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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 4 – The Treasure Within

Subject specialists have designed NCERT solutions for English Class 8 Chapter 4 which includes thorough solutions for reference. These solutions are updated according to the latest CBSE syllabus for 2012-22 and are provided in easy language for understanding. Tips and tricks are also provided.

These solutions are provided so a student can clear his doubts and get help with deep understanding of the concept. Also you can refer them to make the chapter notes and revisions notes. PDF of this can also be downloaded from website.

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    Comprehension I

    1.What didHafeezcontractor have nightmares about?

    A. A nightmare is a bad dream or haunting fear.Hafeezhad nightmares about mathematics examination.

    2. What did the Principal say to him, which influenced him deeply?

    A. The Principal toldHafeezthat he was a good student but he never studied. His parents had worked hard to bring him up. It was the time now to rise to the occasion and study.

    3. “……………thatyear I did not step out into the field.” What was he busy doing that year?

    A. He was busy studying books that year.

    4. i) What ‘distraction’ didHafeezcontractor create one day?

    A. For one whole hour, he along with his friends played ‘Chor- police’.

    ii) Would you have liked to participate in the ‘distraction’ had you been with him?

    A. I would have avoided such distraction for fear of the teacher. Moreover it was completely a wastage of time.

    Comprehension II

    1. Hafeez Contractor wanted to join the police force. Why didn’t he?

    A. Hafeez wanted to join the police force, but his mother advised him to do his graduation. So he joined Jaihind College in Mumbai.

    2. In the architect’s office.Hafeez contractor was advised to drop everything and join architecture. Why?

    A. It happened quite by chance. His cousin was married to an architect. One day he saw somebody drawing a window design. He pointed out that the drawing was wrong and the window would not open. And he was right. His cousin’s husband asked him to design a house and he did that. After that he toldHafeezto leave everything and join architecture.

    3.i) What was Mrs. Gupta’s advice to Hafeez Contractor?

    When he was in the second or third standard, one of his teachers Mrs. Gupta saw his sketches and advised him to become an architect when he grew up.

    ii) What made heradvise him so?

    She advised him so on seeing his fine sketches.

    4. How did he help fellow students who had lost a button?

    A. When a fellow student lost a button while playing or fighting.Hafeezwould cut a button for him from chalk; using a blade.

    5. Which rules did he break as a school boy?

    A. As a school boy, he never studied, until his 11thclass. He always copied to pass the examination.

    6.i) What is Hafeez Contractor’s definition of Mathematics?

    A. According toHafeezContractor, Maths is a combination of putting designs construction, Psychology and Sociology together.

    ii) How would you want to define Mathematics? Do you like the subject?

    A. Mathematics is the best branch of science, but it is a bit difficult to be good in this subject. I like this subject at school.

    NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened

    This chapter is an inspirational and interesting story which deals with the Padma Bhushan decorated talented contractor; Hafeez Sourab. In interview for this chapter, he tells his ordinary childhood school memories, the struggles of college, and his passion for architecture. On starting, Hafeez was an ordinary child like all. He got no interest in studies and Mathematics was also a nightmare for him.

    Key Features of NCERT Solutions for this chapter

    1. NCERT Solutions helps in providing fully resolved step by step solutions to all textbook questions.
    1. Set of solutions which comes with a list of all important formulas on algebraic identities.
    1. These solutions are made accordance to the latest syllabus.
    1. Solutions are prepared by subject matter experts.
    1. NCERT Solutions provides help for the preparation of competitive exams.

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    No, for the easy learning, the solutions are also given in PDF format, so that the students can download and refer the online for free. These NCERT Solutions can be viewed online.

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    Yes, these NCERT Solutions deals with solutions for all questions given in NCERT Textbook English for Class 8. The most of the questions coming in the exams are from these exercises. By studying these concepts, you can achieve good grades.

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