Night:

    One memorable evening, the hotel organised a bonfire event, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. We participated in fun activities like bingo, connecting with fellow travellers and locals. It was a delightful way to experience the hospitality and warmth of the Kashmiri people.

    Gulmarg – A Winter Wonderland:

    The next day, we embarked on a journey to Gulmarg, a haven for snow enthusiasts. The snow-capped mountains offered a breathtaking backdrop, and we couldn’t resist playing with snowballs and revelling in the wintry charm. Gulmarg’s scenic beauty left an indelible mark, and the memories of that day still refresh my mind.

    Exploring Kashmir’s Gems:

    Our itinerary included visits to Sonamarg, Pahalgam, Vaishno Devi, Patnitop, Lamayuru, Nubra Valley, and Hemis. Each destination unfolded unique facets of Kashmir’s beauty – from the verdant landscapes of Pahalgam to the spiritual aura of Vaishno Devi. The vibrant markets, historical temples, and castles added to the tapestry of our travel experience.

    Shikara Ride in Dal Lake:

    One of the most enchanting experiences was the five-day stay in Shikara on Dal Lake. Floating mid-water, surrounded by the tranquillity of the lake, was surreal. The saffron gardens, apple farms, Nishat Gardens, and Shalimar contributed to the magical ambiance. The historical tales shared by the locals added depth to our understanding of Kashmir’s rich history and culture.

    Homeward Bound:

    As our 15-day adventure drew to a close, we returned to our daily routine with a treasure trove of memories. Back home, I enthusiastically shared my travel experiences with friends and family. The vibrant souvenirs, including small gifts from Kashmir, became tokens of our incredible journey.


    My summer vacation in Kashmir was more than just a break from routine – it was an adventure that allowed me to explore new landscapes, cultures, and create lasting memories with my family. The beauty of Srinagar, the winter wonderland of Gulmarg, and the serene Shikara ride on Dal Lake made this trip truly special. As I settled into my routine, I carried the spirit of Kashmir with me, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to revisit this enchanting paradise.

    FAQs on How I Spent my Summer Vacation

    What did you do during your summer vacation?

    I went on a 15-day trip to Jammu and Kashmir with my family. We explored places like Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgam, Vaishno Devi, and more.

    Did you participate in any activities during the trip?

    Yes, we engaged in various activities like dancing, painting, singing, and even tried our hand at yoga and karate. In Gulmarg, we had a blast playing in the snow.

    How did you spend time in Srinagar?

    In Srinagar, we explored local markets filled with wooden antiques, enjoyed a bonfire night at the hotel, and experienced the warmth of Kashmiri hospitality.

    What was the highlight of your trip?

    The Shikara ride on Dal Lake was magical. Spending five days on the water, surrounded by saffron gardens and apple farms, was a unique and unforgettable experience.

    Did you visit any historical places in Kashmir?

    Yes, we visited historical temples, castles, and the Hemis monastery, gaining insights into the rich history and culture of Kashmir.

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