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Months Name – 12 Months Name in English and Hindi PDF Download

Month Name

There are twelve months in each year from January to December. The names of the months are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. January is the first month. It has 31 days. February is the second month with 28 or 29 days. March is the third month of the year and has 31 days. April, the fourth month, has 30 days. May is the fifth month and has 31 days. June is the sixth month and has 30 days. July is month number seven with 31 days. August, with 31 days, is the eighth month. September is month number nine and has 30 days. October, with 31 days, is month ten. November is the eleventh month and has 30 days. Last is December, month twelve. It has 31 days. Knowing the order and number of days for January to December each month helps us understand and use calendars for tracking dates and events. The months’ names make up the yearly calendar cycle.

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    A month is a unit of time that typically spans around 28 to 31 days, resulting in a complete cycle of 12 months in a year. The 12 month name are used globally to denote different periods within a year in different languages like months name in Hindi, months name in Sanskrit, months name in English etc.

    Months Name in Hindi

    Hindi, one of the prominent languages in India, has its own set of months name. 12 Hindi months name used across North India – Chaitra, Vaisakha, Jyeshta, Ashadha, Shravana, Bhadrapada, Ashwin, Kartika, Agrahayana, Pausha, Magha and Phalguna – have astrological origins from ancient Hindu calendars and Sanskrit.

    1. जनवरी (January)
    2. फ़रवरी (February)
    3. मार्च (March)
    4. अप्रैल (April)
    5. मई (May)
    6. जून (June)
    7. जुलाई (July)
    8. अगस्त (August)
    9. सितंबर (September)
    10. अक्टूबर (October)
    11. नवंबर (November)
    12. दिसंबर (December)

    Months Name in English

    The 12 month name in English calendar are written below. English months name derives from the Roman calendar developed in ancient Rome.

    1. January
    2. February
    3. March
    4. April
    5. May
    6. June
    7. July
    8. August
    9. September
    10. October
    11. November
    12. December

    English months name are commonly used worldwide in the Gregorian calendar established in 1582.

    month name

    How to Pronounce Months Name in English?

    Here is how to pronounce the names of the months in English:

    The names of months in English have origins from Latin and Roman gods. Their pronunciations can be tricky for English learners. Here are the months name in English pronunciation:

    1. January – pronounced as Jan-yoo-air-ee
    2. February – pronounced as Feb-roo-air-ee
    3. March – pronounced as Mar-ch
    4. April – pronounced as Ay-prill
    5. May – pronounced as May
    6. June – pronounced as Joon
    7. July – pronounced as Jy-ly
    8. August – pronounced as Aw-gust
    9. September – pronounced as Sept-em-ber
    10. October – pronounced as Oc-toe-ber
    11. November – pronounced as No-vem-ber
    12. December – pronounced as Di-sem-ber

    The origins of the month names are from Roman gods (Janus, Mars), emperors (July, August), numbers (September means seventh month) or seasonal events (April from ‘aprilis’). Knowing the phonetic pronunciations can help English learners use these words confidently. Pay attention to the vowel sounds, silent letters, and syllabic emphasis while pronouncing month names.

    Months Name from January to December

    Here is a list of months from January to December:

    1. January
    2. February
    3. March
    4. April
    5. May
    6. June
    7. July
    8. August
    9. September
    10. October
    11. November
    12. December

    Why February has 28 days

    February has 28 days in a regular year and 29 days in leap years. This is because of how the Gregorian calendar is designed:

    • Most months have either 30 or 31 days. February was made the exception with fewer days.
    • A regular calendar year has 365 days. But the actual time it takes the Earth to orbit the sun is about 365.24 days.
    • To account for this difference, an extra day is added to February every 4 years, creating a leap year with 366 days.

    So in a leap year, February has 29 days instead of the usual 28.
    The Gregorian calendar was designed this way to keep the calendar aligned with the seasons over long periods of time. Since February is the month with the fewest days normally, it was made the leap day month to minimize disruption to the other months.

    Hindi Months Name

    The traditional Hindu calendar used in North India and parts of South India for hindi months name has 12 months that correspond to the lunar cycle. names of the Hindi months have astrological significance and origins from ancient Hindu texts and Sanskrit. Unlike the Gregorian solar calendar, the dates of the Hindi months name change every year in relation to the solar cycle. Knowledge of the traditional Hindi months name is still culturally relevant, especially for festivals and religious observances.

    12 Hindi months name in order are:

    1. Chaitra (March-April)
    2. Vaisakha (April-May)
    3. Jyeshta (May-June)
    4. Ashadha (June-July)
    5. Shravana (July-August)
    6. Bhadrapada (August-September)
    7. Ashwin (September-October)
    8. Kartika (October-November)
    9. Agrahayana (November-December)
    10. Pausha (December-January)
    11. Magha (January-February)
    12. Phalguna (February-March)

    Months Name in Hindi and English

    The 12 months name in Hindi and English were mentioned earlier, but here they are again:

    Sr no. Month Name in English Months name in Hindi No. of days
    1. January जनवरी 31
    2. February फरवरी 28, 29 (leap)
    3. March मार्च 31
    4. April अप्रैल 30
    5. May मई 31
    6. June जून 30
    7. July जुलाई 31
    8. August अगस्त 31
    9. September सितम्बर 30
    10. October अक्टूबर 31
    11. November नवम्बर 30
    12. December दिसम्बर 31

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    Short Forms of Months Name

    The short forms or abbreviations for the months anme are commonly used for brevity in calendars, date formats, tables, and other places where space may be limited. Knowing these one to three letter abbreviations for each month allows for concise date writing in formats like MM/DD/YYYY where MM is the month abbreviation. The shortened months name are useful for squeezed spaces like calendar grids, forms, notes, data tables, and anywhere brevity is preferred.

    Sr. No. Months Name Short Forms of Months Name
    1 January Jan
    2 February Feb
    3 March Mar
    4 April Apr
    5 May May
    6 June Jun
    7 July Jul
    8 August Aug
    9 September Sep
    10 October Oct
    11 November Nov
    12 December Dec

    Days Name in Month

    The days of the week in the modern calendar originate from the seven classical planets in Roman mythology – the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. The English days name come from the Old English period, when the Germanic peoples adapted the Roman naming system. In other languages as well, the days name are derived from Roman and Norse gods.

    • Sunday is named after the Sun
    • Monday is named after the Moon
    • Tuesday is named after Mars
    • Wednesday is named after Mercury
    • Thursday is named after Jupiter
    • Friday is named after Venus
    • Saturday is named after Saturn

    The modern calendar has an uneven distribution of the number of days in each month. Months like January, March, May, July, August, October, and December have 31 days. April, June, September, and November have 30 days. February has 28 or 29 days. This stems from inconsistencies in the original Roman calendar, which was later corrected in the Gregorian calendar in 1582. However, the number of days per month and their mythological names were retained from Roman times.

    12 Month Name List with Number of Days

    Sr. No. Months Name Number of days
    1 January 31 days
    2 February 28 days (common year)
    29 days (leap year*)
    3 March 31 days
    4 April 30 days
    5 May 31 days
    6 June 30 days
    7 July 31 days
    8 August 31 days
    9 September 30 days
    10 October 31 days
    11 November 30 days
    12 December 31 days

    Telugu Months Names

    Telugu, a language spoken in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, also has its unique months name. Here are the Telugu names for the 12 month name:

    1. జనవరి (January)
    2. ఫిబ్రవరి (February)
    3. మార్చి (March)
    4. ఏప్రిల్ (April)
    5. మే (May)
    6. జూన్ (June)
    7. జులై (July)
    8. ఆగస్టు (August)
    9. సెప్టెంబర్ (September)
    10. అక్టోబర్ (October)
    11. నవంబర్ (November)
    12. డిసెంబర్ (December)

    Urdu Month Name

    Urdu, a language widely spoken in South Asia, including Pakistan and parts of India, has its own 12 months months. Here are the Urdu months name:

    1. جنوری (January)
    2. فروری (February)
    3. مارچ (March)
    4. اپریل (April)
    5. مئی (May)
    6. جون (June)
    7. جولائی (July)
    8. اگست (August)
    9. ستمبر (September)
    10. اکتوبر (October)
    11. نومبر (November)
    12. دسمبر (December)

    Tamil Months Name

    Tamil, a language spoken in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and parts of Sri Lanka, has its own distinct months name. Here are the Tamil names for the 12 months:

    1. ஜனவரி (January)
    2. பிப்ரவரி (February)
    3. மார்ச் (March)
    4. ஏப்ரல் (April)
    5. மே (May)
    6. ஜூன் (June)
    7. ஜூலை (July)
    8. ஆகஸ்ட் (August)
    9. செப்டம்பர் (September)
    10. அக்டோபர் (October)
    11. நவம்பர் (November)
    12. டிசம்பர் (December)

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Months Name

    How many months are there in a year name them?

    There are 12 months in a year - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

    Name the months which have 31 days

    The months with 31 days are January, March, May, July, August, October, December.

    Name the months which have 30 days

    The months with 30 days are April, June, September, November.

    How to write months name in hindi

    The months name in Hindi are - जनवरी, फ़रवरी, मार्च, अप्रैल, मई, जून, जुलाई, अगस्त, सितम्बर, अक्तूबर, नवम्बर, दिसम्बर

    how many months have 31 days name them

    The months with 31 days are January, March, May, July, August, October, December - total 7 months.

    how many months of the year, including march, have 31 days?

    There are 7 months of the year, including March, that have 31 days. They are January, March, May, July, August, October, December, March.

    Who was the month of july named in honor of?

    The month of July is named in honor of the Roman dictator Julius Caesar. This is because Julius Caesar was born in July 100 BC. After his assassination in 44 BC, the Roman Senate changed the name of the month Quintilis to Julius (July) to honor him.

    What or who was the month of august named after?

    The month of August is named after the first Roman emperor Augustus Caesar. It was previously named Sextilis as it was the 6th month in the older Roman calendar. In 8 BC the Roman Senate renamed it to Augustus in honor of Augustus Caesar.

    Why were they named after the months of the year?

    The names of several months in the modern Gregorian calendar are derived from the names of Roman gods and emperors. January is named after the Roman god Janus. March is named after the god Mars. May is named after the goddess Maia. June is named after the goddess Juno.

    Which roman god is the month of march named after?

    The month of March is named after the Roman god Mars, who was the god of war. In the ancient Roman calendar, March was the first month of the year and seen as the time to resume war. The ancient Saxons also called March the storm month as it signaled the time for resuming battles that had been suspended over winter.

    How to get month name from date in excel?

    In Excel, you can extract the full month name from a date using the TEXT function. For example, if A2 contains a date, the formula =TEXT(A2,MMMM) will return the full month name. The MMMM

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