EnglishparagraphParagraph on Summer Vacation – Long and Short Paragraphs

Paragraph on Summer Vacation – Long and Short Paragraphs

The summer vacation for school students is a long break from school during the hot months of May and June, that may last anything between a month and a half and two. The temperatures touch forty degrees Celsius and more in almost the whole of India, and schools give their students a long summer vacation. Students thus save themselves from venturing out in and exposing themselves to the summer sun.

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    Students, along with their family and friends, spend their time usefully doing what they enjoy the most. They go out in the cool hours of the day, in the mornings and evenings. Students enjoy their holidays learning new things, developing hobbies, travelling to interesting places, and meeting their friends and relatives. After their summer vacations students get back to school refreshed and rejuvenated, and ready for the next semester or term at school.

    Long and Short Paragraphs on Summer Vacation

    You will find here below a number of short paragraphs on the topic Summer Vacation of varying word lengths.

    We hope these paragraphs on Summer Vacation will help students in completing their school assignments.

    These will also help children write and read out paragraphs in simple words and with small sentences.

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    Paragraph on Summer Vacation in English

    I have an annual two month-long summer vacation. It is usually from mid-May to mid-July. This is the time when the temperature in Delhi, the city where I live, goes past forty degrees Celsius. It is welcome to stay indoors during holidays in daytime when it is very hot. I spend the mornings and evenings doing interesting activities that I otherwise cannot engage in when I have to go to school. I go for a jog and also do yoga in the mornings, and play cricket in the evenings. I also love to read, and enjoy thriller and detective stories.

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation 100 Words

    In summers the weather in Nagpur is very hot. My school closes down for two months. While it is fun to go to school, I enjoy my long summer vacation too.

    During my vacation, as the temperature reaches a high of 46 degrees Celsius, I like making delicious and cool dishes. I enjoy having cool drinks. So my brother and I join my mother in making sherbet with berries and fruits. It is fun to make. We love to drink sweet sherbet with chilled water. We also make lemonade with fresh lime. These drinks help us feel cool and refreshed.

    I also like to make salads with cucumbers, tomatoes and onions during meals in summer time. I like to chop the salad vegetables in creative ways and in different shapes. It is equally creative to arrange the salads on serving plates.

    I also love reading Hindi literature during the holidays.

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation 4 (250 Words)

    It is during my annual summer vacation that I get the opportunity to do and learn a number of interesting things. As there is no rush to go to school, I find sufficient free time. I also work leisurely on the holiday homework and projects that our teachers tell us to complete during the vacation.

    I love to read. So during my vacations I read interesting fiction that I cannot otherwise engage in during school days. I find detective and thriller stories and science fiction very fascinating. I either issue the story books from the public library in Hyderabad, the city where I live, of which I am a member, or then I buy the books. I read the books leisurely at my pace.

    I am very keen to learn to play the piano, so I have enrolled for classes at the music school. My teacher is a professional pianist, and has offered me the chance to play the piano for an upcoming music extravaganza during the New Year celebrations at the largest auditorium in the city.

    My friends and I love to have ice cream during the summer months. And so we learnt to make ice creams at home during our vacation. We were creative, and made ice lollies and ice creams in different flavours in our homes. We used juicy fruits like mangoes and litchis to make delicious frozen desserts. We enjoyed making these and sharing them with each other. We also learnt to make various chilled beverages.

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation 5 (300 Words)

    Summers are synonymous with holidays because we get a two month-long break from school during the hottest time of the year. It is good fun as I can do a number of interesting activities. I get sufficient time during my summer vacations to develop my hobbies, and do all the fun activities that I cannot do when I have to go to school.

    I do not sleep till late as the mornings are the cool hours of the day in summertime and most productive time of the day. So I wake up early and go for a morning jog with my sister in the park nearby. Many other joggers come to the park too. It is refreshing and energizing to go for a jog. I also study in the mornings so that I can complete my holiday homework, and also do some extra practise in mathematics.

    I also love to play badminton. So I play with my friends in the evenings, in the playground, in our colony, where many residents come and play games. I have participated in many badminton matches at school and also won prizes. I hope I can become a badminton champion someday.

    I enjoy eating cool salads during summertime. I love to be creative and make salads with raw vegetables like onion, tomato and cucumber, and with leafy vegetables like lettuce.

    Summertime is also when we can travel to interesting places. My parents take my sister and me for fun activities like river rafting. We also visit our grandparents who live in Goa and spend a week with them. My grandparents love us and treat us to a whole lot of goodies when we visit them. I love to read fiction in English and Hindi, and my grandparents present me a number of nice story books.

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation 6 (350 Words)

    I enjoy my summer vacation as I can devote time to the activities, besides studies, that I love to do. I love to sing Carnatic music and to play the violin. When the session is on at school I cannot go for daily violin and music practise sessions. But during the vacation I go every evening to the music school where I spend three hours singing and playing the violin. I had my first public performance during my summer vacation and the audience was very appreciative.

    I love to read both Hindi and English literature. It is enjoyable going to Connaught Place, the shopping hub of Delhi, during the summer vacations, and having ice creams at an ice cream parlour, and getting books that I like to read from the library. I like reading the works of the authors of the past, both Indian and foreign. I enjoy reading poetry, and also penning verses. I have presented my poems at events at my school, and have also won prizes at competitions. I also have a collection of my poems in Hindi and hope to publish them as a book.

    Summer vacations are also the time when my mother pampers me and my brother at home. As it gets very hot, with the temperatures touching forty-five degrees Celsius, we prefer staying indoors during the daytime, and our mother makes us lovely goodies to eat. She loves to bake cakes. And so she tries using many different healthy and nutritious ingredients to make delicious cakes and other confectionery. We love gorging on all these sweetmeats. My mother also whips up ice cream at home. She also makes interesting beverages with apricots, plums and cherries.

    Summer is also the time when many varieties of juicy and sweet mangoes are available, and my mother makes many different dishes using mangoes. She also hosts mango parties for all our friends. During the summer vacations I complete my holiday homework that our teachers assign to us at school. When the vacation ends I feel refreshed and energized to get back to school for a new semester.

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation 7 (400 Words)

    Before school closes for the summer vacation in the end of April, our teachers give us a number of interesting projects and home work to do for two months. We complete these assignments before we get back to school in late June. The projects are in the sciences and the arts. These require creativity and study, and are fun to do as we learn a great deal of new things outside our school syllabus.

    During my summer vacations, in the evenings, I love to go to either the Marina Beach or the Elliot’s Beach with my parents and brother. Chennai is a humid city, but at the beach the breeze is cool in the mornings and evenings. We have a good time there. We munch on steamed peanuts and have lovely ice creams. We dine out sometimes after the visit to the beach, and that is fun too.

    My parents also take us to different interesting and beautiful places of the country during our summer vacations. We have visited hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud in Tamil Nadu. We have also visited Arunachal Pradesh in the North East. We have also gone to historical places like the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, in Maharashtra, and Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of the country, in Tamil Nadu, during our summer vacations. We also visit spiritual centres as my parents like to spend time in meditation. I also enjoy the peace and quiet at such places, away from the din and tension of modern life.

    I love to draw and paint with water colours. During my summer vacations I can spend my time to paint leisurely. When we travel to beautiful places in India I like to paint the scenery and the local people. It is a very rewarding experience as I get the exact feel of the place that I paint. I therefore carry my art material when I go on trips with my family.

    I have participated in many art competitions and won prizes too. I have also had a solo exhibition in an art gallery in Chennai. The viewers greatly appreciated my work. Summers are also the time to enjoy ice creams. My mother pampers my brother and me with all kinds of goodies. I love to read English literature. It is good fun to read leisurely during the summer holidays munching on the goodies that my mother makes.

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation from Class 5 to 9

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation for Class 5

    My Memorable Summer Vacation

    Summer vacations are the best! It’s the time I can truly dive into the hobbies I adore without the daily routine of schoolwork.

    Discovering Music and Dance One of my greatest passions is singing Carnatic music and playing the violin. During school days, it’s tough to practice daily. But in summer, every evening is my music time. I attend my music school and spend joyful hours singing and practicing the violin. The best part? I had my first performance in front of an audience during these vacations. They seemed to enjoy my music a lot!

    Books, Ice Creams, and More Apart from music, reading is something I can’t live without. Whether it’s Hindi or English literature, I cherish every story and poem. On sunny afternoons, I often go to Connaught Place, Delhi’s famous shopping area. After relishing my favorite ice creams, I visit the library to find interesting books. Some of my favorite books are by old classic authors, both from India and other countries. Did you know? I don’t just read poems; I write them too! I’ve won some prizes for my poems at school competitions, and I even dream of publishing my Hindi poems one day.

    Tasty Summer Delights at Home Being indoors is a treat during hot summers, especially with the temperatures soaring above forty-five degrees Celsius. That’s when my mom becomes our summer chef. She bakes the most delicious and healthy cakes. We never get enough of her homemade ice creams and refreshing fruit drinks. Apricot, plum, and cherry beverages are my favorite!

    Mango Fiesta Summer means mango season! My mom is an expert in creating magic with these juicy fruits. From desserts to main courses, she uses mangoes in different dishes. And the most fun part? The mango parties! All my friends come over, and we have a mango feast. Apart from all the fun and food, I also make sure to finish my school holiday homework. When the summer ends, I always feel ready and excited to start a new school term with all the energy.

    This summer vacation was truly special, filled with music, reading, delicious treats, and of course, loads of mangoes!

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation for Class 6

    Music and Magic Every summer break, there’s a rhythm in the air – the melody of Carnatic music and the notes of my violin. While school keeps me busy on regular days, summer offers a chance to immerse myself in my musical journey. Last vacation, I even held a performance, and the applause was unforgettable!

    Literary Explorations Reading keeps my imagination alive. Hindi or English, classics or contemporary, each book offers a new adventure. During one of my summer trips to Connaught Place, I discovered an old library. With an ice cream in hand, I would get lost in tales from different times and lands. By the way, I’m not just a reader; I’ve started crafting my own poems and hope to share them with the world soon.

    Homemade Delights Summer afternoons at home are culinary festivals. My mother, a fantastic chef, whips up cakes, ice creams, and beverages that are both tasty and healthy. And oh, the mango dishes! They’re the essence of summer.

    Conclusion Between delightful dishes, soulful music, and engaging books, my summer was a blend of relaxation and learning.

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation for Class 7

    A Symphony of Sounds Carnatic music and violin sessions define my summers. As the school hustle takes a break, my musical endeavors take center stage. My most cherished memory? A live performance that left the audience mesmerized.

    Books: Portals to New Worlds Whether it’s age-old classics or modern literature, each book offers a journey. My treks to Connaught Place became more exciting with the anticipation of new reads and the occasional treat of ice cream. Also, penning down my own poems has become a newfound hobby.

    Culinary Adventures at Home Summer is synonymous with my mother’s experimental kitchen sessions. From baking cakes with unconventional ingredients to making refreshing drinks, there’s always something delightful on the menu.

    The Mango Extravaganza It’s not truly summer without indulging in a plethora of mango dishes. My mom’s creativity shines, transforming this fruit into various delicacies.

    Summer Vacation Paragraph for Class 8

    Music: The Heartbeat of My Vacation The resonance of Carnatic music and the harmony of the violin become more profound during summer. This time around, I took the leap and showcased my skills in a public performance, receiving an ovation that still echoes in my heart.

    Literary Journeys and Poetic Expressions Every book is a gateway to a new realm. Summers provide the perfect backdrop to delve deep into literature, exploring both global classics and Indian gems. On the creative front, my poetry collection is growing, reflecting my thoughts and observations.

    Gastronomic Delights My kitchen transforms into a gourmet paradise during summer. With my mother leading the culinary experiments, we’re treated to a diverse range of dishes, with mangoes reigning supreme.

    Paragraph on Summer Vacation for Class 9

    Musical Endeavors: Beyond Notes and Scales With the onset of summer, my commitment to Carnatic music and the violin intensifies. Last vacation marked a significant milestone – my debut public performance, which was met with immense appreciation.

    Literary Pursuits: Beyond Pages Summers offer the solace to dive deep into the world of words, exploring diverse genres and eras. Furthermore, I’ve embarked on a poetic journey, articulating my musings through verses.

    A Culinary Summer Saga The heart of our home, the kitchen, witnesses a culinary renaissance each summer. With my mother at the helm, we’re introduced to innovative dishes, with mango-based recipes being the highlight.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Summer Vacation

    How can I study on vacation?

    During your vacation, set aside specific times for study to ensure a balance between relaxation and learning. Use the main keyword vacation as a motivation: think of studying as a way to enhance your vacation experience.

    Why summer is fun?

    Summer is fun because of the warm weather, outdoor activities, and the chance to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. The keyword summer is synonymous with joy for many.

    How can I enjoy summer vacation?

    To enjoy your summer vacation, engage in activities you love, explore new places, and spend quality time with loved ones. Remember, summer vacation is all about making memories.

    Is Goa good in summer?

    Goa can be hot in summer, but it's less crowded. If you enjoy warm beaches and a laid-back vibe, Goa in summer might be perfect for you.

    What's the longest summer vacation?

    The length of summer vacation varies by country and institution. Some countries have summer breaks that last up to 3 months, making it one of the longest vacation periods.

    Where is summer vacation?

    Summer vacation refers to a break from school or work during the summer months. The location of your summer vacation depends on where you choose to spend it, whether at home, traveling, or at a resort.

    What is summer vacation for students?

    For students, summer vacation is a break from academic activities, allowing them to relax, recharge, and engage in other interests or travel.

    How long is in summer vacation?

    Summer vacation typically lasts between 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the country and educational institution. It's a period when students take a break from school during the summer months.

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