EnglishEssayLife in an Indian Village Essay in English for Children and Students

Life in an Indian Village Essay in English for Children and Students

Indian villages are beautiful and serene. Life in an Indian village is largely peaceful. People living in Indian villages lead a simple life. They are courteous and helpful and enjoy life amid nature. However, they face many hardships in their day to day life due to lack of modern facilities in the villages. Compared to basic amenities available to the city dwellers, Indian villages lack behind in several aspects.

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    While the cities are supplied with 24 hours electricity, Indian villages still suffer from unscheduled power cuts and unattended faults. The roads too are poorly maintained in Indian villages along with poor health facilities. Number of schools, colleges and the quality of education in Indian villages is also very low as compared to the cities. Despite all the shortcomings, life in an Indian village is relaxing and today village tourism has become a fastest growing industry in India.

    Short and Long Life in Indian Village Essay in English

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    These, Life in an Indian Village Essays will give you an insight of Indian villages and the pros and cons of village life.

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    Short Life in an Indian Village Essay in 200 words

    Life in an Indian village is simple and sorted. People in Indian villages mostly wake up early in the morning and begin with their daily chores. Agriculture is the main occupation of people living in the villages. People here are engaged in different agricultural activities. The men of the house head for their work early. They toil hard all day long and return home by evening.

    Women in Indian villages are usually confined to the household tasks. Girls are made to learn the household work such as cooking, cleaning and stitching from an early age. They help their mother with these routine tasks. Many people in villages do not prefer sending their daughters to school as they believe it is not required since they only need to take care of the household chores as they grow up.

    However, the mindset of people is changing now and some of them have started sending their daughters to school and are even sending them to nearby towns or cities for higher education. This is a positive change.

    People in Indian villages live in harmony with each other. They visit each other regularly and are there to help and support one another. While life in Indian villages is largely good, lack of basic amenities in many of these villages is a problem for the villagers.

    Life in an Indian Village Essay

    Life in an Indian Village Essay in 300 words

    Most people living in Indian villages are engaged in farming and other agricultural activities. While many of them have their own land, others work on daily wages for the landlords. Farming is not just restricted to sowing seeds and taking care of the crops, it involves a lot more. Farmers need to toil hard. A lot of effort goes into cultivating the land, growing the crops and reaping them. Selling the crops at a good price in the market is another big challenge for the Indian farmers.

    Poor Condition of Indian Farmers

    Indian farmers are one of the most hard-working professionals. They are required to work hard in the field day in and day out. But they do not get the kind of return they should and most of them continue to live in poverty. The erratic weather condition is one of the biggest threats to the farmers.

    Crops can only grow properly and bloom if they get adequate water and sunlight. Huge amount of crops get destroyed each year either due to heavy rainfall or due to drought and other harsh weather conditions. This situation is devastating for the farmers. Even when they manage to grow the crops properly, they face a big challenge selling them in the market. Besides the huge competition, there is lack of fair play in the market.

    Most farmers do not get good value for their produce. The condition of Indian farmers is degrading by the day. Most of them suffer from huge debts and are unable to cope up with the situation. When the situation gets out of control, many of them end up taking their lives. Several cases of farmer suicides are reported each year.


    It is sad to see the poor condition of farmers in India. Life of farmers in Indian villages is tough. The government must do something to improve their condition.

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    Life in an Indian Village Essay in 400 words

    Youth living in the Indian villages is cheerful, talented and hard working. However, many of them do not get the opportunity to nurture their talent and utilize their potential in the right direction. This is because the scope of education and career in Indian villages is limited. The youth in the Indian villages cannot grow and flourish professionally if they do not step out.

    Lack of Good Education and Career Opportunities

    Indian villages are mostly very small. Most of these villages only have one or two primary schools. Children need to travel to the nearby town to seek higher secondary education. Many people refrain from sending their children (especially daughters) to another village or town. So, many children in villages only seek education till primary classes.

    After this, the girls begin helping in the household chores and the boys are engaged in menial tasks that fetch some money for the family. The life of youth in Indian villages is thus not very bright.

    It is essential for people living in the villages to send their children to higher schools located in nearby towns. They must also encourage their children to seek admission in a good college and pursue a course that interests them.

    Villages also have limited scope when it comes to career opportunities. There is hardly anything apart from the agricultural activities that one can indulge in and there is almost no growth for an individual in this sector. The nation needs young and talented youth. People must not hesitate sending their children to big towns and cities to seek job and build a career.

    Stress Free and Simple Life

    While there may not be good educational institutes and lucrative career opportunities for youths in Indian villages however the positive side is that they are not as stressed as the youths in the cities. There is a lot of competition in the cities. Young people these days are struggling to stay ahead of the competition.

    This causes a lot of stress. Youths living in the Indian villages are unperturbed by all this. They lead a simple life and are glad with what they have. They find joy in the little things in life. They are always surrounded by their kin and do not feel isolated or stressed.


    While there is limited scope of professional growth for youth in Indian villages they are mostly content with what they have. Those who aim to grow in life relocate to cities and towns.

    Life in an Indian Village Essay in 500 words

    Indian villages boast of splendid natural surroundings, fresh air and tranquil atmosphere. Many of these villages have been turned into tourist spots. People from different parts of the world visit these locations to spend some peaceful moments amid nature. However, spending few days in a village and spending a life time here are two completely different things. Life in an Indian village has its set of advantages as well as disadvantages.

    Advantages of Life in an Indian Village

    Some of the advantages of life in an Indian village are as follows:

    1. Peaceful Environment

    Indian villages are set away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The environment here is calm and serene. Life in these villages is thus quite peaceful.

    1. Beautiful Natural Surroundings

    Indian villages are set amid nature. They offer beautiful and natural surroundings which is a relaxing experience. Staying close to nature has several benefits. It is one of the best ways to curb stress.

    1. Low Pollution Level

    People in villages mostly commute by foot or by bicycles. There is hardly any bike or car in the villages. This is the reason why these places are free from the harmful smoke emitted by vehicles. The level of pollution in the Indian villages is quite low compared to that in the cities. The air here is fresh and pure.

    1. Simple Living

    People in villages lead a simple life. They have few needs and try to fulfil them with the limited resources they have. They are disciplined, hardworking and helpful.

    1. Good Physical and Mental Health

    Since the air here is fresh and the stress level of people living here is low, they enjoy good physical and mental health.

    Disadvantages of Life in an Indian Village

    There are many disadvantages of living in an Indian village. Some of the main problems of living in these areas are as follows:

    1. Lack of Basic Amenities

    Many Indian villages do not even have basic amenities such as electricity and sanitation facilities. Life of people living in such villages is really tough.

    1. Lack of Educational Institutes

    Schools in Indian villages do not have a good infrastructure. Even the management and teaching staff here is not well-trained. Many villages only have primary schools. Children need to travel to the nearby towns to seek higher education.

    1. Limited Career Scope

    Villages do not offer good career opportunities. The scope here is limited unlike the cities where there are numerous offices and huge marketplaces that offer lucrative jobs and business opportunities.

    1. Lack of Good Medical Facilities

    Lack of good medical facilities is one of the main problems of Indian villages. Most of these villages only have small clinics. People need to rush to the towns and cities for treatments. This causes a lot of inconvenience and involves a lot of expense.

    1. Rigid Mentality

    People in villages have rigid believes and still follow the age old customs and traditions. They are not ready to change their mindset even for good. This often makes life hard for the newer generations.


    While there are many advantages of living in a village the disadvantages are no less. There is a dire need to develop the Indian villages so that people can lead a comfortable life here.

    Long Essay on Life in an Indian Village in 600 words

    India encompasses more than 6 lac villages spread across the country. Each village has its own culture and story to tell. While the traditions and customs of people living in different villages in India vary drastically, one thing that they have in common is their simplicity. People living in the Indian villages are grounded and close to their roots. Life in Indian villages is peaceful and joyful.

    Family and Relationships in Indian Villages

    People in villages have well-defined roles. The women in the villages stay at home and look after all the household chores while the men go out and earn their livelihood. Most families living in Indian villages still follow the joint family system. The elders in the family take major family decisions and their decisions are respected by everyone. Everyone in the family knows his/ her role and responsibilities and they fulfill them.

    Life in Indian villages is quite joyous and fun as people live in harmony with each other. From an early age children are taught to share and care. They are not made to stay indoors, isolated from the outside world. Rather, they are encouraged to socialize and explore the natural surroundings. People love visiting each other. They celebrate festivals and other special occasions together and are also there to help one another whenever need be. In short, they are surrounded by their loved ones at all times unlike those living in the cities. This is good for the development of the children and also great for the elders in the family.

    Indian Villages Promote Healthier Life

    Indian villages are still unperturbed by pollution. The air here is fresh and pure. This is one of the reasons people in villages lead a healthier life. Besides, they also engage in a lot of physical activities which keeps them fit and healthy.

    Stress and loneliness are the causes of numerous health problems these days. People in villages are always surrounded by their kin and thus cases of loneliness, stress and depression are quite low here and so are the cases of other health issues caused due to these conditions.

    Doctors often recommend people living in the cities to spend few days in a village to regain their health. Staying amid nature and breathing fresh air can drive many health problems away.

    Development of Indian Villages

    Indian villages have not developed as much as the cities. Many Indian villages lack even the basic amenities such as sanitation facility, electricity and good irrigation facilities. It is unfortunate that even though we as a nation have developed so much and are equipped with all the modern day facilities, people in Indian villages are still devoid of even the simplest of facilities that are a necessity today.

    The government of India must take initiative to develop the Indian villages in order to ensure a comfortable and convenient life for the people living in these areas. This must begin by providing basic amenities here. The roads must be developed, good schools and colleges must be set up and good health care facilities should be made available.

    People must be sensitized about the importance of maintaining hygiene. They must also be told about the importance of educating their children.

    Farmers in India are suffering due to lack of good irrigation facilities, non-availability of good farming equipment and other means to carry out farming and other agricultural activities. Government must provide aid to the farmers and look for ways to uplift them.


    Life in Indian villages can be defined as simple and pure. Though people living in these villages often complain of lack of modern facilities most of them are not ready to shift to cities as the perks of living in these peaceful surroundings often outweigh the problems faced by them at cities.

    Life in an Indian Village Essay FAQs

    How is life in the villages of India?

    Life in Indian villages is often simple and revolves around agriculture, close-knit communities, and traditional customs.

    How do you write a village life essay?

    To write about village life, describe the rustic charm, agricultural practices, community bonds, and the slower pace of living in a village.

    What is a village in India short note?

    A village in India is a small settlement with a limited population, typically centered around agriculture, often reflecting traditional values and communal living.

    How will life be in a village?

    Life in a village is serene, with a focus on farming, strong community ties, fewer amenities, and a quieter, more nature-oriented lifestyle.

    What is a village essay?

    A village essay discusses the lifestyle, customs, agricultural practices, community spirit, and simplicity of life in a rural settlement.

    How will life be in a village?

    Life in a village is characterized by a close-knit community, agricultural livelihoods, fewer modern facilities, and a peaceful environment closer to nature.

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