EnglishslogansSlogans on Save Environment – Best and Catchy Save Environment Slogan

Slogans on Save Environment – Best and Catchy Save Environment Slogan

Everything that constitutes our surrounding is called the environment. Our natural environment consists of the land, the water, the air we breathe also the climate; all the natural factors or resources that surround us, together form the environment we live in. A safe and clean environment is essential for the survival of all the living species on planet. Any harm to the environment is brought upon by directly exploiting the resources or polluting them indirectly through various means.

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    Today, the environment is facing serious threats mostly due to human induced factors. We are fast losing available fresh water resource at a rate much greater than it could be replenished. Indiscriminate use of fossil fuel has led to its scarcity in many parts of the world not to mention air pollution. Today the air is filled with smoke and harmful gases, having derogatory effects on health of humans along with plants and animals.

    Considering only bad health is like underplaying the whole thing; a damaged environment has more severe and far destructive consequences. Imbalanced ecological system, global warming, unexpected changes in climate, severe drought, habitation shrinkage etc are only few effects of environmental damage.

    We are polluting our own precious resources, disregarding their worth and neglecting the damage that we do to our environment. Destroying forests to set up factories, polluting the rivers and streams, polluting the soil and the air are nothing but acts of self destruction by humans. Actually not only self, it’s an act to destroy everything! It’s time that we take charge of the situation and stop the incessant damage to our environment, before things completely run out of hands.

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    Save Environment Slogans in English

    Below we have provided some unique and catchy Slogans on Save Environment in English for you to get inspired and raise awareness about the environment and its protection. These Save Environment Slogans have been written effectively with rhyming phrases to make maximum impact on listener/reader. The Save Environment slogans will prove useful in school or college events based on the environment. You can also write these World Environment Day Slogans on a placard and display it during an event on World Environment Day in your school, college, office or society to spread more awareness regarding save environment.

    Unique and Catchy Slogans on Save Environment

    Our environment is our life; it is the main factor to survive.

    If you keep the environment safe, it will give you proper health.

    Love the environment from your heart; it will decorate the whole world.

    Time is precious don’t waste, cleaning the environment is the best.

    Keep quiet and save the nature it is our pride.

    Don’t be mean, keep your environment green.

    Don’t just make it clean but also help in making green.

    Every problem has one solution, stand for green revolution.

    Take care of tree, it will make you tension free.

    Environment says do me a favour and I will support you forever.

    Save the environment for a healthy life and happy retirement.

    Saving the environment requires actions to eliminate climate change and pollution.

    Every single tree that we plant or help saving; saves the environment as well and is lifesaving.

    Here is the key – save the environment by saving a tree.

    It is only when we save the environment that we will be able to save ourselves.

    Environment is where we survive; only because it’s clean that we are alive!

    If we want future generations to survive; it is the resources we must revive.

    If you can’t breathe smoke; why to generate it?

    The planet is screaming to save the environment! When will you!?

    Plastics, smoke and oil spill are methods of a silent kill.

    Polluting the environment is like choking your own body.

    Cease to care for the environment; soon we will cease to breathe.

    We are losing environment faster than it could be healed!

    The damage has many faces- felling trees, oil spill and polythene traces.

    If you want to stay, stop the damage today.

    Polluted water will make our future generations thirsty.

    Take a resolution to not contribute to environmental pollution.

    A polluted environment will lead to a lifeless earth. The choice is yours!

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    With micro plastics in our tap water, it’s a dead end!

    What good are the industries those intoxicate the environment!?

    Stay clean and keep the environment clean too!

    Environment is able to replenish itself; we just have to avoid any further damage to it.

    Destroying the future for the present. Isn’t a wise idea!

    Don’t let your tomorrow be filled with sorrow!

    Make it a revolution to prevent environmental pollution!

    Save environment by spreading awareness for cure, because only our actions can make it pure.

    Environment degradation is a harsh reality, stop pollution and increase environment quality.

    Stop pollution because it will devour our planet, save nature by saving environment.

    Our future depends on our environment, that’s why we have to save our environment.

    Save environment by cleaning your surrounds, by doing this you will make Mother Nature proud.

    Save environment should be our choice, so spread this message and give people advice.

    Our environment is our responsibility; we have to save its natural beauty.

    Our environment is nature’s boon, don’t disrupt it or our earth will die soon.

    We still have enough time to make this world better place, let’s save environment and create natural space.

    We have to save environment for our future, so let’s make a choice it’s now or never.

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