GK QuestionsChandrayaan 3 GK Questions with Answers

Chandrayaan 3 GK Questions with Answers

Chandrayaan 3 GK Questions: Chandrayaan 3 made history on August 23, 2023, when India became the first country to successfully land on the south polar region of the Moon. The Vikram lander achieved a smooth touchdown at around 6:04 pm.

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    Chandrayaan 3 Quiz Questions and Answers will help candidates in preparing for competitive exams, as it includes key questions and answers about India’s significant lunar mission, Chandrayaan 3. The PDF provides comprehensive details, helping candidates to accurately and confidently answer questions related to the Chandrayaan 3 mission.

    Chandrayaan 3 GK Quiz Questions And Answers PDF Download

    Students can download the Chandrayaan 3 Quiz Questions and Answers PDF in English to check their preparation. This PDF helps review and learn key details about the Chandrayaan mission. By studying this PDF, candidates can improve their accuracy in competitive exams. It covers the mission’s objectives, technological advancements, and India’s achievements in space exploration. Download the Chandrayaan 3 Quiz PDF now to enhance your knowledge and exam readiness.

    Chandrayaan 3 GK Quiz Questions And Answers In English

    Here are 10 unique general knowledge quiz questions and answers about Chandrayaan-3:

    Question 1: What is the primary objective of India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission?
    Answer: The primary objective of Chandrayaan-3 is to demonstrate the ability to safely land on and explore the lunar surface.

    Question 2: Which organization is responsible for the Chandrayaan-3 mission?
    Answer: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is responsible for the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

    Question 3: When was Chandrayaan-3 launched?
    Answer: Chandrayaan-3 was launched on July 14, 2023.

    Question 4: Where did Chandrayaan-3 land on the moon?
    Answer: Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed near the lunar south pole.

    Question 5: What is the name of the lander used in the Chandrayaan-3 mission?
    Answer: ISRO named the lander in the Chandrayaan-3 mission Vikram.

    Question 6: What is the name of the rover that is deployed by Chandrayaan-3?
    Answer: ISRO named the rover in the Chandrayaan-3 mission Pragyan.

    Question 7: Which rocket has launched Chandrayaan-3?
    Answer: The GSLV Mk III rocket launched Chandrayaan-3.

    Question 8: Which rocket was used to launch Chandrayaan-3?
    Answer: Chandrayaan-3 was launched using the GSLV Mk III rocket.

    Question 9: What significant scientific instrument does the Pragyan rover carry?
    Answer: The Pragyan rover carries a Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS) to analyze the elemental composition of the lunar soil.

    Question 10: What was a significant challenge overcome by Chandrayaan-3 compared to Chandrayaan-2?
    Answer: Chandrayaan-3 successfully overcame the challenge of a soft landing on the lunar surface, which Chandrayaan-2 failed to achieve due to a last-minute glitch.

    Chandrayaan 3 Important Quiz Questions and Answers

    Question 1: Who leads the Chandrayaan-3 mission?
    Answer: The Chandrayaan-3 mission is spearheaded by Ritu Karidhal Shrivastava, an eminent Indian space scientist affiliated with ISRO. Born and raised in Lucknow, she holds an MSC in Physics from Lucknow University.

    Question 2: Which company contributes to Chandrayaan 3’s construction?
    Answer: Godrej Aerospace, headquartered in Mumbai, plays a pivotal role in the Chandrayaan-3 mission by supplying crucial core components, including rocket motors and thrusters.

    Question 3: What is SHAPE in Chandrayaan 3?
    Answer: SHAPE, an innovative experiment integrated into Chandrayaan-3’s propulsion module, stands for Spectro-polarimetry of Habitable Planet Earth. It aims to identify potentially habitable exoplanets by analyzing spectral and polarimetric data of Earth from the lunar orbit.

    Question 4: Which fuel propels the second stage of Chandrayaan-3?
    Answer: The second stage of Chandrayaan-3 employs liquid fuel, contrasting with the solid fuel used in the initial stage. A cryogenic engine, utilizing liquid oxygen and hydrogen, powers the final stage, enabling efficient propulsion.

    Question 5: What distinguishes Chandrayaan 3 from Chandrayaan 2?
    Answer: Chandrayaan 3 introduces Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV), a cutting-edge technology absent in its predecessor, Chandrayaan 2.

    Question 6: Which country achieved the fourth successful lunar landing?
    Answer: India attained the distinction of being the fourth country to achieve a successful lunar landing on September 7, 2019, with the Vikram lander of the Chandrayaan 2 mission.

    Question 7: Where is the launch site of India’s Moon Mission located?
    Answer: The launch site of India’s Moon Mission is situated at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

    Question 8: What is the allocated budget for the Chandrayaan 3 mission?
    Answer: The budget for Chandrayaan 3 is set at Rs 615 Crores, making it renowned as one of the most cost-effective space missions.

    Question 9: When was the Vikram Lander detached from the spacecraft during the mission?
    Answer: The detachment of the Vikram Lander from the spacecraft occurred successfully on August 17th, 2023, marking a crucial milestone in the mission.

    Question 10: What are the designated names for the lander and rover utilized in the Chandrayaan 3 mission, reminiscent of their counterparts in Chandrayaan-2?
    Answer: In the Chandrayaan 3 mission, the lander bears the name ‘Vikram’, while the rover accompanying it is referred to as ‘Pragyan’. These names echo those used in India’s prior lunar exploration endeavor, ‘Chandrayaan-2’.

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