EnglishparagraphParagraph on Internet – Long and Short Paragraphs

Paragraph on Internet – Long and Short Paragraphs

Internet refers to the interconnection of various networks of computers through which information can be accessed from anywhere. Internet is one of the greatest inventions in the history of science and technology. It enables us to access and give out information of all kinds through large distances. It has made our lives extremely easier. Internet has various uses which include communication, exchanging information, learning and more. It has further led to the development of various new technologies which have contributed to making our lives more convenient.

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    You will find below a number of short and long paragraphs on Internet. We hope these Internet paragraphs will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children to write and read out paragraphs with simple words and small sentences. Students can select any paragraph on Internet according to their particular requirement.

    Long and Short Paragraphs on Internet

    Paragraph on Internet 100 words

    Internet can be defined as a global network of computer systems that are interconnected and adhere to the internet protocol suite. Internet these days has expanded to almost all realms such as private, business, education, etc. It has proved itself as an amazing platform to search information of all kind.

    Millions of people have access to the internet facility today and they use it for banking, shopping, learning and for many other simple as well as complex purposes. The vast approach of internet across unimaginable span is truly a miracle of science and technology. These inventions have brought along great changes in our lives or rather altered them for good.

    Paragraph on Internet 150 words

    Internet is one of the most creative and popular inventions in the history of the world. It has efficiently opened up the possibilities of further advancements in many other fields of existence. It has made our lives convenient and has also made the world look smaller to us. Internet allows us to access the information displayed on various websites. These websites who display and add information to the internet have to follow certain set protocols for ensuring cyber safety.

    Internet opens up the possibility of various activities such as accessing almost all the books across the world, connecting with people across oceans, providing education even in the remote areas, paying bills while sitting in the comfort of our homes, shopping for anything at just the click of a button, ordering food quickly, learning what’s going around the world and more. Searching information on the internet is a quick business and is very convenient.

    Paragraph on Internet 200 words

    In today’s era, internet is of immense use to people of all generations. Even small kids are well aware of the uses of internet these days. It is basically an interconnected network of computers which work on set protocols and support the access of information including texts, audios, videos and graphics over that network. It is indeed a miraculous invention which has facilitated our daily chores.

    Origin of Internet

    Internet was created by ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). The development of internet was originally funded by the U.S. and was started in 1960s. Since then the advances in internet have been tremendous. Various scientists have developed internet protocols to set standards about how the information should be transferred by the medium of internet.

    The World Wide Web (www) developed by Tim Berners Lee is a platform for accessing information on the internet stored in various websites and web pages. Various other data scientists enhanced the working and concepts of internet by applying various principles of science and technology. Hence, the internet has developed to a more elaborate and advanced system than the one which was just invented in the 60s. Further, proper and controlled research on this front can produce fascinating results and solve many of our unsolved problems with ease and efficiency.

    Paragraph on Internet 250 words

    Internet has proved itself as a marvellous creation over time. Today, billions of people have access to internet and they benefit by making proper use of that technology. This technology can be used in numerous different ways to aid our comfort and convenience.

    World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web was created by Tim Berners Lee with the objective of sharing documents, videos, graphics and many other kinds of information using the internet. It is indeed a versatile way of sharing information over large distances. The World Wide Web is different from the internet in all aspects. The internet connects a network of computers while the World Wide Web was specially designed to aid the exchange of information over the internet. Information on the WWW is stored in various websites and web pages which can be accessed by numerous browsers available such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.


    The technology of internet allows us to carry out several activities such as banking, exchanging information, shopping for various goods and more. While shopping online, we are supposed to provide our bank details in order to make payments. For this activity, one has to be aware of the security aspect. If a faulty browser or fake website is used to make transactions than possibilities to cyber-crime heightens. Cyber-crime refers to any illegal activity performed over the internet. We as a user, have to be careful and never share sensitive information to unauthorized people. Internet also facilitates the downloading of various other software which protect the system from any kind of virus and malicious software.

    Paragraph on Internet 300 words

    The development of internet has altered our way of living or it can be rightly said that it has made our existence easier and convenient. Internet is used in all kinds of institutions such as banks, schools, hospitals, corporate offices and many more. It provides all kinds of services which a human being needs such as money transactions, reading books, booking hotels and restaurants, buying stuff, communicating and many other useful purposes. It is for sure a remarkable development for the mankind.

    Requirements of Internet

    To access the benefits of internet, there are certain requirements. One should own a telephone modem which is connected with telephonic cables or a wireless modem. Then you are supposed to contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and select plans as per your internet usage capacity. Internet can also be acquired in your mobile phone known as cellular data network. Many public places provide internet by the medium of Wi-Fi hotspots.

    Reach of Internet

    In matter of years, internet has become extremely popular among people from all age groups. Internet has a wide reach across the world and with the technological advances in recent period internet has been made available to the people living in remote areas. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of people using internet. Billions of people today have made their lives easier by using internet to its full potential.

    The advancement in the technology of internet is indeed a blessing to the mankind. People who have the access to internet should be warned against all the mal practices and cyber-crimes to ensure their safety. Suitable actions should be taken by the government to punish those indulging in cyber-crimes and make the platform of internet safe for everyone’s use. People have different mindsets and opinions, hence they should be taught about the downsides of using internet with care.

    Paragraph on Internet 350 words

    Internet has changed our lives in unimaginable ways. We can perform many activities over the internet with ease. It is indeed a miraculous and promising development in the history of the world. Due to high flexibility and convenience of the internet, the number of users is increasing each day. While internet provides us with a platform to perform various activities such as communicating with people far off, banking, exchanging information, etc, it also has various downsides which certainly cannot be ignored.

    Advantages of Internet

    The facility of internet is advantageous to each and every person regardless of age and occupation. It allows businesses to establish a global reach towards customers by marketing their products and services online. Internet has made communication easier and comfortable. Now, we can connect with a person living anywhere on the planet using internet.

    Internet is a great source for acquiring knowledge as it contains almost all the information. Hence, with an internet connection, we can access that information in a matter of seconds. Internet can also be used for entertainment purpose i.e., for watching movies, reading books on various topics and a lot more.

    Disadvantages of Internet

    Though, the internet is regarded as one of the greatest inventions. It has several disadvantages which certainly cannot be ignored. The trend of internet has now transformed to an addiction. We are always hooked onto the internet and gadgets these days. This addiction is harmful for both physical and mental health. Most of the times, internet acts as a distraction and reduces productivity at work place. Though it is a medium for learning and accessing information, excessive and untimely use of internet can be extremely harmful.

    Every technology or activity has its own pros and cons. The trick is to act smart and make effective use of all that is available while ducking from its downsides. A little alertness from the user’s side can improve the productivity and quality of living. We have to teach certain set cyber rules to small kids and teenagers especially so that they can stay away from exploitation and other crimes while on the internet. The advantages of the internet should be harnessed efficiently while taking care of its disadvantages.

    Paragraph on Internet 400 words

    In the past decades, internet has found a crucial place in the working of many different fields which includes banks, schools, industries and others. People have benefited from this technology in both their professional and personal lives. With internet around, we can get answers to all our questions in just a matter of seconds. An internet connection these days is quite easy to establish at homes and offices.

    Use of Internet in Various Fields

    The use of internet has been expanded to many fields in recent times. People have become more aware and used to the advantages and disadvantages of internet and its applications. The various fields in which internet is used are as follows:

    Communication: Internet has effectively altered the way we communicate. Posts and telegrams have been replaced by cellular phones, webcams and messaging applications. These new found methods of communications are more effective and quick.

    Education: With the advancement in internet and its reach to all parts of the world, students and other people staying in remote areas can opt for distance learning courses and can also access a wide range of information available on the internet to educate themselves in various subjects.

    E-commerce: E-commerce is a taking a huge hit these days. With the emergence of various e-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and the likes, people have formed an affirmative opinion about shopping online. This is a convenient method as you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to purchase different things.

    Internet Banking: Almost all the banks these days provide options for net banking. Using this feature, you can pay bills online and conduct money transactions effectively. Though while using these features, one has to be aware and alert about the growing cyber-crimes over the internet.

    Entertainment: Along with all the above stated activities, internet provides lots of options for entertainment such as movies, TV series, educational videos, news headlines around the world and anything you need.


    The features stated above are extremely useful to us if proper care is taken. While on the internet we should be careful and take responsibility of our actions. Children should be taught about the pros and cons of using internet so that they can be protected from the evils of cyber-crime. We should stand up against these kinds of crimes and ensure safety. Indulging in such crimes is a punishable offence and one should fear the law of the country.

    Hence we should take a pledge to be safe and keep the people around us safe from these evils.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Internet

    How the Internet works?

    The Internet is a global network of computers communicating via protocols. Data is sent in packets, routed through servers and reaches its destination.

    Why is the Internet important to students?

    The Internet provides students access to vast information, e-learning resources, and global communication, enhancing their knowledge and learning experience.

    Is Internet useful or harmful?

    The Internet is useful for information, communication, and entertainment. However, misuse can lead to issues like misinformation or cyber threats.

    Who is known as the father of the Internet?

    Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn are often called the fathers of the Internet for their role in developing the TCP/IP protocol.

    Why is called Internet?

    It's short for Interconnected Network because it connects millions of smaller networks globally.

    How Internet is useful to us?

    The Internet offers information access, facilitates communication, provides entertainment, online shopping, and connects us to a global community.

    What is Internet in two words?

    Connected Networks.

    What are 5 advantages of the Internet?

    Information access, global communication, online shopping, entertainment variety, and e-learning opportunities.

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